Black Names, Living Away from Home, and More

Check the updated Announcements below! On this week’s Side Episode of Two Guys One Show, WIM prepares for the move and discusses some (painful) lessons learned that you should consider before, or after, traveling across the country for work and play. On the topic of work-life-balance, Rich and WIM discuss the pros and cons of […]

Casual Racism, Life After 30, and More

In case you’re unfamiliar, Two Guys One Show is a funformative podcast covering work, money, and life from the 30-something perspective. Rich and WIM leverage their individual stories to provide entertaining insights and helpful tips on money management, professional growth, and whatever else they find interesting and relevant. They release two shows a week: The […]

Are We Black Enough? {Podcast}

Play in New Window | Download | Visit Website Top of Mind: TGOS talks about impulse buys and the pros of TWO SINKZ when you finally take the leap of moving in with your significant other. We hope our loyal listeners didn’t forget to celebrate March 14th this past week, and if you did, be sure to remind […]

$250 Dates & Other Relationship Struggles [Podcast]

Play in New Window | Download | Visit Show Site Top of Mind: Don’t call it a comeback, boxing been here for years? NBC attempts to bring back our boxing, prime time edition. WIM is mildly impressed, while Rich wonders if GChat (or Google Hangout?) is doing too much. Hot Topics (21:00 minute mark): A young man travels […]

You Want Me to Pay for Who?! [Podcast]

Play in New Window | Download | Visit Show Website Two Guys One Show #58 opens (first 30mins) with some bad movie talk followed by a discussion on why you should begin saving for retirement as soon as possible. WIM talks about how diversifying his retirement and investment accounts lowered his 2014 taxable income, netting a 35% higher tax […]

The Final 100, Monogamish, and More [Podcast]

Play in New Window | Download | Visit Show Website On Two Guys One Show’s episode 57, WIM discusses the ‘power of social media’ after he uses the @TGOSPodcast Twitter account to negotiate the successful surrender of a warranty deal from a company that was refusing to honor their behind the scene agreements. Funny how that works! In tragic […]

Why Men Hate Valentine’s Day, and More [Podcast]

Play in New Window | Download | Visit the Podcast Website We bring to you Two Guys One Show Episode 56, the V-day Special! On this episode we discuss the return of Valentine’s Day and what it means for men everywhere (nothing good, btw). In Top of Mind, Rich recalls a terrifying tale of inappropriate behavior and indecent exposure. […]

Why Men Like Blue Valentine, and More

Two Guys One Show is a helpful and humorous lifestyle podcast hosted by two guys with day jobs and women. While avoiding in-home responsibilities, we talk personal and professional development, relationships, life in our 30’s, listener questions, and more. Be sure to visit our website at for the full experience! In this episode, we […]

Empire, Black on Black Racism, and More [Podcast]

Show Notes from Definitely an episode where what seemed like a small topic led to an entertaining relationship discussion in the Feedback and Follow-Up segment of the show. But before that in Top of Mind, WIM took us through Shaun King’s “Has Oprah Been Living Under a Rock” article, which included rebuttals/evidence for anyone saying […]

Diddy, Drake, The Black Community, and More [Podcast]

Rich and WIM of Two Guys One Show discuss end-of-year syndrome, a potential gift recommendation, being out of balance in life, a heart-warming holiday story with a valuable lesson, Diddy putting the paws on Drake, Twitter users turning a tragedy into a reason to be mad at Floyd Mayweather, listener feedback and questions, a cool […]