Telling The Truth: The Best Way For Men To Court Women


When I was a teen, it was almost automatic that I would lie about stuff to women. Men lie about the stupidest things, but when it came to courting women we would lie just to get ahead. This mentality permeates into adulthood as well, mostly because it is somewhat effective (in the short term). We […]

Girlfriend Zero: The One That Ruined Him


I admire women’s resilience in relationships. They are able to love hard and with all their heart, without much reserve or pause. When a dude rips that heart out of a woman’s chest, throws it on the floor, and Cat Daddy’s all over her emotions, she may be devastated, but she will love again. Yeah, […]

SBMail: Why Did He Break Up with Me After Spending So Much Time Together?


A reader writes: I was hoping you could offer some words of wisdom. 8 years ago I met this guy named John through mutual friends. We reconnect in January and hit it off. We go on a couple dates the connection is just amazing. Too bad he’s only here for a week as he would […]

Excuse Me Miss: Why Men Cat-Call Women Aggressively In Big Cities

annoyed woman

I need some advice.  I grew up in Oakland, California, which is technically a city but in most parts doesn’t feel like one. It’s just the hood. I recently moved to Philly for college, and while I love it here, I can’t deal with some of the men I encounter. Take note of the “some” […]

5 Things Men Do that Women Hate, but Tolerate Because They Care


Last week, I became the public advocate for all men who don’t want to speak for themselves. I explained a few things that women do that can drive us crazy but we tolerate. Needless to say, we had a great discussion on here, and everyone got a better understanding of our small plight with the […]

5 Things Women Do that Men Hate, but Tolerate Because We Care


Relationships are built on love, admiration, and compromise. However, I’ll be damned if men don’t overlook certain things that may drive us up a wall, but we tolerate because you are that special. I never knew the true meaning of “Women: Can’t live with them, can’t live without them” until I got into my first […]

Three Ways That Privacy Strengthens Relationships


  With the release of the iPhone 5S, one of the new features that Android users will kick and scream that they had first yet no one really cares was unveiled was the fingerprint scanner. This device allows users to biometrically authenticate into their phones without using a password. All you need is a finger […]

Before Summer Wraps: 5 Ways to Bag a Fall Fling


So, in case you haven’t realized our days of warmth are almost over. Soon it’ll get colder and you may find yourself in the same situation as last fall… WITHOUT A BOO! If you’re like me, you’ve made that mistake one too many times and for some reason when ever Fall appears, you’re just as […]

Five Ways Hating Ass Friends Show Themselves


When you and your friends enter a social setting, the goal is to enjoy yourselves and have a great time. In the course of your social interactions, you may come across a group of the opposite sex with whom you want to converse. Sometimes it’s just for normal conversation, other times there’s some initial attrraction […]

Interview: Just Been Tested talks STD awareness


HIV and AIDS have become ever prevalent over the last 20 years, especially in minority communities. While science and awareness has matured, we still have a lot of ignorance on the subject. Whether it’s an aversion to doctors or lack of education on the subject, sexually transmitted diseases and their cases continue to rise. One […]