Who Is Trinidad James? The Man Behind All Gold Everything

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He prides himself on his individuality and his nine month tenure of experience in rapping.

After watching the music video for All Gold Everything, I decided to go ahead and figure out who this guy is. I watched this interview and this interview too. After that, I realized he’s actually not ignorant or dumb at all. This is a calculated move. Nobody starts rapping and 9 months later becomes a sensation without being a bona fide hustler. Trinidad is merely just exploiting an industry to make some bread and I can’t say I’m mad at him.

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  • http://inanimatethoughts.blogspot.com Animate

    Saw this video for the first time this weekend. I had been hearing about dude here and then of course the famous one liner. It's an okay track…barely. I'd probably give a mixtape a few listens.
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  • hoodpolloi

    #nigganigganigga is a thing now. No way that genie is going back in.

  • J. Crawford

    Honestly, I wasn't impressed with the song or video, though it was much better than a lot of "hits" from people lik Waka Flocka, Soulija Boy, Lil Boosie, Gucci Mane, etc.

  • j. Crawford


  • Lyric

    those chains @ 52 r bad tho look like gold pearls

  • Young Mowgali

    trinidad james needs a wiki

  • Te'Arra

    I love "ALL GOLD EVERYTHING" its one of my favorite songs out. And plus I love me some gold nigga, nigga, nigga lol.


  • Elroy Neal

    The beat is fire otherwise he needs to take that lame ass rap back to Trinidad.