EPIC Video: A Man Problem…That Starts With Women


 Share on TumblrEvery man has been through this. Every woman has done this. Relax, relate, and laugh.  Share on Tumblr

The One Thing She Really Wanted

black_couple (1)

 Share on Tumblr Duane’s nose nudged her hair to the side, exposing the back of her neck. He took a second to let the Acqua di Gioia he’d bought her a week ago serve as a reminder of his good decision-making. Before becoming intoxicated by the scent, he asked her a question he’d answered a […]

15 Signs Your Significant Other Loves Animals More Than You


 Share on Tumblr 1. There are significantly more photos of your significant other’s pride and joy, beloved pet than there are of you. 2. You have a sneaking suspicion that one of the biggest reasons they’re still dating you is because they aren’t ready to part ways with your pet. 3. They’ll buy the finest most expensive foods […]

Video: The Corporate Brother Web Series

the corporate brother

 Share on Tumblr A few weeks ago we got an email about a web series called The Corporate Brother. It’s a comedic take on life in corporate America as a Black man. Created by writer/producer Todd Inman, the show tackles common stereotypes in a humorous way and sheds light on what it’s like to adjust […]

Men: Want to Lose Your Woman to Columbus Elba? Do These Things.

things men should not do in a relationship

 Share on TumblrI came across this gem by Renita Bryant on things men should not do in a relationship over at Paul Carrick Brunson’s website. I find that a lot of the “Fellas, Listen Up” articles fall flat. But this one hits the mark: It is unfair to break a woman’s heart by mismanaging her expectations. […]

Moving with Memories…Except from Exes


 Share on Tumblr It’s been just over a week since I moved from my small Harlem abode to my brolick Brooklyn apartment. And I couldn’t be happier. What I’m not happy about is the process of unpacking. It sucks. A lot. And as much as I hate to admit it, I’m prone to mini bouts […]

Five Lessons Learned in Five Years of Writing


 Share on Tumblr I’ve been writing online for five years. I can remember starting with Facebook notes, then a Myspace blog, then my first personal site, then my group blog, then SBM, where you find me today. I’ve learned a lot of lessons along the way, and wanted to share five of them with you. […]

Why the Media Is More Tragic Than the Tragedies

Wrong. As usual.

 Share on TumblrEvery day I lose more and more faith in what we call “the news.” By now we’ve all heard about the tragedy in Boston. Over the last few days, the focus has shifted from the victims to capturing the bastards behind this atrocity. And in the process of finding the suspects, we’ve once […]

An Open Letter to Employers with Ridiculous Requirements

sweet brown

 Share on TumblrDear Wayward Employer, I’m writing you this letter because I was perusing your website and saw a job that looked awesome. I read through the description and everything about the job was me. Then I read the “requirements and qualifications” and found myself flabbergasted and appalled. I’ve done everything you describe in the […]

Misogyny and Sexual Harassment: How “Small Jokes” Cause Big Problems

The tweet read round the world.

 Share on TumblrWhat happens when men make boyish jokes at a tech conference and their picture gets tweeted? People get fired. At least that’s what happened this past week. The smoke’s still billowing from the internet inferno that followed the aforementioned. Let me tell you what happened in case you missed the hoopla. Adria Richards, […]