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Can What You Watch on TV Determine Who You’ll Love?


 how tv affects relationships


Have you ever thought about how tv affects relationships? I hadn’t really until I read this post. Check it out and share your thoughts.

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In my travels around the block I have come to realize that you can quickly find out if you’re compatible with someone by what they watch on TV. It’s really as easy as comparing the shows you love and hate against the shows they love and hate. If those comparisons match up then you’re golden. If not, maybe s/he isn’t the the one. Let me explain…

You can tell a lot about a person by what they watch. The ad agency Mindset Media did an evaluation of shows and personalities. They were able to determine which products the viewer would most likely buy based on the personalities the show draws. Some of their findings stated that if a person likes Family Guy, they are most likely a rebel. If they like the Real Housewives then they are unafraid to tell others what they think and value honesty over keeping the peace. (I would’ve assumed something different for the people who like Real Housewives, but whatever.)

Given that information if you do like the same things, it’s likely that you’ll be a match. In evaluating this idea, I weigh obscure shows more valuable than popular shows. For example, if I met someone who was into Madoka Magica (popular anime in Japan), I’d be more intrigued than if she was really into The Office.

It goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway) that if you hate a show that the other person loves, it probably won’t work out. The idea to write this article actually came to me while I was at the theaters the other day. I was on a date watching one of the worst movie I’ve ever seen. Although I felt this way, the fine young lady accompanying me loved it to death. I was having doubts about her to begin with, but that put the nail in the coffin. That was our last date.

Knowing that you can tell a lot about someone by [what] they watch, you can use this to your advantage as a quick way to weed out the losers to find a winner. All you have to do is make a list of the shows you love and make a list of the shows you hate. You are obviously going to be neutral about many shows so don’t worry about those b/c it won’t give you any valuable information.

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I’ve never given much thought to what tv shows she watches, so I’m not in total agreement. I do think how you experience and discuss movies with a potential significant other could be telling on interests and certain views, but it doesn’t dictate where the relationship will go. If she watches a lot of trashy reality tv, that doesn’t make her a real world ratchet. If she watches OWN all the time, that doesn’t mean she’ll end up putting on 100 pounds while eating ice cream and dreaming of the Oprah Show coming back. If he only watches sports, that doesn’t mean he’ll be out there at 45 still trying to prove he’s “got it,” or that he’ll be playing Madden all day in 2030.

Anyway, what are your thoughts? Can what he or she watches on tv be used as an indicator of successful relationship potential?


Slim Jackson Slim is the Executive Editor and CEO of SBM Media Group. He's been on the SBM scene for over three years. In addition to discussing relationships, Slim also enjoys writing about Career and Personal Development. Catch Slim regularly here and on his personal development blog, The Real Slim Jackson (www.therealslimjackson.com).
  • MaggK

    Oh wow i guess everybody now has a method to find "a winner"… i'm just annoyed when the person that i date is watching something that i don't like, then again it's cool it gives me time to do my thing… No for real TV is not important enough in my life to care that much about what he is watching and then assume he's like this or like that… I really don't have time for that.

  • WellEnuff

    She can watch whatever, I just don't want to hear about it all the time. I don't go around telling her how Brady and Welker choked when it mattered most, therefore I don't want to hear about what real wives of whatever fought about. TV should not be an all encompassing topic which is that significant in a relationship since the only thing it's good for is background noise during sex.

  • morganthewriter

    I wonder what someone's personality is if they watch Anime, Video Game Footage, Black History lectures, documentaries, news, Black sitcom reruns and the occasional music video.
    … Yeah, I have strange tastes in television programming.
    My recent post Simp Week Post #1: The History of Simpin’

    • Mahoganydefined

      …I think I'm in love…

  • I find there is plenty of truth in the notion that the types of television programming a person enjoys can be a good indicator of compatibility. After all, it is simply another revealing area of their personality by way of their outward interests. The same can be said about movies and music. Of course it doesn’t mean that these differences in tastes means two people cannot have a progressive and meaningful relationship. However, it does reveal where the commonality begins and ends between the two parties.

    If there is a lack of common interest in terms of entertainment, then it is safe to assume the two people will not be spending much time together enjoying these things together. Sharing enjoyment is a bonding experience. So if the two cannot due to differing tastes, it is an opportunity missed to connect even closer.

    More importantly, this goes beyond superficial appreciation for specific cinematic themes, television shows, music, etc. A consistent affinity for a certain types of entertainment can be extremely telling about a person’s personality, character and core values. This is absolutely where the crux of compatibility becomes obvious and it could very well have a significant impact on the life span of the relationship. If the observed variance in values is large enough, it is less likely a relationship will even be pursued beyond the first few dates. Unless the objective for both individuals is that of a casual chexual nature.

    Mr SoBo


    • Larry

      I'll just drop my co-sign here as this is what I was basically gonna write, but in a less articulate and more succinct way, lol.

    • kimauralee

      "If there is a lack of common interest in terms of entertainment, then it is safe to assume the two people will not be spending much time together enjoying these things together. Sharing enjoyment is a bonding experience. So if the two cannot due to differing tastes, it is an opportunity missed to connect even closer."

      Thank you

  • Peter Parker

    Well I don't agree with this at all. What if I don't watch something that my gf watches, but after she introduces me to the show, it becomes one of my favorites?? I mean, what we both watch has nothing to do with how successful our relationship will be.

  • Darrk Gable

    Interesting study. It could be a harbinger of things to come, or not. What's most important is finding common ground and common interests that two people can bond over. TV shows really shouldn't be a deal breaker. If they are, that might say more about the person who has the issue with the show than the one who doesn't.

  • amaris79

    I don't have a TV.

    Analyze that.

    • Larry

      Do you or have you watched television shows currently or in the past? (whether it was on a television you owned yourself or another person's) If yes, what were the shows you liked or did not care much for. #Analyzed! lol

    • Youtube.