Valentine’s Day Gift for Him: New Game Console

No matter what you may think, your man is working hard to get you something great for Valentine’s day, and you need to make sure you get something good for him too. Since finding the perfect gift in things you don’t know (sports, video games, etc), we are here to help. You have two choices, […]

Married Man Talk: What I Hate About Being Married

Before you read the title and get confused, I love being married. I mean I really really love being married. I could easily spend the rest of the post talking about how nice it is to always have someone to go to the movies with, how I still look forward to coming home and seeing […]

10 Secrets To Showing Him You Love Him

Over the past few days I have been asking for someone to indicate to me the types of things that women must do in order to make a relationship work and keep their man happy. While the initial person never responded, Young Belizean Lady helped give me a little insight over at her blog. I decided I would take […]

Male Entitlement: A Man’s RIGHT to Holla

Men have a large and difficult burden placed upon us. We are the ones given the responsibility of “starting the mating process” aka … the holla. The fact is, most s*xual encounters, marriages, and relationships all started when a guy decided to make a move and let his intentions be known. There are some forward-thinking […]

The Booty Text: Because Who Needs to Talk Anymore?

SBM hasn’t been single for a very long time, but I have my memories. Back in the day, I called women. I would get their number, eventually set some time aside, and finally I would call them (usually multiple times). Generally at night, up to an hour for the first call. If things went well, […]

The Problem of the Inflated Black Male Ego

Becoming A Good Black Man is a Great Accomplishment. As one, I think about it every once in a while. My public schools were all below average; I was more likely to turn to a life of crime; I was more likely to acquire less education (even compared to my female counterparts); I was less likely […]

5 Things I Love About Being Married – From a Man

Ask a woman about being married, the response will be the same 90% of the time. “It’s wonderful” or “My Husband is my best friend” or even “I hate that cheating lying sumb*tch … but it’s better than being single”.  For the most part, it’s understood that married women love being married. Ask a man […]

The Re-Appearing Ex

Another reader looking for information and enlightenment. While I can get it started, we all know the truth will come out in the comments. Make sure to pitch in. Don’t forget to email your questions to [email protected] check out our responses to all of our reader questions by clicking here. Hello Single Black Male, I […]

She Wants A Strong Black Man! Is That Weird?

Keep the letters coming. Well written, relationship & dating focused, and in need of advice. Why wait? Send your question to [email protected] We’ll say something, but the SBM family will say more. Hey Single Black Male, How are you? I’m a 25 year old woman, who has a great job as an engineer. I take […]

Why can’t HE just be my Friend With Benefits?

Don’t forget that you too can have your question answered by one of the SBM staff, in addition to several thousand readers by sending a short, well written and explanative question to [email protected] Hey Single Black Male, I am going to get straight to the point. I have known this guy since 2011 and we’ve […]