Fair or Foul: Mike Epps makes me wonder, When does flirting become cheating?


Sup fam, I know y’all don’t hear from me that much and I apologize. I’m working on getting my thoughts out there more frequently. I hope the contributions from other writers on the blog have held y’all down. I wish I could write everyday… but the way my job is setup is I got a […]

You’re Alone Because You’re Alone


A lot of people shutter at the thought of going on vacation alone or having to live without companionship. There’s a host of things that people want to do but they don’t do simply because they feel they can’t do them without the presence of another individual. After having this conversation with a friend of […]

That Time Your Relationship Got Away From You

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The relationship ends and you’ve got more questions and fewer answers. You’re not really sure what happened. You were happy, they seemed happy but somehow the relationship ended. As you sit and start to wonder what transpired you realize that this really is a case when a relationship simply got away from you. It can […]

Why Does It Seem Like Men Have Relationship A.D.D.?


Women are constantly struggling to understand the disappearing man, the reappearing man, the catch him if you can man, or the man who just doesn’t seem to get it. I understand. It’s frustrating. Why can’t he just sit still? Why won’t he just follow through? Why did suddenly stop calling or texting? It’s simple. Some […]

Why Are The Women At Fight Night?


I may have been 13 or 14 when I saw Girlfight. Something about that movie always made me attracted to Michelle Rodriguez. I kind of still am. It was something fascinating about a woman wanting to be in a boxing ring. It’s a sport that seemingly has nothing feminine about it. It’s a sport that […]

With Age Comes Clarity in Relationships

66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals

I asked a room full of women to take out a sheet of paper and fold it in half. On one side of the paper, write down the reason why you stopped talking to, dating, or even being married to every man you’ve ever been with. On the other side of the paper, write down […]

Dating Diaries DMV: Junkie Love & JAILBAIT!


This is a testimonial submitted anonymously on Dating Diaries DMV. I recently did an event in DC with Nicole and we linked up to do some collaborating and add a little paint where it ain’t here at SBM. Dear Diary, I went on a date with this chick who was cool and towards the end […]

14 Crucial Things Black Women Look For In A Husband


In response to the 10 things black men look for in a wife. A couple weeks ago, singleblackmale.org created a list of Ten Things Black Men Look for in a Wife. And then they followed it up with a part two, adding 10 more attributes and opening the challenge for women to chime in with their […]

Why You Shouldn’t Believe In Happy Endings


“Dear Karen, I’ve been thinking about Us, the story of us. How the fuck do I sum it up? Has it been perfect? Hardly. Any story with me at the center of it will never be anything less than a big smiling mess. But here’s what I know for sure—our time in the sun has […]

Enough Already: If You Can’t Afford To Date Then Just Don’t Date


Y’all really intending on this never ending debate about $200 dates and plane tickets, aren’t you? That’s my reaction each time I see the Twitter timeline begin a discussion about if there is actually a preferred or correct range that one should spend on a date. I must say it is very difficult to have […]