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The New & Improved SingleBlackMale


A new look


Welcome to the New and Improved SingleBlackMale!

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was our redesign. At some point, thought it would never get finished.

But, we felt that our original look and feel was old and outdated and we wanted something that looked better and allowed you to navigate the site better. And, the site looks so much better on your phone (check it out now).

So we are happy to bring you a fresh new theme and we’ll be bringing fresh new content and new faces along with it.

We are still tweaking the site, so things may move around and change. But, it’s all for the better.

Stay tuned and get excited.

SBM Founder & Creator of SingleBlackMale.org. My healthy obsession with dating, relationships, and trying to identify and address the problems of dating in Black America. I also happen to be a mean sumb*tch who likes to hear himself talk ... but I'm funny though.


  1. I started to think the site had just been abandoned. Glad to you know y’all are still around. Patiently waiting on the new new stuff 😉


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