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SBM Update: We’re Free!

They gave us free!

After years of being erroneously blocked by Websense, the software (company) that’s been filtering us out at people’s jobs, SBM is finally free! We’ve been reclassified to something safe and innocuous, so you should be able to access the website from work (or school) if this was an issue for you before. We know that some folks work at places that are just strict, period. So if your organization only allows you to view wallpaper websites and butterflies, you’ll still only be able to look at wallpaper and butterflies. Sorry!

We also wanted to let you know we’ve updated the Contact Us, Guest Post Guidelines, and Advertising pages with SBM staff email addresses so that we can respond quicker to requests. More updates to come. We have a lot of great things planned!

Team SBM

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