5 Things Women Need to Do to Keep Men Happy

Men always talk about what women can do to please them. We make it simple yet we have a laundry list of demands. Women say we are simple, and at times they are correct, but there’s a rhyme and reason to the things we demand. So I decided to list a few ways in which women can keep us happy. Check it out:

Feed Us

The old adage “The way to a man’s heart is throuhg his stomach” is 100% accurate. Men love food. I’m pretty sure it’s a basic function of the male composition, but don’t quote me on that. A woman who can cook is a treasure to a man. No dude wants to be eating ramen noodles and struggle butter sandwiches with cheese forever! Food should be made with love. We remember the home cooked meals our Moms(and Dads too) cooked, so we want to refresh those memories with every bite. This doesn’t just extend to preparing meals either. Knowing our tastes, our favorite foods and eateries, and when to experiment or not goes a long way in having a man appreciate you.

Know When to Fold ‘Em

We all have different stresses in our lives. And though men and women’s stress types are different, we sometimes forget that we can’t always understand the other side. There are some things men don’t understand about women’s struggle and vice versa. Ladies, what we ask of you is to know which battles to choose. Many men, wish death upon me would rather tune out frivilous nagging, and in turn might overlook the real important issue you have with them. Every battle can’t be won, but the important ones to you are attainable if you just chill with some of the nitpicking.

Look Like Who You Was ‘Fore We Got Here

There’s no greater tragedy in a world than a woman who shuts down her sex appeal like a first place team coasting to the playoffs. I’m not saying you have to be runway model fly 24/7, but when we are used to a certain standard and there’s a dropoff in quality of appearance afterwards, its disappointing. To clarify, if you dressed up for special occasions, always looked done-up when you went out, and now its #AllSweatsEverything, we will notice and it’s disappointing. I also hate when women let themselves go, as if “I got a man and I don’t need to upkeep anymore” is the way of the future. Trust, if you check my ebook out, you’ll read that I demand the SAME of men also! Let’s look good and present ourselves well together and stay on point!

Eff Us..With Enthusiasm

Allow me to state the obvious: Men love sex. This is no illuminati secret or anything. I’m sure there are studies that sex leads to a happier home, and if there isn’t, there needs to be! Seriously, we like to be pleased in all aspects of physical expressions of love. Sometimes, after a hard day, we don’t want to discuss life, or think about responsibilities. We just want a steak and some head! Sometimes we want to make love and sometimes we want to slut you out. Time and place for everything and the woman who deciphers her man in this regard is a national trasure.

The Fifth One Is on You!

This one I’ll leave up to you to decide. Men and women alike, do you have a point to provide. Let us know!

Ladies, I got you next week with “5 things men need to do to keep women  happy” and yes I will go in! In fact, ladies, go to the SBM Facebook page and our Twitter and let us know some things men can do to keep you happy, and I’ll use those and my own.


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From Our Partners

  • Satin Sheet Diva

    Okay, so I've done all of that in many a relationship and still ended up being cheated on and or dumped for the chick that raised hell every time she got ready, acted jealous or possessive of him. So, I offer this, I know how to keep a man "happy", I just don't know how to make him stay. ;-).

    • http://www.wildcougarconfessions.com Wild Cougar

      This right here. You can make a man happy by doing all this, but it won’t make him love you, respect you, stay with you or stop cheating. He will happily accept all your glorious goods and services. He might even show appreciation. Then he might decide that since you’re giving so much, you are caught up locked down and he can take you for granted, dismiss, disregard you and cheat or leave you for a chick who makes him work hard to keep HER happy. He might value her more because to him, she acts like shes worth more. He might not, but a spoiled man will behave like …..a spoiled man. Might not be in your best interests to expend all your energy making him happy. Just sayin…

      • KemaVA

        "You can make a man happy by doing all this, but it won't make him love you, respect you, stay with you or stop cheating"

        Cosign Cougar and Diva… Been there done that and got the t-shirt which he took and gave to the other chick that required him to make her happy. (she said she wanted a t-shirt like that)

        I am a giving person but I find when I concentrate on MY happiness it all comes out for the best.

        • Smilez_920

          I am a giving person but I find when I concentrate on MY happiness it all comes out for the best.

          100% agree

          Somtimes we get into relationships/dating focus too much on what makes"him" happy and forget what makes us happy.

          Number 5 on this list for me would include : JUST BE YOURSELF. Dudes can tell when your faking or trying to be a certain way beacsue you think thats what he wants.

        • http://twitter.com/itztrizz617 Tristan

          I can cosign be yourself, be happy. Nothing is cute about an insecure ass woman who’s doing 1-4 simply because she scared to death of losing my ass to a white woman

        • GirlSixx

          “Been there done that and got the t-shirt which he took and gave to the other chick that required him to make her happy. (she said she wanted a t-shirt like that)”

          Oh My Gawd. Lmbo

          Kema. You stay slaying me girl.

      • MissMina

        This thread is soooo beyond an eye-opener for me! Make him work hard to make you happy. I'm learning this now. Doing too much to make him happy/being to willing to please, can easily cause him to take you for granted. There's a lesson in balance somewhere in here. I can't be selfish, cause its just not in my nature, but its probably not good to give him every last thing he wants either. As has been mentioned before, why buy the cow…this extends beyond just chex I think.

      • Nata

        Yep. I’m a baker/ pastry chef and I always try to look good without overdoing it (you know, massive amounts of makeup or anything), I’m not overly jealous or anything but still folks bail and stick with the psycho chick that calls them at work 20 times a day…then they come back running. It’s B.S. this isn’t a secondhand store.

    • Streetz

      Maybe thats the next list? lol.

      I mean I feel you. people are complicated. IDK.
      My recent post #giants own the Pats!!!! [Flickr]

    • Hugh Jazz

      All legitimate points by Satin Sheet Diva, Wild Cougar and Kema. The list is merely how to keep a man happy, not get him to stay. The key to get a man to stay is to get a man who said he's looking for commitment. At least the likelihood of him leaving will be because you're incompatible (which you'll also realize), not because he cheated on you.

      • theoneash20

        Exactly… When you are alpha chasing, there is a price to pay… And sometimes, being a sexual object & doing all that keep us happy stuff gets you in the door, because there are other options out there and/or you are not that fantastic to be around….

      • http://www.wildcougarconfessions.com Wild Cougar

        You can be in a committed relationship with a man and you still don’t need to be doing too much. Because he WILL take it for granted. Men need to chase. Constantly. So the best course of action, in and out of a relationship is to make sure there is balance and HE is working hard to keep YOU happy. At all times. Anytime the balance is off, even in a marriage, the spoiled man will start to act a fool.

        • cynicaloptmst81

          "Anytime the balance is off, even in a marriage, the spoiled man will start to act a fool."


    • Adonis (@MOTRenaissance)

      Some men are just out of your league, psychologically…

    • cbsepts

      what is your name? and are you involved/engaged/married?

      because im tired of crazy broads…im tired of fighting…im tired of arguing…and im tired of drama

    • Paul B.

      It's not on you to MAKE him stay. He'll stay if he wants to.

      • lai

        u right mister!

  • SassyPrincess

    2 things…1. Knowing when to fold ’em is crucial. I’ve failed at this many times over and I’m at a point where bein happy is more important than being right. Some disagreements just aren’t worth the aggravation. I know better so I’m doing better. 2. That’s last thing don’t nag. I realize than when a man shares his goals and dreams with me I will always try to help him get there and it can come off as though I am nagging and/or being pushy. He starts feeling as though I’m not satisfied with who he is. When really I just want him to live out his lifes dream and help him in any way I can. I need to learn to do that without coming off pushy or sounding like a nag. Other than that Ive got the cooking, sexing, and keeping up my appearance down!

    • Orvetta Rogers

      If left up to a man we women would have to “fold ’em” as soon as the BS dealt. It’s sometimes neccessary to get stuff off our chest and get questions answered. When he has gotten caught up in some wrong doing, for example, he’ll have to ride it out till I’M done. When you’re caught dirty you lose leverage in that argument….what they call nitpicking I call saving my relationship and/or sanity….

      • Hugh Jazz

        The question is what is "wrong doing" or "caught dirty".

        What a man calls nitpicking and you call "saving your sanity/relationship" could very well be ending your relationship. While no one wants to be on the receiving end of a complaint, men are at least receptive to hear you out if we genuinely did something wrong.

        Use your argument card with discretion. If you nag all the time, he'll realize you'll nag no matter what he does, and therefore it doesn' t matter what he does.

        • Orvetta Rogers

          We’re all grown and I’m sure we know what both phrases mean. You can catch a man red handed with a female for example and do he want to discuss it…..honestly?? I don’t harp on petty and I choose the battles which if not address will be a detorant to my relationship. My point is, a great number of men do not want to be corrected or confronted about anything that they do..from not taking out the trash to adulty.

      • SassyPrincess

        At the end of the day it’s all about balance. Not everything he does or doesn’t do is worth arguing about. I’m not perfect and I know I wouldnt be happy with someone pointing out my every flaw and/or wrong doing. Just be smart about it. Put your foot down when it really matters. And also some relationships just aren’t worth saving.

  • http://panamaenrique.wordpress.com Malik

    5. Rub my head

    • KemaVA

      Naughty Naughty!

  • http://twitter.com/lhautevie Little Miss Sunshine

    Ha- this list is so true. I’m working on foldin ’em. I was never good at poker anyway :(

  • http://www.WisdomIsMisery WisdomIsMisery

    Nice save at the end there, because I was sure the ladies were going to cuss you out for the title alone. I agree with the list although I’m not as big a proponent of a woman cooking as some men seem to be. It’s nice to have but when I’m single I don’t starve to death and imagine I wouldn’t do the same in a relationship. That said, I don’t like a woman that can’t cook AND expects to go out or order in every night. That gets expensive and I like my money. I guess that’s my number 5…

    Be low maintenance (financially and emotionally). Please and thanks.

    • http://www.facebook.com/MajesticMe Rhea Newton

      I've found that being low-maintenance makes it really easy for a guy to dismiss you as not needing his attention.

      • Tristan.

        Balance is key.

        • madalena machado figueiredo

          when the time is right he will pop around,waiting is a very good thing to be done.

      • WisdomIsMisery

        Which low maintenance are you referring to? Emotionally? Hmmm. Well I have consistently stated that I dont mind a woman with a little crazy in her. Keeps things lively and jealousy, to a point, isnt a bad thing to me (even though I use to think it was. I have since changed my mind). It makes a guy feel wanted. As Tristan said below, balance is key. I think in this regard is where men probably vary the most – the amount of BS emotional stress they're willing to put up with from the woman in their life. If I like you, I have a pretty high tolerance.

        Lastly, I will say that if a man can easily dismiss you, regardless of how high or low maintenance you are, then he probably wasnt that into you in the first place, no?

        • Beef Bacon

          I agree with your last sentence WIM.

        • http://www.facebook.com/MajesticMe Rhea Newton

          Probably true.

          And I guess if I'm not showing that "little bit of crazy", I'm probably not too into him either? I don't know, though. I detest jealousy and clinginess. Makes me dislike myself.

        • nika_mt

          WIS will you marry me??

    • Larry

      " I'm not as big a proponent of a woman cooking as some men seem to be. It's nice to have but when I'm single I don't starve to death and imagine I wouldn't do the same in a relationship."

      Co-sign…not sure why this is, but I feel the same way. I mean, bonus points if you're a Rachel Ray, but it's not weighted heavily on my scale.

  • Beef Bacon

    Last night I baked Cod fish filets with a lemony sauce, and as sides we had jasmine rice, vegetable medley and a nice garden salad with biscuits. However, he does most of the cooking so the few times I get in the kitchen, I have do it well.

    Great post Streetz! I agree with all your points. My #5 would be to fill in when he needs you too. As a wife it is my duty to be aware of what he needs assistance with. I know where his things are even if he doesn't. I am the secretary and I can also be the Queen B when needed.

    • Camille

      Ummm sounds good! I love cooking too. The experience of creating the dish is almost as funas eating it :)

      • Beef Bacon

        You are right. It was good…

        • NaijaSweetz

          Can a sista get a lifetime dinner invitation though?

      • MissMina

        Some ladies do it just to please the guy, but I find cooking to be therapeutic! When I'm in there by myself doin my thing, in either complete silence to gather my thoughts, or with the music goin and me singin along. LoL.

        • madalena machado figueiredo

          i dont think thats possible. a big NO!

  • Tristan.

    Reading the list, i cant be that simple, can i?…*thinks long and hard (pause) of anything else to add*

    5. Give me my space- Ur allowed some toiletries and a dresser drawer at my place. Thats it

    6. Love my friends, no Danger tho- No man wants to be in the you or them tug of war

    7. Stroke my ego- Men love compliments too.

  • Paul B.

    Here's the thing: Doing all those things in the hope that he will love you is sheer, unadulterated TRICKING!!! If he hadn't made the choice to love you, and commit to you, you will not be able to buy it from him. You can't buy love, loyalty, devotion, and faithfulness. Either he's going to give it to you or he won't. If you see that he doesn't hold you to the esteem that you want to be held, then keep it moving.

    This list should be only for the men you love and love you BACK!!! This list is not designed for the men that you want to love you, but are unwilling to do so.

    • Hugh Jazz

      "Here's the thing: Doing all those things in the hope that he will love you is sheer, unadulterated TRICKING!!! If he hadn't made the choice to love you, and commit to you, you will not be able to buy it from him."

      Quote of the day. I never looked at it as tricking, but that's exactly what it is. Good observation.

    • KemaVA

      But it aint tricking if you got it… lol!

      I'm just thinking in terms of parallels… In this case if the things on the list are things you do to make yourself happy then its cool wether he loves you or not. Maybe she cooks and sicks duck for her own happiness. But I think many women do this in hopes of earning his love.

      I never thought of it as tricking but I forever will now!

      • http://panamaenrique.wordpress.com Malik

        It's interpreted as for our happiness though.

        • KemaVA

          When you only concentrate on your side of the story it doesnt even matter how other people interpret your actions. Plus if someone is doing what makes them happy it shouldnt matter if others profit from it as well. I dont know many women like this but I once had a friend like that and it seem to do her just fine.

        • Paul B.

          Actually it does within the confines of a relationship. If you as a woman are doing things for him that makes you happy, but it doesn't necessarily line up with what he likes and makes him happy, then you might as well not be doing anything at all. This holds true for him as well. If your language is Spanish, you'll understand whatever is communicated to you in Spanish, not French, Italian, Portuguese, or whatever language you don't speak. The same thing goes for him. This is why the word unappreciated gets thrown around way too much, when truthfully, it's not always the case; it's just cases where you are doing for them what you want to do, not what they want.

      • Paul B.

        Oh no, it's tricking even if you got it.

        • Paul B.

          P.S. Note the words used in the title. The word that was overlooked is "keep". He has to be happy with himself first, and happy WITH you second in order for you to do what you do to keep him happy.

        • Streetz

          I agree with the anti tricking movement!
          My recent post #giants own the Pats!!!! [Flickr]

    • http://codecipher.blogspot.com MeteorMan

      This list should be only for the men you love and love you BACK!!! This list is not designed for the men that you want to love you, but are unwilling to do so.

      Word. Don't go the hardest for the a$$hole b/c the sexual chemistry is bananas. Know how to control yourself and know your worth. That way you don't become so jaded that you dismiss the guy that'll give you everything you want off some bull…

      Ask yourself the SAME question a guy asks when considering marrying a woman: "If she really worth it how she is RIGHT NOW?" Don't get faked out by how a man might be if-this-that and the other… Judge him based on how he is and how he currently treats you since you're making the moves and he receives the benefits right now.
      My recent post How to implement an OODBMS (pt. 1)

      • http://www.facebook.com/MajesticMe Rhea Newton

        "Don't get faked out by how a man might be if-this-that and the other… Judge him based on how he is and how he currently treats you since you're making the moves and he receives the benefits right now. "
        Truth!! This is really difficult for women, though. I think we always have a tendency to look to the future, as opposed to living 100% in the present. That screwed me over a few times before I realized that what he could be and who he is would not necessarily merge.

    • GirlSixx

      LOVe It!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/MikasThoughts @MikasThoughts

    5. Have your own life, aspirations/dreams…and be happy with or without him/her.

  • GirlSixx

    Another thing I would add that women PLEASE PLEASE maintain your own identity/individuality within your relationship. It's cool you got a man but what is not cool is that he becomes your entire universe/sole source of entertainment your reason now for exising.

    It's okay to share his world but that doesn't mean we should leave ours behind in the process.

    Great Post Streetz!!

    Oh and as far as one of the things MEN need to do to KEEP (ME) happy.

    He needs to be able to cook as well. I don't mind slaving over a stove but I like to know he can do it for me too from time to time.

  • http://shareefjackson.com Shareef

    The biggest point is for a woman to be supportive of her man. If you are in a serious relationship, then you should trust him enough to believe that what he is doing is for the best of the relationship, even if you disagree with the methods. If you feel that you can’t support him in something he’s passionate about, then you should probably consider if you want to be in the relationship at all.

  • shareefjackson

    The biggest point is for a woman to be supportive of her man. If you are in a serious relationship, then you should trust him enough to believe that what he is doing is for the best of the relationship, even if you disagree with the methods. If you feel that you can't support him in something he's passionate about, then you should probably consider if you want to be in the relationship at all.
    My recent post Slow Down and Enjoy your Tech!

    • Camille

      I always appreciate your insights!

  • http://twitter.com/msorvam @msorvam

    5. Remember that your man is not your girlfriend. Getting mad at him if his eyes glaze over while you talk about your bitchy co-worker is silly.

    Also..I co-sign with "Know when to fold them" There's a saying that I like "Do you wanna be right, or do you wanna be happy?"

  • WAChick

    I know y'all probably don't have much control over the ads that show up on the site, but the ad for "Meet Real Guys" on the top right corner always kills me whenever I visit the site lol

  • http://sarcasmforbreakfast.wordpress.com mizzcam

    It's always nice to hear a man's perspective. Still, I can only be me. As far as the list goes, my cooking is the bomb-diggity, lol. I used to have the nagging problem when I was younger. I couldn't quite grasp why the same things weren't important to men & women. Now I know better. When it comes to 'letting oneself go,' I personally think I look better while in a relationship. I care more about my appearance then, because I like to look good for my man. Not that I look like a slob when I'm not in a relationship – but people on the outside get to see only what I want them to see. If I don't shave my legs that day, or my pedicure isn't fresh – so what. I stay on top of that stuff when I know he pays attention. [1/2]
    My recent post What Happened?? Part Deux: Women of the Millennium

    • http://sarcasmforbreakfast.wordpress.com mizzcam

      #4: I'll just say that I like my SO to be satisfied in a variety of ways.
      My #5 is similar to others' upthread : Don't lose your individuality. And stop changing yourself to be whoever you think your guy wants you to be. That charade is a difficult one to keep up, & I know this from experience. You won't like yourself and you'll resent that man.

      But like Satin Sheet Diva said, getting a man to stay once you've kept him happy is the real problem.
      My recent post What Happened?? Part Deux: Women of the Millennium

      • Paul B.

        It's not rocket science: You find a man that wants to stay FIRST, then do what you do to keep him happy. I think sometimes you ladies get the order wrong.

        • http://twitter.com/kalistetics @kalistetics

          Paul B, you are dropping mad knowledge right now!

  • krissy

    I agree with having your own identity and not suffocating a man/woman. If its going to happen it will naturally… no BS

  • http://mznewagenda.blogspot.com/ MzNewy

    Have your own identity and friends.

    Being a couple does not mean we are joined at the hip – give me some space.

    Some men think that all women want to be up under them all the time, NEWSFLASH: I am not one of those women.

    Some women need to stop trying to make every man that meets her checklist “The one”.

  • JLG

    I think this article is misogynistic. Men (as opposed to males, there’s a difference) aren’t and aren’t supposed to be that simple. Q: Should you cook? A: Do you eat? Is this a wonderful thing to have someone who’s quite able in the kitchen? From experience, yes. Am I going to judge you on it and should you have to feel judged on it? No. Cookin’ isn’t going to make someone happy or stay though. That’s asinine.
    About bein’ quiet, I have a simple question: what idea is she expressing? Is she SAYING anything? Women (and the wrong kids of males) take shots at people because they can. Do they know what they’re doing? Yes. Do they know what they’re talking about? No. There’s a difference between constructive and well-meaning criticism and picking on someone. In any experience I’ve been in with women (platonic or otherwise) the latter is what’s happening. Something slick is being said just because she can. It’s “testing” that person just for the gratification of it. Or else she’s being manipulative: bring up something irrelevant/baseless and/or completely untrue and ride him about it. If it don’t work at first, just cut deeper. Find SOMETHING. And men (and any woman in that situation with the wrong kind of dude) will react by trying to please his mate and accommodate when what he needs to do is think for a second and put his foot down, which people who are sprung don’t tend to do well. People also want to “right” things, which, when the other person isn’t coming correct just leads to more stress–you’re not going to convince them, so you’re turning in circles. But, the objective of the person bringing up the issue is control.
    Ask yourself, in these types of arguments is the issue really something that will bring about progress and increased understanding in the relationship? The answer is probably “no” and that what she wants she’s going about the wrong way (i.e., it needs to wait and develop in its own time). To a woman it’s more about having the thing though (the appearance) than the substance of “it.” And to men who are the same, it’s about a “macho” (for lack of a better term) way of viewing women that says you conquer and control her (in which case the woman shouldn’t be around anyways and you have to ask yourself why she still would be and concerned about what someone like that thinks).
    I say that not to be overly negative, but to say that MEN would cherish having someone who really challenges them on meaningful terms. The problem about “nitpicking” is that it fails to do just that. You cut at someone’s insecurities to have control over them, but there’s nothing loving and constructive going on. (Would the same approach by a man towards a woman be acceptable? And it’s not at all true–and is I think manipulative to say–that women have to nag to get their way. Your way should accord with me and MEN want to see you happy. There’s not all that much to argue about).
    I just think that issue is framed the wrong way (by assuming that she’s saying anything worth hearing a lot of times to start off with). Also, if she’s saying anything worth saying, it can be said without the knife…. I think the question, rather than knowing when to shut up or drop it should be “is your mind coming into the relationship in a place where you can be sincerely loving and honest in your dealings with this person and do your requirements, and ways of expressing them, reflect that?” If so, your MAN will ADORE you. If not, he needs to be giving that energy to someone else (you don’t deserve that type of exchange if you haven’t prepared yourself for it). And if so and the male in your life isn’t listening, you need A MAN.

  • Rexy

    I've found some really basic rules apply to keep my man keen
    1. Let him choose his own mates and allow him man-only times with them. Like you expect when you go out with your girlies
    2. Don't drag him to go clothes shopping with you. But bring home a small gift to show you were thinking of him
    3. Cook him a nice meal just for the hell of it
    4. It's ok for him to have girl mates
    5. Dont use your phone to stalk him, take discreet shots of various body parts and pxt them to him
    6. Dont diss former girlfriends, or his past. It's none of your business…
    7. Learn his mating patterns. Timing is everything

  • O2flow

    Fall in love with a person you met and became friends with. Then you will have something real. Stop looking at the surface, car, shoes, blah, blah , blah…find out what is inside the person and in the heart. Then you will know its real. Without this as #1, the other numbers don't matter…just saying!

  • https://www.facebook.com/anzetse.were Anzetse ∞ Were

    Why are women ALWAYS being told what we need to know to 'get a man' or 'keep a man'. I don't see nearly as many commentaries for men telling them how to snag the woman of their dreams and keep her. Seems like patriarchy is well at work, trying to control women…yaaawwwwwnnnnn.

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  • BlackGym

    My favorite thing is to take my guy out ever now and again. It feels good to him when I surprise him and treat him to a night out! Men do need to take a break from worrying about the tab somtimes. Just relax and I got it… at dinner and home for dessert!

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  • Karah West

    LOL @ tristan. Not every black woman is afraid of a black men leaving them for white woman. All the black females i know dont even date black men. So thats not an issue. So u can back that up. I always find the majority of black men that put down their own race. For the white woman. EVEN THO THEIR BLACK. I GUESS THEY MISS THAT MEMO. Arr usually unattractive very dark skin black males that dont like how they look. .As i always said I dont have a problem with black men that date outside their race. Cause I do the same, but the hatred and discrimination towards your own race, is what I have an issue with. No need for the race baiting and all the negativity just go date yourself a non-black women, and thats good for you boo boo. Just notice other races laughing at us. cause no other race dogs out their women like that. Stop being such brainwashed fools. Those men act like they didnt come from a blk woman or their sisters, cousin etc. arent blk. In 5,4,3,2,1 the coons come out of the wood work have a field day.

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  • sawitcoming

    You mean to tell me it's not 1) BJ 2) BJ 3) BJ 4) BJ 5) Home cooked meals?

  • FutureTherapist

    To all the women that are complaining that "I did that and he still left". Bottom line, he was going to leave/cheat anyway! One thing I notice women (especially black women) do is that they try to win the wrong man. You are the perfect girlfriend to a bum, and then when you get a decent guy, you do the bare minimum! (if that!) If a dude is holding you down, taking care of you and working hard, while supporting and respecting you (NEWS FLASH!!) That's the guy you go all out for! Not the bum! Women are forever trying to change a man into something he's not!

  • Lois Bass

    Anyway you don’t struggle to make a man happy, any woman should be her self and try to be natural and allow nature even mutual understanding to take charge of how the man will be happy naturally not by faking through one thing or the other.

  • Lois Bass

    If crazy about keeping my man that’s means am a man girl meaning that my man too should be mad man. Craziness doesn’t worth in relationship.

  • eunice garba

    i do appreciate this write up