Happy Thanksgiving from SBM and Eddie Murphy’s Delirious

Happy Thanksgiving from the staff at SBM! Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday. Please eat and drink responsibly. Most importantly, remember that some family secrets are that way for a reason.

Now Thanksgiving for me and my family always meant gathering around and watching some football, playing  few hands of Spades/Bid Whist, and this stand-up. Check it out. This is Black History at it’s finest, Eddie Murphy – Delirious. The part when he talks about his aunt falling down the steps is CLASSIC!



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  • Peter Parker

    A straight classic! Watched Raw on wednesday night which brought back many memories. My dude was a beast! Anyone watch the show that came on spike tv??

  • theyouthfulevaluator

    Delirious is like 1 out of the 3 dvds that I own! Bring back ole skool Eddie! :)

    • tSN