Is It Easier For Men To Say No Than It Is For Women?


SBM Contributor RealGoesRight takes a stab at answer why it is that men find it easier to say no than women. It’s difficult to say either way in my book. I know that it took me a long time to get to the point of being able to say, “No.” Probably longer than it does […]

Why Telling Your Ex ‘I Just Want You To Be Happy” Is A Lie


There’s one conversation we hate having with that one ex who always could make us feel that way.   Especially if they know their former bf/gf has a new #him or #her.  I’m not talking about a specifically sexual way, even though they probably were top shelf with that as well.  I’m talking about the feeling where the two of us felt like Darius […]

Why Being Selfish About Your New Year’s Resolutions Works


The beginning of the New Year always bring out a few things in people: things they want to leave behind in the past year, things they want to change in the New Year and things they want to start in the New Year. They are also known as, New Year’s Resolutions. Personally, I think the […]

Tis The Season: Time to Define Your Relationship

Where's Keisha?

Traditionally, the holidays are filled with presents, joy, good food, family, and harmony and good will among your fellow man and woman. It’s a time of year when the welcoming warmth of a bed heated by the body of a significant other is a welcome break from the seasonal chill from outside. Yes, for many people around […]

You, Him and Her: How To Handle The Pre-Exclusive Zone


From MadameNoire: You’ve been on a few dates with a guy you’ve recently met and you’re excited about the possibilities. Over drinks you find yourself telling your closest friends just how great this guy is and how he would be perfect for you. As you and your friends drink wine and nibble at shared appetizers, […]

How to Meet Women While Avoiding Girls and the Friend Zone


The other day I was having a conversation with my friend. Not surprisingly, we got to talking about women. Ok, who am I kidding? All we talked about was women. As a man, you talk about women a lot but as you get older, you talk about women differently. Being a (decent or above looking, […]

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When Should a Man Move for the Relationship?


From MadameNoire: For those of us crazy enough to even engage in a long distance relationship, there is one unavoidable question that will come if you stay together long enough: who is going to move? This week I was asked if the man or the woman should move or does it matter? Let’s get the […]

College is Pointless, but You Can Change That

Source: TheLoop21

As I near my 30th year on Earth, I find myself reflecting more and more on a number of past and current events. While I have found I care less about that which I deem insignificant, I do have a more critical eye towards life in general. Perhaps this is a natural side effect of […]

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5 Steps to Approaching a Woman

You get turned down by 100% of the women you don't approach.

Since most women are firmly against approaching men, they don’t know the terrifying joy of walking up to a complete stranger and trying to convince them you are worthy of their time. To be successful in dating, a man must be a salesman, a public speaker, and a preacher. We have a small window of time to […]

How Do You Balance Love and Ambition?


I’m wasting your time, to say I’m straight, I’d be lying It’s either you or this music but I can’t make up my mind I’d throw you a line, I’d give you a sign Right now I’m through with the trying, I think you ready to fly I settle for less so when I’m tired […]