The Thing About Break Up Sex


Tweet Break up sex is probably some of the best sex you can ever have in your lifetime. For the most part break up sex usually isn’t the last time you really have sex with that person- it’s all bullsh*t. It’s what we see in the movies, that romantic hoopla that makes women glee with moisture, and […]

Men Have Always Been Better Cheaters


Tweet Women cheat. Men cheat. However, when you listen to the radio or watch comedians run their routines, you always hear people say women are better cheaters. Don’t believe them. When it comes to cheating men have all the power and less of the consequences. Since the dawn of infidelity Men Have Always Been Better Cheaters: […]

Pedicures, Happy Endings, and Why I Can Understand Men Paying for Sex


Tweet Yesterday, I got my first pedicure. I was truly skeptical at first, thoughts of getting my G card confiscated as swiftly as I walked into the door swirled through my mind. Nevertheless, I was there, in a nail salon awkwardly asking for a nail tech that came with a high recommendation. Moments later, I […]

Pillow Talk: How Many Partners is Too Many?


Tweet TheSUNK shares his opinion on Clutch Magazine about how many partners he would want his significant other to have, many women disagreed and others side-stepped out of the discussion completely. Read his thoughts below and join the discussion: First let me start off by saying my opinion will probably be unpopular. Some women might respond […]

Hear What You Want: Richard Sherman Beats Commercial


Tweet Beats by Dre ad capitalizes on the NFL’s most polarizing figure- Richard Sherman. The commercial consists of Richard Sherman being attacked in the locker room by a swarm of reporters and a slew of questions. Interrogating Sherman about trash-talking, violence in Compton, and being a “thug”. The beauty of the commercial is the parallel […]

WO-Manipulate: Ways to Dominate Your Man Without Him Knowing It


TweetEvery man likes dominant women, they just don’t know it. The problem is women have become dominant in society in masculine ways, which is what shies men away. This is why I’m here to show you how to dominate your man in the FOUR most effective ways: Insinuate Dogs bark. Barks are threatening. When people see […]

A Few Thoughts on Drake, Men and Emotional Vulnerability


Tweet Since the panel I was apart of in DC about ‘Emotionally Unavailable Men‘ last month, I’ve thought about what I could write that pertains to the topic. I went back and read Mr. Spradley’s ‘So Don’t You Fall In Love: A Thesis for Emotionally Unavailable Men’ to form some ideas and came to the conclusion that […]

Kerry Washington Was Robbed! Umm, No She Wasn’t…

(source: USAToday)

TweetWhen black people are unflinchingly supportive of our(black) work, it always feels pretty good. However, this past weekend a lot of my homegirls and Black Twitter felt Kerry Washington was robbed at the Emmy’s. Not only that, they actually believe that ‘Scandal’ is the best thing on TV right now and are incessantly awaiting the […]

You Heard It? The Kendrick Lamar Verse on Control


Tweet All you have to say is the “Kendrick Lamar verse” and your fellow brethren will know exactly what you speak of. Over the last 24 hours, Kendrick’s verse on Big Sean’s song ‘Control’ has made its rounds on Twitter and every other social media platform. The verse was hot because it embodies exactly what Hip-Hop […]

4 Things You Need to Know About Instagram Video


TweetInstagram Video has been around for about two months now, so this post might be long overdue or just in-time. Unfortunately, some of #TeamDroid still have the misfortune of being able to see IG vids and not being able to record them, like myself. Despite, my misfortune Instagram Video is still one of the best innovations […]