Can Enitan Bereola Be Entrusted With Teaching Women How To Be Ladies?


Tweet I’ve noticed throughout my online writing career that writing about relationships was the gateway for most bloggers. I know Steve Harvey wasn’t the chief purveyor of relationship advice before he exploded onto the scene with Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man…but it appeared to spark an increase in relationship-driven content written by men […]

How Should Women Handle Anger And Arguments With Her Man In Public?


Tweet How Should Women Handle Anger And Arguments With Her Man In Public? When writing about relationships, it’s important to keep in mind a great deal of advice depends on the situation of the people involved. Given the unique nature of individual relationships, it’s often difficult to find a “one size fits all” answer. With […]

Nobody Cares: Men Get Rejected All The Time

rejected woman

Tweet Women far and wide hate having to approach men. Whether it’s a fear of rejection or some trite quotation stating how “women don’t find men, men find women,” most women are content with leaving the “hunting” to the men. Every once in a while though, a woman will find herself in a predicament where […]

The Male Ego and Unfaithful Women

unfaithful black woman

Tweet “I’m supposed to trust it, after he touched it?” — Beanie Sigel, “Bread and Butter” If you went outside and polled 100 men on what would happen if his woman cheated on him, it’s a safe bet roughly 99 of those men would say they’d kick her to the curb. For some men (I’m playing […]

Communication Is the Key. Why Do You Keep Losing It?


Tweet “Communication is the key to any relationship.” I’m sure we’ve all heard this quote in some form or fashion. What’s left out is just how hard it can be to effectively communicate with someone. I’ve noticed in our constantly connected world where someone is always “talking,” it can become very difficult to actually “communicate” […]

Response Post: That’s Not Why Men Don’t Like Scandal

scandal image

Tweet On a lazy Sunday afternoon, I was splitting my attention between the almost complete breakdown of Atlanta Falcons’ fans and Twitter when an interesting article titled, “Such a Big Ego: Why Some Black Men Have a Problem with ‘Scandal” by Kirsten West Savali, got posted on my timeline from Clutch Magazine. When I opened […]

Relationship Advice for Women: Please Consider the Source


Tweet Chilling on Twitter, as I so often do, and came across this lovely gem… @TheCosby: The women need to do this if they want to get a man advice industry is booming …I need to get my gentlemanly hands in some ladies’ purses The tweet was funny for a number of reasons. A couple days […]

5 Reasons Why Break Ups Suck

breakups are hard

Tweet Breakups are hard. Even if you don’t like them anymore and you know breaking up with them is for the best, it’s still pretty unpleasant. There’s a long list of reasons why I’m none too fond of break-ups, but these are my 5 reasons why breakups are hard. 1. You’re Not Here With Me… […]