The Art and Science of Mixing and Matching Your Suit Style


  Suits make getting dressed simple. Don’t believe us? Just consider wearing suit jacket separate from your trousers to look sharp and put-together. In fact, wearing suit separates is one secret weapon of the true stylish men but you need to know the basics to remix the suit and steal their killer look. In this […]

In Bed with a BOSS: How to date a WERKing Woman


In the last few years, the number of female Entrepreneurs has grown tremendously. Women are no longer waiting in the wings for opportunity to find them, they’re out in the forefront of major corporations, building their own empires and taking the world by storm. So where does that leave their male counterparts? Sometimes, a little […]

The Best Gift Ideas For Him in 2015


How difficult can it be to come up with an interesting gift for a loved one? Unlike women, men are easier to please as far as gift giving is concerned. They’re not picky and they usually value things they can actually use. The best gifts for a guy are practical but of fine quality. It’s […]

How to Create Romantic Date for Women Who Love Their Phones


Girls do love extraordinary steps and non-traditional approaches to dating. If you know how to perform them and organize a perfect date, you will become a hero in her eyes and will be given as many points, as possible. But how to start? The point is to look at your girlfriend’s inner movements, hobbies and […]

Identifying Your Legacy Of Love


  I have lived long enough to know Black men are not the only ethnic group of men dealing with family issues. For years, I let it be known every culture has a right to address issues unique within its realm and should not be accused of racism. However, I could not help wondering why […]

The Bachelor’s Guide to Home Organization


Women love it when a man is on top of his life. There’s nothing sexier than a guy who has it together and pulls off everything he does with a sense of style. That doesn’t mean you have to keep a white tux in the back of your closet or grow a goatee, but it […]

6 Dos and Don’ts for Dating During The Holiday Season

dating during the holiday season

The holiday season is officially here! If you’re currently dating or in a new relationship, this may be the first holiday you’ll be spending with your partner. Although that’s really exciting, I’m sure there are some looming concerns in your mind. It’s my prayer that the following holiday dos and don’ts will enable you and […]

The Time Was Illmatic: An Interview With The Director And Producer Of “Time Is Illmatic”


The following Interview was posted previously in Ammo Magazine by Shannon Thomas. In April 1994, Apartheid was the plague that cloaked South Africa. Former president Richard Nixon had just suffered a stroke. Rudolph Guiliani still presided as mayor of New York City’s cold, concrete streets. In the midst of all that was happening in the […]

Meet Melder – EJ from California


This is a post by MELD Interactive. MELD is a Dating app for Black professionals. Download it on iPhone or Android. First Name: EJ Age: 35 City, State: San Jose, CA Occupation: Product Marketing What you’re looking for in a mate:  Someone who is smart, passionate, friendly and outgoing. Your idea of the perfect date: Quiet outdoor dinner by the beach […]

Meet Melder – Katie from California


This is a post by MELD Interactive. MELD is a Dating app for Black professionals. Download it on iPhone or Android. First Name: Katie Age: 27 City, State: Oakland, CA Occupation: Accountant What you’re looking for in a mate:  Loyalty, passion and someone who can have fun! Your idea of the perfect date: Tapas and drinks at a quiet local restaurant. I […]