How to Take a Woman Out on a Proper Date


A woman tells men how to take a woman out on a proper date, since it seems alot of fellas have lost their way with the romanticism, you need a fresh reminder every once and awhile. It starts by actually asking me out. Please call me up on the phone, or if we are talking […]

Casting Call for Singles in the New York Tri-State Area

Casting Notice

Hey #SBMFam we got an email from a friend… A New Docu-series that will explore the ups & downs of dating, is looking for NY & Tri-State-area singles who feel like they’ve exhausted all dating possibilities! Does this sound like you? Do you want to find your perfect match? Do you feel like giving up? […]

Good Pick-Up Idea or Wishful Thinking?


We posted this to our Facebook page earlier and saw an enthusiastic response, so wanted to see what you thought here on the blog. What do you think of this idea? Fellas, feel free to chime in too.

9 Clear Signs a Guy Is Blowing You Off


Is he not interested? These signs will tell you: 1. Never Answers His Phone One clear sign a guy is blowing you off that a lot of women actually overlook is when a man never, ever answers his phone. Do you constantly find yourself getting his voicemail? Have you gone to voicemail directly without the […]

10 Things Men Should Never Do in Front of Their Girlfriend


You ever heard of the song ‘Comfortable’ by Lil Wayne, well it’s okay to be comfortable around your lover, but there’s just certain things you should never do in front of your girlfriend: 1. Commenting on our friends, sisters, cousins, or co-workers looks: This can either go horribly wrong or kind of right. For example, […]

Are You Making These Mistakes When Looking for a Relationship?


Most single people are constantly on the searched to get boo’d up or at least find someone special, but they tend to make a few mistakes on the way. Here’s a few to watch out for: 1. Allowing your friends to set you up with people that you know you’re not at all interested in, […]

10 Things Insecure Men Do That We All Hate

things insecure men do

Here’s a list of 10 things insecure men do that we all hate: 1. See that you looked in the vicinity of their significant other, prompting them to grab hold of that person tightly and be overly affectionate. Perhaps this is like a territory mark for people worried that someone else making eye contact with […]

Lessons Learned from One Night Stands


The best way to find out how best to cope with things you may not have much experience with is to hear the stories of other people. They’ve already road tested these bits of advice, so you know they have to have some knowledge involved, right? After doing a poll on the awkward, exciting, bizarre […]

5 Men You Need to Meet (But Not Marry)


Some guys may teach you something, says the author of the riveting novel The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P. That doesn’t mean you need to spend the rest of your life with them. 1. The One Who Never Wanted to Commit—Until He Met You This sounds like the dream, right? The guy who proclaimed to […]

Things Women Do That Men Will Never Understand


It’s well known that sometimes the signals get crossed between men and women, that’s probably never going to change. Here’s a few things women do that leave men clueless: 1. Say we’re “fine,” when we’re really not fine. If you haven’t done this, you have yet to graduate to womanhood. Nothing’s more frustrating that being […]