Why Men Like Ratchet Women and More


Rich and WIM of Two Guys One Show discuss #DatTape (“Scandal in Atlanta”), how to (accidentally) look old in the club, the fallacy of women maturing faster than men, why you should avoid hypothetical questions from your significant other, the U.S. Airways tweet fiasco, Pharrell’s “New Black” concept, genetically engineered P, why women are more […]

Love or Lust: A Few Dating Sites You Should Check Out

online frolick

YourTango recently listed six dating apps/sites that’ll show off your confidence. The article is geared toward the ladies (in tone), but this could be applicable to the fellas too…since no dating happens if men aren’t there to turn the digital into digits into dates into pokey. There are some familiar and unfamiliar (for me at […]

We Want Our Community Back: A New Commenting System Is a Start


Hey SBM Fam, Just a heads up that we’ve switched to the Disqus commenting system. Moving forward, you’ll need to log in with Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Disqus (very easy to sign up) to comment on the site. You may be wondering why we added this extra step and the answer is simple: We want […]

Keeping Up with Her in Bed, Dating Accountability, and Black Male Struggles

shocked fan wwe

Rich pays tribute to Undertaker’s shocking end to his Wrestlemania win streak (and wishes he knew about Ultimate Warrior at time of recording). He and WIM discuss the privilege of boredom, things black men have to deal with, accountability and expectations in dating, women buying men drinks, twitter ruining relationships, a guy that claims he […]

Two Guys One Show: Ep.18 Grumpy Old Men [Podcast]

grumpy old men

Rich and WIM of Two Guys One Show discuss social media nostalgia, the realness of tax season, a man that avoided jail time for a serious offense because he wouldn’t “fare well” there, an adult film star that angered her political party by taking it in, the Jamilah Lemieux-Raffi Williams-RNC twitter sh*tshow, childless people paying higher […]

Things Every Woman Should Realize About Men and More


Rich and WIM of Two Guys One Show discuss the constant pursuit of shape-shifting success, Kim K. on Vogue and the resulting internet backlash, the controversial rape culture article that ran on Time.com along with other thoughts on sexual assault, being wealthy and poor at the same damn time, a list on things every woman […]

Spinning Poles & “Spanish Girls” {Podcast}

too old

Rich & WIM discuss strip club revelations, dating apps, how to solve for a major relationship problem, a woman who was too sexy for the gym, coming home to a freakfest, controversy around the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, the BuzzFeed/Steenfox story, the “unmarriables” article, listener feedback, being old as f*ck, and more. **Don’t forget to […]

Two Guys One Show: Brown Fist Urban League {Podcast}

my brothers keeper

The 2 Guys discuss Rich turning 31, some clarification on women not wanting men to have fun…EVER, Stay in Your Lane Relationship Insurance, cutting things out of life that don’t make you happy, a divisive article on Salon.com about the My Brother’s Keeper initiative and the struggles of young black girls and women, a woman […]

Open Relationships, Drawless for Jesus, and More


  In the first episode of one of the guy’s birthday month, Rich and WIM discuss the difference between courting and chasing, digits gone digital, Rich seeing red at work, a Negative Nancy being forced into hiding by the internet, the Oscars, the Pharrell album cover controversy, a pastor requesting female congregants to remove their […]

Men Just Wanna Have Fun

Man shopping for clothes

In the 13th episode of Two Guys One Show, Rich and WIM discuss the jean shopping struggle, Robin Thicke and Paula Patton’s split, why women always wanna eat their man’s food, the Raymond Felton fiasco, police getting caught on camera assaulting a(nother) black man, gentrification, weight gain in relationships, men sharing thoughts on social media […]