Dr Dre Becomes First Hip Hop Billionaire?

Dr Dre

 Share on Tumblr While Diddy is getting his honorary doctorate from Howard University, Dr. Dre had his eyes set on making $3.2 billion from a Beats deal. Which would make Dr. Dre the first hip hop billionaire, almost… Dr. Dre leapfrogged Jay Z in FORBES’ latest rankings of hip-hop’s richest artists, claiming the number two […]

Saturday Night Live The Beygency Short


 Share on Tumblr While Saturday Night Live’s Lupita slave skit might have rubbed people the wrong way, their Beygency short had everyone dying for a full film.  Share on Tumblr

AKOO Releases The Jonathan Mannion Collection

Akoo X Jonathan Mannion

 Share on Tumblr Jonathan Mannion, who has shot pretty much everyone in hip-hop, has teamed up with AKOO to release an exclusive collection set to hit stores May 1st, 2014. Some of Mannion’s photos from various shoots have been included in t-shirts and tanks just in time for summer as everyone refreshes their wardrobe. In […]

What If You Unknowingly Fathered a Child?


 Share on Tumblr “How many people have ever heard of the Putative Father Registry?” I ask this every semester when I teach my family law class at Syracuse University. No one ever raises a hand. Only blank stares. “What about deadbeat dads? Ever heard of them?” Students nod, self-satisfied in their recognition. I move to […]

SBM Exclusive: New Juicy Novel Preseason Love

Preseason Love By Ahyiana Angel

 Share on Tumblr We are pleased to be the first to share with you the cover art for the novel Preseason Love, written by our very own SBM contributor, Ahyiana Angel The book is available now for pre-order and it hits shelves, notebooks, and kindles October 21, 2014. Ahyiana Angel is a former sports entertainment publicist for the […]

Stay in Your Lane Relationship Insurance


 Share on Tumblr There are many people that could possibly benefit from Stay in Your Lane relationship insurance, because sometimes the people you’re casually seeing get a little ahead of themselves. They try to exercise rights or do things that weren’t covered in their primary relationship plan. -Like complain about what you’re doing, when you’re […]

Olivia Pope: The Sidechick Financial Plan


 Share on Tumblr Let me start with a simple yet important statement.  Ladies, we are financially responsible for ourselves at every  relationship stage no matter whether you’re married, separated, single or the “side chick”. *Thoughtful Pause* I should take this opportunity to discuss how you deserve to be so much more than some man’s getaway […]

8 Qualities Every Woman Looks for in a Man

Couple at bar.

 Share on Tumblr It’s not rocket science in knowing if you are date material, you just have to know your strengths and weaknesses and what your potential boo may want in you. Because there are just certain qualities every woman looks for in a man and here are just a few of them. She wants […]

We Need New Writers! Do You Want to Be One of Them?

sbm logo jawn

 Share on Tumblr SBM is looking for new contributors to bring a fresh spin to some of our favorite topics: dating, relationships, and pop culture.  If you’re an aspiring or established writer trying to get your name and work in front of thousands of people across the world, this opportunity is for you. We ARE […]

How to Be a Great Girlfriend


 Share on Tumblr We’re not saying you suck at being a girlfriend, you’re probably a good old lady. But here are a few tips on how to be a great girlfriend: 1. Be present with him. When you are with your boyfriend, be with him. Turn your phone off. Put it in your purse, or […]