Is Honesty Really the Best Policy?


 Share on Tumblr We all want honesty. Nobody wants to be with someone who’s walking around with a bunch of secrets. Usually when you think of someone you’re with being dishonest, it means they’re keeping things from you that may affect your relationship like they’re married and have 2 kids for example. But how often […]

12 Things Women Don’t Have To Accept From Men


 Share on Tumblr A few weeks ago an article was published giving advice to women about their men. In 50 different ways, we were told how to keep a man happy while becoming a cardboard cut-out, and losing small pieces of ourselves over time, all in the name of love. Oddly enough, there were a […]

Only Time Will Tell: Speaking Up About Your Dating Intentions


 Share on Tumblr Last week I posed a question to Twitter asking if it was better to ask a man what his intentions are, or let him know yours when it comes to spending time with someone new. I was pretty surprised by some of the responses I received, which I will share later, but […]

Problem Solved: Just Date Your Friends


 Share on Tumblr Take a look at your circle of friends. I’m sure you have people of the opposite sex mixed in there, which is expected. Now, when I say friend, I mean actual friend. Not someone who you mess with from time to time, but a genuine platonic friend. These are the people who […]

The Real Reason So Many Good Black Men Are Single

black man

 Share on Tumblr Relationship experts bloggers, and those alike seem to focus on the plight of the single woman. As it has been communicated time and time again, black women and their singleness is nobody’s fault but their own, after all it’s up to women to get chose right? Supposedly women are too aggressive, they’re confrontational, […]

Finding Someone to Sleep With Isn't Easy

couple in bed

 Share on Tumblr It’s Friday night. After a long work week and a night out with your friends, it’s time to head home. The question is do you want to head home solo, or would you rather cuddle up with something warm? Most of us have options to remedy this dilemma. There’s at least one […]

Questions Men Should Stop Asking Women

frustrated black woman

 Share on Tumblr Men, you all have an interesting way of asking questions. Although I know your intentions are good, they do get overlooked from time to time. I think that deep down in your manly hearts, you mean well, but sometimes ’tis better to wonder than to ask. You know when you’ve asked a […]

What Happened to First Dates?


 Share on Tumblr I was at an event where I ran into some old classmates. I found myself in a great conversation with one of the guys I knew. And after some drinks and laughs, he asked me out on a date. Actually, his words were more like, “We should hang out sometime.” Even though […]