Starting a Business with Your Spouse


Men and women approach things totally different, one of the biggest areas we approach differently is business. Recently, I was discussing with a woman I was dating a business idea. She was enthusiastic about the ideas I had that built upon something she was doing that she knew had legs, but hadn’t made profitable. She […]

Top Ten Best ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Videos


Over the past few weeks or so, I’m sure you’ve seen celebrities and friends alike join the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge for a good cause. It seems a lot of people are having fun with this viral challenge. Here are SBM’s picks for the Top Ten Best ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Videos: Michael Jackson challenges […]

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A Chat About Online Dating: Tinderonis, ‘What’s Your IG’, Instagram vs TwitterDMs, and Quelling Thirst


Let’s chop it up quickly about online dating, I’ll throw out a couple of opinions/ramblings and you’ll respond. Some thoughts might be out of the place, but the gist is that we should have fun today discussing online dating and the trends we all see or either aren’t aware of. Tinderoni’s So what’s a Tinderoni? […]

The Idris Elba Effect: How She Determines If You Have Good D


In recent light of the frenzy caused by Idris Elba’s Crotch picture, I felt it was good to revamp this post about women’s love and judgement of the love below. This blog is for the fellas that don’t know how women determine good and bad D. Some of you guys are walking around here completely oblivious […]

Worst Things You Can Do During Oral Sex


Oral sex is a sensitive topic; some people love it, some people just do it, and some people hate it. Whatever category you may fall in, here are a few of the worst things you can do during oral sex: Rush Rushing has to be one of the most blasphemy things you can do during […]

Stephen A. Smith: Men Shouldn’t Hit Women and Women Shouldn’t Provoke Men


My father once told me, “You should never put your hands on a woman. If you are dating a woman that makes you feel angry enough to hit her, than she isn’t the woman for you.” Basically he meant, it’s up to you to be a man and never blow your cool. He also meant […]

Can an Accent Make a Person More Attractive?


When we think about attraction we talk about looks such as “how tall?” or “how thick?” or other things that may paint a picture about a man or woman. However, how a person talks and sounds can turn you on or off, it all depends on what you’re attracted to. Nothing gets women more turned […]

5 Phrases Women Use to Initiate Sex


There’s a misconception that men never turn down sex or that we’re horny all the time. From my experience, women are just as horny if not hornier most of the time than men. Not to mention they have just as much game to get the pipe, as you think you do to get the panties. […]

Robin Pathe-Thicke: 5 Famous Black Women That Ruined Their Exes


Due to Robin Thicke trying to get his baby back and all the sympathy or apathy from the ladies aimed at his situation, it made me think. What other famous black women have never left their exes the same? Like sometimes there’s just an ex that you can’t recover from- we’ve all had them. CThaGod […]

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3 Ways You Know It’s Not Just a Summer Fling


During the summer you can bump into anybody. Ladies and men are hitting the streets in groups and everybody has been prepping their sexy all winter- just in time to show that sh*t off for the summer. While enjoying everything that your city has offer you might just bump into someone you’re feeling. Sooner or later […]