Over 50 Women Confess Their Sex Deal Breakers


 Share on Tumblr A couple weeks ago I read a very telling blog about what women consider deal breakers in the bedroom. Some were telling and others were just simply hilariously. Hopefully the fellas can comment some of their sexual deal breakers in the comment section. Here’s a few of the 50 sex deal breakers: […]

TheSUNK Isn’t Just a Blogger, He Photographs Beautiful Black Women Too

 Share on Tumblr A photo posted by Lost Ones (@thesunk) on Jan 11, 2015 at 9:09am PST I think it’s time to share the other things I do outside of writing for SBM like keeping my site theSUNK.com growing, trying to monetize my interests, looking fly, and critiquing food here in DC. Over the summer […]

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4 Good Things About Break Ups


 Share on Tumblr Some people view break-ups like they are the end of the world. Friends console you as you mope around for a good three to four months, but everything isn’t so bad about cutting your loses and calling it quits. Here’s ‘Four Good Things About Break-Ups': 1. It’s a Relief You ever break […]

The Great Debate: Bush, Trimmed or Shaven?


 Share on Tumblr Most women shave it off and go bare down there. Most men seek out a completely smooth plot of land down there too. Both sexes have gravitated to a bare look, as far as what we deem a woman’s pubic hair should look like. It seems as if the bush is a thing of the […]

Chris Rock Top Five Interviews in the Past Few Months

Chris Rock Website

 Share on Tumblr In light of Chris Rock dropping jewels all over the internet I felt what better way to kick off a Monday, so I compiled some of Chris Rocks best interviews over the past few months. Chris Rock isn’t cutting cards on his opinions about our current social climate. Chris Rock on Hot […]

Overnight Visitor: Make Your Home Feel Like Her Home, For the Night


 Share on Tumblr True players are always prepared for overnight visitors. They know that if the date goes well they have to make their visitor feel at home. The goal is to make her never want to leave. Leaving should be out of necessity, not out of want or desire. When she’s over your house […]

Another Chris Brown and Karrueche Split, Airing Exes Out On Social Media


 Share on Tumblr I wonder how many times Karrueche’s name was misspelled over the weekend, I searched for the correct spelling and I still feel as though I’m spelling it wrong. Anywho, Chris Brown and Karrueche split for the 1000th time. It seems like this might finally be the end of this messy relationship, whether they stay together […]

Our Flaky Generation: Why Is It So Acceptable to Cancel Plans?

TheSUNK IG post

 Share on Tumblr I hate flakey people. You can even say I despise flakey a** people. For the sake of conversation I’ll define what exactly a flake is, a frequently unreliable person who says that they will do something or attend something, but never shows. Usually this is done without notice.” [urban dictionary]. So Saturday, I posted […]

10 of the Best Starter Pack Memes from the Past Week


 Share on Tumblr   Starter pack memes ruled the weekend, let’s get the most controversial one out the way- the Bill Cosby starter pack meme. Boy how the legends fall…  Share on Tumblr

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Bedroom Antics: 5 Reasons Men Should Talk During Sex


 Share on Tumblr *theSUNK Throwback* This past memorial weekend, my boy and I walked along the Lake to spot attractive women, big booties, and whatever lied in between. Towards the walk back to the car I overheard two women discussing sex; this red-bone with short hair said, “He doesn’t say anything to make me cum.” […]