The Fallacy Of Performance Reviews


The Corporate world can break you if you aren’t vigilant. The “performance review” culture is all pomp, no circumstance. You get an initial review, and supervisors give you subsequent “feedback” which involves your strengths, your improvement points and your rating. If you perform to standard, you will more than likely be “baselined”, or receive an average rating (i.e., 3 out […]

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Gemini Dream Weekend 2014 Recap


  What’s Good I had the extreme pleasure of representing the SBM team in the beautiful country of Bermuda for Gemini Dream Weekend last month. I’ve heard about this event last year and wanted to make sure I was in attendance this time around. I heard the stories and saw the pictures, but NOTHING is […]

Gamer’s Life: Episode 2


  The Dusty Cartridges team is back with episode 2 of Gamer’s Life! In this episode we preview Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, which looks like a dope installment in the series. PS4 fans should be interested in seeing our synopsis of Infamous: Second Son.  For our Throwback Game of the Week we take a look […]

Gamer’s Life: Episode 1 – Watch Dogs Preview


Gamer’s Life is a new web series from, where we profile the latest video games and hottest gadgets you may want to add to your collection. When a gaming convention or special event occurs, we will be there to provide coverage! The show is hosted by yours truly, and I’m excited for this latest venture. […]

SBM Live At Gemini Dream Weekend: Bermuda


What’s Good Everyone! SBM is going international! For those that follow me on Twitter, you know that for the last few months I’ve been promoting the Gemini Dream Weekend event in Bermuda.  This is a dope event that brings people from all over the Northern Hemisphere to party and enjoy a plethora events. Below is […]

Seven Ways To Prove You Chose An Excellent Mate


When you commit to someone, whether as a monogamous relationship or eventual marriage, there can be a sense of apprehension. You feel you are a good judge of character, but you’ve made mistakes before. There is no manual that can dictate a fool proof way to know if a mate is right for you, so you […]

Elle Varner, Steve Rifkind, Shaun Ross & More Attend the AKOOxMANNION Gifting Lounge

Jonathan Mannion Elle Varner Shaun Dross

  The AKOO Clothing Co. recently collaborated with hip hop photographer and director, Jonathan Mannion, for a Limited Edition AKOOxMANNION Collection. To celebrate the May 6th release, Mannion hosted a private gifting lounge at the Double Cross Vodka Lounge in New York City where some of his closest friends popped in to pick up some […]

Time Is Illmatic: Tribeca Film Festival Review


In 1994, a young emcee from Queensbridge named Nasir Bin Olu Dara Jones released an album which would years later be heralded as a classic. Illmatic was a ten track biography of the hip-hop culture in the early 90’s, and the struggles of blacks in the inner city from a firsthand perspective. To encompass the effect of […]

Does It Matter If He Pays for Dates with Coupons?


The social media landscape is full of people who never lose in their lives, are perfect 10s in looks, make millions of dollars, and live life to the fullest. At least this is the impression that most people give on Facebook and Twitter. In real life, they aren’t even close to the expectations and standards […]

Show Me The Money: Why Men Use Women For Financial Support


Dear SBM, I’m a SBF in my 30s no kids, sweet spirited, pretty face with an overweight but still shapely frame. I have never really had this problem until the past 5 years but it seems every man I meet has been brazen & bold enough to ask me for money, usually within less than […]