Meet Melder – Katie from California


 Share on TumblrThis is a post by MELD Interactive. MELD is a Dating app for Black professionals. Download it on iPhone or Android. First Name: Katie Age: 27 City, State: Oakland, CA Occupation: Accountant What you’re looking for in a mate:  Loyalty, passion and someone who can have fun! Your idea of the perfect date: Tapas and drinks at a quiet local […]

Meet Melder – Chyreé from California


 Share on TumblrThis is a post by MELD Interactive. MELD is a Dating app for Black professionals. Download it on iPhone or Android. First Name: Chyreé Age: 32 City, State: Dublin, CA Occupation: Credit Risk Auditor What you’re looking for in a mate:  I’d love to meet someone who is outgoing and loves to have a good time but at the same […]

What Man Boobs Taught Me: Healing Our Insecurities


 Share on Tumblr The Story Behind It All When I was just a chubby little kid, I used to get picked-on a lot. The kids in my neighborhood would say stupid jokes at my expense, try to push me around, and give me “titty twisters.” I hated it. I’ve had man boobs for a long […]

[INTERVIEW] Charlamagne Tha God on His Journey From Prison to Radio


 Share on Tumblr   Defy Ventures invited Charlamagne Tha God, a New York City celebrity DJ, to speak to 50 men and women who were applying for admission to Defy Ventures’ nationally recognized entrepreneurship training program. These 50 men and women had served prison time and looked to Defy to help turn their street hustle […]

5 Ways To Use The Love Languages To Show That you Care


 Share on Tumblr  Sometimes, words aren’t enough. They come out all wrong, they’re cliché, or they miss the point you’re trying to make — and you end up sounding like a bad soap opera character, reciting a reused script. Luckily, there are other ways to show your loved one exactly what you mean. According to […]

Three Ways To Combat Your Relationship Insecurities

Blond woman grimacing

 Share on Tumblr When you find the one you feel like you’ve been waiting for all your life, it’s not surprising that you’d want to hold on tight. Your relationship is something that should be cherished, and you’re likely wary of anything that could harm it or take it away from you. But sometimes, the […]

Your Boyfriend Won’t Replace Your Father


 Share on Tumblr A woman’s father was designed to be the first man that she’d ever love, though for a multitude of reasons – including divorce, absenteeism, bad parenting, abuse of the relationship, and other factors beyond her control- that may not have been the case. Due to a father’s inability to play his role […]

Role-play: How Women Make Themselves Unhappy in Relationships


 Share on Tumblr Once a relationship begins, her apartment has never seen day without the Swiffer, and she is the only woman who not only is aware of “Steak and BJ” day, but celebrates it with the enthusiasm as a child on Christmas morning. On top of that, she is oh so easy doing. She […]

5 Things Feminists Love About Men


 Share on Tumblr As a feminist, I am here to extend the olive branch to men. Maybe sometimes you don’t hear enough from feminist women how much we truly admire, respect, love, and appreciate you. I know feminism got a bad rap as being about bashing men, or taking over mankind like the aliens in […]

How To Get Off The Dating Rollercoaster 101


 Share on Tumblr You’ve reached a point where you’re tired of exerting energy into the wrong guys so you take time to re-evaluate yourself and your approach to dating. Then, finally, one day you wake up and say “Okay, I’m ready to get back out there and try again” only to find yourself in the […]