6 Reasons Men Don’t Ask Women About STD’s


By Chocolate Vent In my 30+ years of living no man has ever asked me whether or not I have been tested for a sexually transmitted disease (STD), let alone if I actually have one. Can you believe that? I mean it’s not like I’ve had sex with a bunch of different men or anything, […]

7 Board Games Men Play In Relationships


We all know that men love games, often to our detriment. For whatever reasons, men have been wired to play games and have killed many relationships as a result. Below are 7 board games that men have projected into their own lives and romantic relationships. 1.)    Candy Land: Men love sweet, delicious, “candy.” They will […]

You Mad: Four Signs You’re the Hating Single Friend


By Dominique Cobb The hating single friend is the worst kind of hater, mostly because your shade is so well developed that you don’t even notice that you are throwing it. You assumed  that  you were happy when your best friend entered into a relationship. After all, that’s your homie… your right hand… your ace […]

The Double Standard of Vulnerability in Men and Women


By TQ Even though we’re all human first and foremost, men and women are not the same. In fact, in many ways we’re opposite, but we’re not necessarily in opposition. At least we don’t have to be. Due to the natural yin/yang dynamic that this universe requires for harmony, men and women will always want […]

My Experience Dating A Celibate Man


By Chocolate Vent Celibacy is a serious matter. A lot of people, both men & women, have admitted to being celibate at some point in their lives. People practice celibacy for a number of reasons ranging from religious to personal choice. Personally, I hadn’t declared myself celibate but I did take “breaks” in between each […]

Five Pieces of Advice I Wish I Could Give the Younger Me


I’m 31 now. Ancient, past my prime, and “should be starting a family” come to mind.  I still have a lot of goals now that I wish I had undertaken earlier in my life, a lot of things I’ve yet to do and all the while that clock is ticking. Seems like only yesterday I […]

On Men’s Condomlessness and the Side Piece Baby Boom


As of late, stories of side chick pregnancies and simultaneous engagements have become commonplace.  I personally know a woman who was sexually involved with a man who later told her that around the same time they were sexually involved, he had gotten engaged to another woman. The latest story from Ebony editor, Jamliah Lemieux, compelled me […]

For Women: The DIY Dating Style

black girl long curly hair cell phone

After watching a dating segment on Bethenny (don’t judge), I became perplexed by the amount of dating rules discussed. There was one rule in particular that sent my eyebrows into a fury. The two female panelists suggested that after a man’s initial text, a woman should wait at least four hours before responding! Hmmm… I […]

Date That Man: 6 Reasons Girl Code Should Be the Exception, Not the Rule in Dating


By Mo Black women are destined for a life of singledom. Haven’t you heard? It’s been estimated that 42 percent of us haven’t married. That’s twice that of white women. Eeeekkkk! And if we wanted to get married, 1 out of 12 of us wouldn’t, even if every black man in America married a black […]

You Pray That Doors Open, I Pray That They Close


These days most people are praying for doors to be opened. Whether it’s in their professional life, family life, personal life or relationships, people are looking for and asking God for an abundance of opportunities to get them out of their current circumstances. If you hate your job, you pray to get an offer from […]