The Negro Please Podcast: Cool, New, Necessary

SBM fam, I’m back and I bring some cool news. If you aren’t aware  my good friend Lejorne (@GreatLeys) and myself  have launched our new podcast site over at It’s a new endeavor for the both of us but one that we’re both immensely excited about. As you visit the site you’ll learn more about […]

Un Poco Low Coup: Literary & Visual Art of the New Revolutionary Event 9/17, hosted by @Spookwrites

If you are in the New York area check out this event tomorrow- you won’t be disappointed. StudioJ, an art gallery and event space in Long Island City, NY will host published author and social activist @Spookwrites who was shot in the head August 12th by unidentified assailants while leaving a peaceful rally for Michael […]

We Want Our Community Back: A New Commenting System Is a Start

Hey SBM Fam, Just a heads up that we’ve switched to the Disqus commenting system. Moving forward, you’ll need to log in with Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Disqus (very easy to sign up) to comment on the site. You may be wondering why we added this extra step and the answer is simple: We want […]

We Need New Writers! Do You Want to Be One of Them?

SBM is looking for new contributors to bring a fresh spin to some of our favorite topics: dating, relationships, and pop culture.  If you’re an aspiring or established writer trying to get your name and work in front of thousands of people across the world, this opportunity is for you. We ARE NOT looking for […]

New Podcast Series: Two Guys One Show (Audio)

Check out the new podcast series, Two Guys One Show, featuring Rich (The Freedom Chase) and WisdomIsMisery (read his past work on SBM here). The first episode was released on Friday. We’d have posted about it then…but you probably would’ve been eating leftovers or shopping..not at your computer with some headphones on. From Rich in […]

Casting Call for Singles in the New York Tri-State Area

Hey #SBMFam we got an email from a friend… A New Docu-series that will explore the ups & downs of dating, is looking for NY & Tri-State-area singles who feel like they’ve exhausted all dating possibilities! Does this sound like you? Do you want to find your perfect match? Do you feel like giving up? […]

The B.E.A.C.O. Blog & SBM Presents Females & Fairytales Next Wednesday, June 26th in DC

SBM and The B.E.A.C.O. Blog have teamed up to bring you all a special Panel Discussion to be followed by a Social Mixer in Washington, DC next Wednesday. The event is going down June 26th at Tabaq Bistro from 6:30 to 8:30. You won’t want to miss this event. The last was awesome. Dr. J […]

Dating in the Digital Age: A Panel Discussion and Social Mixer in DC w/ Dr. J as panelist

In the past few months, i’ve been frequently asked to speak on how technology is affecting dating and relationships. I am no expert but I have thoughts. I’m actually a huge fan of online dating and believe that while new technology poses threats to traditional views, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Tomorrow, (Wednesday, March […]

{EVENT} Is It Love: Fashion Meets Music to Raise Awareness of HIV/AIDS

Are you in NYC? Do you like free events that bring together good people? If so, this event is worth checking out today, February 19th. SBM is partnering up with Human Intonation to bring you Is It Love? Fashion Meets Music to Raise Awareness of HIV/AIDS, a post Valentine’s Day collaboration of fashion, live music […]

SBM Is Taking on the Black History Month Challenge on Facebook!

What’s Up #SBMFam? There was a photo challenge floating around the web that seemed pretty interesting. So in honor of Black History Month, we’re posting a picture a day on the SingleBlackMale Facebook page. This would be a great time to join the page, like/share photos, and get friends to check out SBM, your source […]