Who Is Trinidad James? The Man Behind All Gold Everything

He prides himself on his individuality and his nine month tenure of experience in rapping.

After watching the music video for All Gold Everything, I decided to go ahead and figure out who this guy is. I watched this interview and this interview too. After that, I realized he’s actually not ignorant or dumb at all. This is a calculated move. Nobody starts rapping and 9 months later becomes a sensation without being a bona fide hustler. Trinidad is merely just exploiting an industry to make some bread and I can’t say I’m mad at him.

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  • Saw this video for the first time this weekend. I had been hearing about dude here and then of course the famous one liner. It's an okay track…barely. I'd probably give a mixtape a few listens.
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  • hoodpolloi

    #nigganigganigga is a thing now. No way that genie is going back in.

  • J. Crawford

    Honestly, I wasn't impressed with the song or video, though it was much better than a lot of "hits" from people lik Waka Flocka, Soulija Boy, Lil Boosie, Gucci Mane, etc.

  • j. Crawford


  • Lyric

    those chains @ 52 r bad tho look like gold pearls

  • Young Mowgali

    trinidad james needs a wiki

  • Te'Arra

    I love "ALL GOLD EVERYTHING" its one of my favorite songs out. And plus I love me some gold nigga, nigga, nigga lol.


  • Elroy Neal

    The beat is fire otherwise he needs to take that lame ass rap back to Trinidad.