Time to Settle This: Serena Williams is the GOAT feat. Shamira Ibrahim


This past weekend, Serena Williams won Wimbledon for the sixth time after (relatively) easily beating Garbine Muguruza. Unhappy simply enjoying the moment, the question came back to mind… Is Serena the greatest ever? Thing is, I’ve never really set about answering this question. So without years of research to rely on, I did the next […]

With Mo Williams on Board, Who Else Should GM LeBron James Bring to Cleveland?


Big news out of the NBA this week as free agency kicked off. Most importantly, I was right…again! Also, late Monday night Mo Williams agreed to re-join LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. This is hilarious for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is the avalanche of tweets you all dug up […]

Here’s Why LaMarcus Aldridge has to Sign With the Spurs


Took a breather after a long NBA season. To sum it up quickly: I was right. LeBron James may have proved as much in losing as he would if he won. Somehow we’re already turning the page to next season, and that begins with the Draft and Free Agency. Last week’s draft came and went […]

Two Games Into the NBA Finals…Will the Cavs or Warriors Win it All?


We’re eight quarters and two overtimes into a surprisingly (for me anyway) competitive NBA Finals, and I’m at a crossroads. Hardly anything has gone how I predicted. The Warriors can’t shoot. The Cavs took a game in Oakland. Stephen Curry is airballing game winners. LeBron James is carrying the Cavs (which I predicted) and it’s […]

Sorry LeBron, The Golden State Warriors are Winning the NBA Finals in Five


We are just a few short days from the end of the NBA season. We’ll get to the recap in the coming weeks, but for now let’s appreciate what we have: A matchup between the best team in the league and the best team the shaky Eastern Conference could muster. Ummmm, a matchup between the […]

14 Reasons Why Each Team Should Win the NBA Lottery Tonight

Pistons Lottery Winner

Before I even get started, please take a moment to drink in the majesty of the above picture… (still drinking…) I played the NBA Lottery Simulator on ESPN.com and got this on the FIRST try. Clearly the Pistons will win the Lottery today. DON’T YOU DARE RUIN THIS FOR ME! Ok, so the NBA Lottery […]

What the Hell Does Roger Goodell Have to do to Ruin the NFL?


If you care about sports at all, you’ve no doubt learned that the NFL handed down a ridiculous suspension/fine/loss of draft pick punishment to the New England Patriots and Tom Brady. By any reasonable measure, this was an overreach by Roger Goodell, a commissioner whose reputation and legacy are wholly defined by missteps like this. […]

Three Reactions to an Amazing Sports Saturday


Saturday was awesome. It was one of the few nights where even my wife couldn’t be mad that it would revolve around sports. I had the keys to the castle, and generally the events that night didn’t disappoint. First up, the Kentucky Derby. This is infinitely more fun when you’re actually there it turns out. […]

Are the Atlanta Hawks and Chicago Bulls Still Threats to Win the East?

bulls bucks.widea

When the NBA Playoffs started, I was excited as always. After the first couple days, though, reality started to set in. Seven of the eight series were 2-0. I had been staying up way too late for nothing. As things have played out, a couple matchups in the East have become unexpectedly competitive. Now we’re […]

The NBA Playoffs are Back! Here are the Four Things to Wish For


The NBA Playoffs are finally (finally!) upon us. We made it, y’all. If you’re an NBA fan you’ve been ready since about the All-Star break. So to commemorate this monumental occasion, let’s take a look at the four things I want to see most when the NBA’s second season starts this Sunday(!). The Oklahoma City […]