Thunder Up! How the OKC Thunder Will Win the NBA Championship


Since I write on Tuesdays here, I got to cheat and see Game 1 of every NBA playoff series early. So instead of putting my foot in my mouth like I did last week, I can say smart things like, “those Pacers still have a lot of work to do, smh.” This is going better […]

SBM Sports: The Indiana Pacers Have the #1 Seed…Can They Beat Miami?

pg13 dunk over heat

In one of the most anticlimactic playoff races in a while, it appears the Indiana Pacers will outlast the Miami Heat for the number one seed in the Eastern Conference playoffs. The Pacers loudly proclaimed this to be their goal to start the season. They pushed Miami to Game 7 in last year’s playoffs, and […]

How Wrestlemania XXX Brought Me Closer to the WWE

Lesnar Belt

Well, it finally happened. The Undertaker’s Wrestlemania streak is over. 21-1. Daniel Bryan (YES!) won the event, but that’s almost an afterthought. I’m not a diehard wrestling fan by any means, but I couldn’t help being swept into the emotion of the moment. The event took over Twitter, and my friends, ranging in age from […]

SBM Sports: Why [Insert Team Here] Will Win the NCAA Championship


After the most exciting NCAA Tournament since…last season, we finally arrived at the Final Four. Since no one predicted these teams, except Florida, would get here (shout out to Warren Buffet), there’s no way anyone knows who will actually win. Since I’m terrible at predictions, I won’t guess either. Instead, I’ll make sure I’m right. […]

March Madness: The New Player Hater’s Ball


Another year, another worthless bracket. My picks aren’t even near my worst this year…and they suck. As things fell apart last weekend, I was faced with the question every sports fan has wrestled with: Do I root for the upset or my bracket? It took exactly 90 minutes for me to make my choice. Ohio […]

SBM Sports: How to Win $1 Billion

Ten thousand dollar stacks on money background

It’s time to cash out. Warren Buffett agreed to fleece Dan Gilbert put up $1 billion of his own money to anyone who completes a perfect bracket in the Quicken Loans sponsored challenge. Now, we all could obviously use an extra billion dollars. I’d be able to pay off about a quarter of my Sallie […]

Are the Miami Heat Giving Us Reasons to Doubt Them Again?


When LeBron James hosted The Decision in 2010, he instantly became the most hated player in the NBA. Except for that one person who randomly clapped when he announced his decision, pretty much everyone else felt he had taken a shortcut to basketball royalty. In the four years since, James and the Heat endured criticism […]

SBM Sports: Is This Cinderella’s Year in March Madness?


We are officially less than two weeks away from my favorite Sports Holiday of the year. Selection Sunday is March 16th, and we’ll know who’s in the NCAA Tournament, who was snubbed, and who to advance in our office brackets. I can assure you my picks for the Final Four will be changing. We can […]

Lolo Jones and the Apparent Curse of Beauty


  For whatever reason, I couldn’t get into the Winter Olympics this year. I couldn’t even get into curling! And that was a source of endless joy in the 2010 Games. As far as I’m concerned, Wang Bingyu from China is the Michael Jordan of curling. Maybe she sucks, I don’t know and I don’t […]

SBM Sports: Three Standouts From NBA All Star Weekend

Kyrie MVP

The unofficial second half of the NBA season kicks off tonight after an entertaining All Star Game last Sunday. The events on Saturday don’t deserve a long winded recap, so I’ll sum it up this way: ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ On to Sunday. The All Star game is a big celebration for fans, a showcase for the game’s […]