What You Need to Know About (Male) Relationship Experts

relationship expert

 Share on TumblrA couple weeks ago, I got an email from a PR person pushing another relationship expert. I should’ve known when I looked at the janky subject line that I was in for some comedy: “Press Release: The [Rude Dude’s] Guide To Dating (Please Post To Your Site)” First off, you don’t tell someone […]

Why You Need to Ask More Questions

black man at computer

 Share on Tumblr I had an important project at work a few weeks ago. One that I knew my boss would comb through once I sent it to her. Sometimes it feels as if no matter how hard I work, there will always be something that needs to be fixed, changed, altered. Over the time […]

Mean Girls: The Many Factions of Black Twitter

black twitter

 Share on TumblrThis past weekend, someone on Twitter made the accusation that Beyonce had been abused by her father. As expected, things quickly went left and this person found herself in a quagmire. After taking heat from some of Black Twitter’s most influential, she apologized. I thought it was over, but noticed something else happen. […]

Feeling Unfulfilled? Read This.

Worried businessman

 Share on Tumblr“How the hell do people do this?” I’d just walked in from a long day’s work — something I should be thankful for in a down economy. My hands felt like ice blocks and my face was numb from the jolting breeze. I couldn’t get my coat off soon enough so I could […]

Can What You Watch on TV Determine Who You’ll Love?

can tv affect a relationship

 Share on Tumblr    Have you ever thought about how tv affects relationships? I hadn’t really until I read this post. Check it out and share your thoughts. From Seriously-Maybe In my travels around the block I have come to realize that you can quickly find out if you’re compatible with someone by what they […]

SBM Reflects on 2012

Note: Intentionally Cheesy.

 Share on TumblrSBM Fam, 2012 was an amazing year for SBM. By the time you read this, it’ll most likely be 2013; but we didn’t want to go out without reflecting on the past year. One thing we’d like to emphasize is how grateful we are for your support. Whether it’s been one week or […]

I Have Too Many Kids


 Share on Tumblr In reading the post I shared on Thursday about Paul Carrick Brunson’s 2012, I was reminded to reflect on my own. There was something different about this year. Something scary. I realized I had kids. Yes, plural. Two were born in 2008. The next in 2011. The third and fourth in 2012. […]

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Something’s Missing: How to Cure Your Emptiness


 Share on Tumblr I was on Paul Carrick Brunson‘s site yesterday and came across a potent article titled “How I Cured My Emptiness.” For those unfamiliar with Paul, he’s a certified Life and Relationship Coach, as well as a Professional Matchmaker. I first found out about him via a comment he left on SBM circa […]

A Few Things That Love Is Not

things love is not

 Share on Tumblr I came across a post titled “10 Things That Love Isn’t” a few days ago from Rey over at Seriously Maybe. Since it’s a good read, I wanted to share it with the SBM fam. Check out some of the main points below: It’s hard to define love. I was trying to […]

4 Things We Love About #Scandal


 Share on Tumblr Scandal is just….  *sits down slowly* I’ve been trying to find a TV series to compare it to and I just can’t. I loved Lost and 24. I’m currently addicted to Fringe. But Scandal? It’s the first show to have me slithering from my couch to the floor after just about every […]