Pharrell’s G I R L Album Cover & The Truth About Colorism In The Black Community


The anticipated release of “G I R L,” the first album by Pharrell Williams in eight years, has been met with open arms by the hip-hop community. It’s no secret that Skateboard P and his unique attributes of song, rap, and production have augmented the genre into an enjoyable and quality experience. This is the […]

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5 Reasons You Should Worry About Her Work Husband


The Work Husband is a term used to define a male coworker whom a woman selects to be her confidant, lunch buddy, and road dog at her job. There’s been a debate on social media the past few weeks discussing if men should fear this “work” relationship their significant other has developed. I’m here to […]

5 Lies Men Tell Women They Date


It’s no secret that men and women lie in relationships. Hell, humans lie constantly (whether it’s to themselves or to other people). Men will usually tell these “little white lies” in order to avoid any headaches of a long, drawn out conversation, or to save a woman form the impact that his words might cause. […]

How To Keep Her Happy


So a few weeks ago, I wrote an article on 5 things women need to do to keep men happy. We had some great participation, and some feelings were hurt. I received a few tweets, Facebook messages, and comments by some who were offended by the title or the notion that women NEED to do things […]

5 Reasons Why Men Should Not Date Women In Relationships


If you search through the backstreets of YouTube or World Star Hip Hop, you will see video evidence of men who make horrible mistakes. One of the most common of these egregious mistakes is getting involved with a woman who has a man. This is dangerous ground that I never like to tread. As much […]

Holiday Dating Explained: Should I Get Him a Christmas Gift?


I’ve been dating this guy for about 4 months. We talk every day whether it’s text, phone call,or Skype. We see each other about once a week. I met a few of his family members. We have tons of fun together. He shares things with me that I think are personal/private. Vice Versa.  He’ll asked […]

So When Is The Right Time To Share Social Media With Relationship Interests?


When mixing and mingling with potential love interests, you find different ways to get to know them better. In the old days, you exchanged numbers and conversed on shared telephone lines hoping that your mom didn’t hop on the phone to toss salt on your pimpin’. In 2013, you have a plethora of ways to […]

Telling The Truth: The Best Way For Men To Court Women


When I was a teen, it was almost automatic that I would lie about stuff to women. Men lie about the stupidest things, but when it came to courting women we would lie just to get ahead. This mentality permeates into adulthood as well, mostly because it is somewhat effective (in the short term). We […]

Girlfriend Zero: The One That Ruined Him


I admire women’s resilience in relationships. They are able to love hard and with all their heart, without much reserve or pause. When a dude rips that heart out of a woman’s chest, throws it on the floor, and Cat Daddy’s all over her emotions, she may be devastated, but she will love again. Yeah, […]

SBMail: Why Did He Break Up with Me After Spending So Much Time Together?


A reader writes: I was hoping you could offer some words of wisdom. 8 years ago I met this guy named John through mutual friends. We reconnect in January and hit it off. We go on a couple dates the connection is just amazing. Too bad he’s only here for a week as he would […]