That Anaconda, Making it Rain, St. Louis, and More

nicki minaj

Rich and WIM discuss temptation struggles, WIM’s findings, technology changing the way women tell men what to do, Nicki Minaj’s buttcheeks, Ferguson updates, interesting stats on police gun usage, two workplace related listener questions, and more. Get your listen on today! **Don’t forget to leave us a five-star review on iTunes and/or Stitcher, and […]

Mike Brown, Ferguson, Mental Health & More


Rich and WIM discuss a popular personal finance tool, starting the day with positive thoughts, a DV incident involving an MMA fighter and his ex, Robin Williams’ daughter facing the wrath of the evil internet, irresponsible reporting by the AP, what’s going down/has went down in Ferguson (RIP Mike Brown), and more. **Drop by our […]

Maybe Men Should Stop Approaching Women…

frustrated computer man

  In the 34th episode of Two Guys One Show, Rich and WIM discuss Instagram addiction, memory issues, preventative fatigue, being humbled by life, first pay check blues, their hatred for credit card interest, an unintentionally depressing story about staving off the post baby sex blues, the universal hot-crazy woman video, a strange incident involving […]

Stephen A. Smith, Beta Testing Marriage, and More

stephen a. smith

Struggling through extreme amounts of fatigue, Rich and WIM discuss a new tv show (not their tv show), WifeSwap, old man mortality, Rich’s shocking revelations from exercise (more like painful) and a new perspective on life brought to him by a family member, the questionable poor door building in NYC, Stephen A. Smith’s comments and […]

Why Nobody Talks About the Side Dudes, and More

wedding dance

In a light/recovery episode, Rich and WIM discuss the similarities between job hunting and dating, illogical decisions while consuming beverages, Rich’s excessive fitness plan, Eric Garner, the myth of wealthy men only wanting pretty women, feedback from last week’s episode (you need to listen to that episode if you haven’t already!), why nobody talks about […]

The Male Perspective on Losing a Child, and More


Rich and WIM discuss utilization of mental health services, being the only black guy (or being mistaken for another black guy or running into “the other” black guy), LeBron returning to Cleveland, two new listener relationship questions, The Hustle, and more. WIM also delivers a powerful #WIMRant on the loss of a child from the […]

Breaking Down Relationships & More


After a longer than expected hiatus, Rich and WIM return for the 30th episode, where they catch up on what’s been happening and answer listener questions on dating, relationships, LinkedIn, and more. WIM also provides a significant personal update. They started to call this the longest episode ever…but that’s already a previous episode title. If […]

So About This Hairline….

With Rich traveling the country and WIM enjoying surplus sleep, we wanted to make an older episode new again. This one was early in the game and the audience wasn’t what it is today, so we want to give those who missed it a chance to listen…and those who loved it a chance to listen […]

Sex at 30 vs. 20 and More


In Rich’s last week in NYC, he and WIM discuss pumping at 30 vs. 20, gaydar, spam bots that converse, the frustrations of a distant job search, the Delta Airlines twitter fail, Californians potentially drinking their own pee, dumb mistakes men make in relationships, a man who sues a hospital for accidentally shrinking his piece, […]

Top Qualities Men Look for in Women and More

at computer

Rich and WIM discuss oversharing pregnancy updates, their lack of desire to be fashionable, credit card shenanigans, men as feminists, the stay-at-home dad phenomenon, qualities men look for in women, lessons learned from a financial advisor, the question of “is love really free?” and more. **We’re looking for listener questions to answer on an upcoming […]