Leave Them Behind: 10 Things to Avoid on Social Media in 2013

$200 Dates and Other Repetitive Conversations


At some point throughout the year, you saw a conversation about $200 dates, weaves, and other revolving conversations. When I say throughout the entire year, I’m not being facetious! Whenever there was a lull in conversation on Twitter, these topics came right back up like clockwork. No matter how you use Twitter, there HAS to be a more diverse range of topics for you to cover! I need LIFE to do better!

Articles About the “Plight” of Black Women

The time has come for everyone to stop overanalyzing black women and their dating. Women are women, period. The sensationalism behind all those “Black women can’t find a man” articles got downright sickening. It went from “innocent” journalism to a cheap way for blogs and news sites to get hits. Here at SBM, we’ve tried to keep it balanced, but even we were swept up in the nonsense for a second. The infatuation with slandering Black women and hiding behind journalism must chill in 2013.

Leaking Nude Pictures


It’s corny. Dudes went wild with this on social media. They leaked nudes to spite women who offended them, or after a break up. This doesn’t make you look cool. It makes you look childish and untrustworthy. Women this goes for you too! Let’s chill on the TMZ-esque exposures.

Declaring Anything A Classic

A classic is determined over a course of time. That course of time isn’t 24 hours. People use the word “classic” as flimsily as they use “friend.” We want powerful words to express our adulation and love for a new album or movie or TV show episode, but classic is wrong. Classic is in the eye of the beholder, and that usually sorts itself out over time. Let’s keep the false prophecies and overrating in 2012!

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  • Dr. J

    I'm totally with most of this list. I want to point out that SBM hasn't been analyzing the plight of Black women for some time now… or at least I haven't. If we were talking about a more general list of 10 things we should leave behind, i'd have to say avoid this:

    me: I think that when I look for a woman, I look for a woman who will reduce stress in my life.
    me: …. who said that?

    My thoughts are that while people need to stop blogging about the plight of Black women, women also have to stop being so defensive. A lot of times I see conversations in real life and on the Internet turn into an analysis of the Plight of Black Women just because somebody took something the wrong way and ran with it. We all got to ask these questions when exchanging in discourse…

    1) Could I be taking this the wrong way?
    2) Why would this person be offending me?
    3) Do I need to ask a question for clarity before responding?

    • Streetz


    • BlueSteele

      "me: …. who said that?"

      #dead but true

  • FlyyLibrarian

    Great list.

    Might I add #teamnatura l. I'm all for the natural hair movement (power to the people, do you boo boo, all that). However, "going natural" is nothing new. Everyone is doing it. Announcing that you are doing "the big chop", documenting hair growth, updos, braid/twist outs, protective styles, month by month week by week….its no longer a new phenomenon. For those who have been natural for years, to us you just look like a follower. Chill out.

    • Shay2124

      …natural for years and those who have ALWAYS been natural…it's just hair. Soooo not a big deal.

  • cynicaloptmst81

    1. Pics of men in skinny jeans (replace them with straight legs)
    2. The #s game
    3. Watching/liking p*rn via Facebook (really? you want all of your friends, fam, and co-workers to know what you're watching, huh? well alright…)
    4. Bathroom mirror pics
    5. "it's complicated" (…the ham sandwich are you even saying for real?????)

    • Streetz


    • BlueSteele

      Grown men with thighs small enough to comfortably fit skinny jeans will indefinitely get the stank face from me! I'm a petite woman and I can't stand skinny jeans sometimes, wth are you doing with those on sir?

  • Most of the list is straight. My addendum (though it’ll never happen):

    -people taking opinions as fact.
    -people not respecting another’s perspective. The lack of decorum in social media is getting ridiculous.

  • morganthewriter

    I agree with most of what you have here. Some of them I don't mind, though, but hey, if you guys over at SBM don't like them, that's cool.
    My recent post Why I’ve Fallen Out of Love With Organized Christianity

    • Streetz

      Hey Morgan,

      This list is mostly in jest, not serious at all. Its just some of these things got ran into the ground and Im like "we need a BREAK!" lol…

      I wont lie, the ___ be like Meme as one of my favs lmao

  • MaggK

    I totally agree about the word classic! Even if i did say "Good Kid M.a.a.d City, is a classic and that I'm sure my unborn chlidren will love it!!!" But it's just to make it clear that i absolutely LOVE that album; and that i can't stop listening to it; and that i so won't stop, even my future children will listen to it and be forced to love it… The word classic is just big ass LOVE :D!

    Happy new year everybody!!

  • BlueSteele

    I'd like to add social media thugging. It's very easy to show your a** behind a QWERTY mask. If you'd refrain from saying your peace in person, think twice about typing it.