Why Men Like Blue Valentine, and More


 Share on Tumblr Two Guys One Show is a helpful and humorous lifestyle podcast hosted by two guys with day jobs and women. While avoiding in-home responsibilities, we talk personal and professional development, relationships, life in our 30’s, listener questions, and more. Be sure to visit our website at www.twoguysoneshow.com for the full experience! In […]

Empire, Black on Black Racism, and More [Podcast]

of course

 Share on Tumblr Show Notes from TwoGuysOneShow.com Definitely an episode where what seemed like a small topic led to an entertaining relationship discussion in the Feedback and Follow-Up segment of the show. But before that in Top of Mind, WIM took us through Shaun King’s “Has Oprah Been Living Under a Rock” article, which included rebuttals/evidence […]

Diddy, Drake, The Black Community, and More [Podcast]


 Share on Tumblr Rich and WIM of Two Guys One Show discuss end-of-year syndrome, a potential gift recommendation, being out of balance in life, a heart-warming holiday story with a valuable lesson, Diddy putting the paws on Drake, Twitter users turning a tragedy into a reason to be mad at Floyd Mayweather, listener feedback and […]

Everyone Hates Kim


 Share on Tumblr Rich and WIM discuss their recent guest appearance on The Black Guy Who Tips, lucid dreams, the podcast surpassing a major milestone, Rich phasing out his [crap] mobile, performance reviews in corporate america, the Bill Cosby meme gone wrong, Kim Kardashian’s latest effort to stay relevant, the slap heard round the world, […]

Diversity in Tech, Women Be Decorating, and More


 Share on Tumblr In episode (Colt) 45 of Two Guys One Show, Rich and WIM discuss car search and newly discovered feature struggles, the decline of twitter, IKEA, saving money, diversity in tech, crappy career services, outlawing street harassment, Lena Dunham’s dirty dark publicly disclosed secret, a great professional development resource to check out, how […]

Street Harassment, the Black Community’s “Dirty Dark Secret”, and More


 Share on Tumblr Rich and WIM discuss rental car realness, awkward race-based happenings, WIM’s trip to SoCal, Rich’s joint project with boobookins, Charles Barkley’s comments on a “dirty dark secret” in the black community, the viral street harassment video, listener questions including a really tough one, and more. Join the discussion about this episode on […]

No Such Thing as a G-Spot? [Podcast]

t kitch

 Share on Tumblr Rich and WIM discover a newfound hatred for technology. The Two Guys also discuss a range of topics including the outrage around Thug Kitchen’s white creators, a 22 year old teacher that found a new way to make six figures, female climax, a surprisingly good segment on The Breakfast Club show, and […]

I Don’t Need This Ish! [Podcast]


 Share on Tumblr Rich and WIM discuss strains and pains of age and over-aggressive workout regimens, a listener response to a topic from last week’s episode, Black-ish (somewhat), a humorous socia media exchange, Raven Symone’s comments, raw sex leading to genetic carryover, a listener question on why men come back, their views on professional next […]

Black Men Smiling [Podcast]

black man

 Share on TumblrIn the 41st episode of Two Guys One Show, Rich and WIM keep it light. Discussion topics include another big WIM announcement, a cool campaign to shine a positive spotlight on black men (visit instagram.com/blackmensmiling), the Equalizer (and somehow Keanu Reeves), male birth control injections, “alarming” stats about women having backup lovers, how […]

Amber Rose, Break-Up Etiquette, the Walmart Shooting and More [Podcast]


 Share on Tumblr Rich and WIM turn 40…in podcast episodes! The two guys discuss their expectations for Blackish, WIM’s stint in the UFC, coochie cookies, the “I Quit” video watched ’round the world, Amber Rose filing for divorce from Wiz Khalifa, a Pew study on the decrease in marriage rates, the type of man women […]