Rich, Educated, and Connected?


 Share on Tumblr The recent number of news stories about San Francisco is food for thought. Tensions between the tech elite and San Francisco residents have started to spiral. You only have to look at the glass attack and the recent targeting of Kevin Rose. One of the more troubling technology stories to come out […]

Have Blurred Gender Roles Pushed Men Away From Commitment?


 Share on Tumblr About four years ago, I took a gender psychology course in undergrad. My term paper was based on how gender roles of women have changed between the 1950’s and present day. During this period of time women have made amazing strides. They’ve grabbed the bull by the horns and fought for equal […]

Let’s Talk About It: Is Makeup A Cheat Code For Women?


 Share on Tumblr  I come to you all today literally walking on eggshells. Ladies and gentlemen I sort of have a growing issue. It pertains to women and the use of makeup. Allow me to  explain before you come at me with the pitchforks. For the record, I think makeup is necessary. The philosophy I […]

Name-Based Racism and Discrimination is Real

Wow Keisha, you speak so well. Where'd you go to school?

 Share on TumblrOne morning a few years ago, I went to my office early to get some work done. I heard a few recruiters across the room talking about an applicant from Atlanta. I wasn’t paying much attention, but you know how sometimes you just hear stuff because people are loud? Yeah, it was one […]

Are You An Online Bully? Probably. Here's Why...

Richie Incognito

 Share on Tumblr By now, even casual sports fans have read about the bullying incident with the Miami Dolphins. It’s a terrible situation that, as more details emerge, only seems to get worse. In a nutshell, Richie Incognito, a lineman on the Dolphins, harassed his teammate, Jonathan Martin, with racial slurs and violent taunts over […]

Why We Shouldn’t Expect More from Jay-Z


 Share on Tumblr  By now you’ve heard about the Barneys fiasco involving two young Black adults being stopped because they made pricey purchases that staff found crime-worthy. I won’t rehash that. I’m writing because of the public outcry for Jay-Z to opt out of his partnership/arrangement/situation/thing with the store. This would signal his (our) intolerance […]

How Black Sexuality is Viewed in America


 Share on Tumblr   This picture is worth way more than 1,000 words. Last week, the above map was retweeted onto my TL.  It claims to show the most searched “sex terms” by region. Later in the week, Russell Simmons released a spoof of a sextape featuring Harriet Tubman.  Most people who’ve viewed the tape […]

What Black Twitter's Response to the Harriet Tubman Sex Tape Means in the Bigger Picture


 Share on Tumblr By now, you’ve probably heard about the Harriet Tubman Sex Tape. If you haven’t, well, here ya go: I will say it was a failed attempt at humor. Probably one of the biggest fails I’ve ever seen on the Internet. I mean, they took an iconic figure in our history and tried […]

4 Things You Need to Know About Instagram Video


 Share on TumblrInstagram Video has been around for about two months now, so this post might be long overdue or just in-time. Unfortunately, some of #TeamDroid still have the misfortune of being able to see IG vids and not being able to record them, like myself. Despite, my misfortune Instagram Video is still one of the […]

White People: Stop Telling Black People How to Feel About Trayvon Martin!

racism in america

 Share on Tumblr  Race has been a hot topic this week in the wake of George Zimmerman’s privilege. We’ve seen White people telling Black people what’s racist and how we should feel on the topic of Trayvon Martin. Business as usual, it seems. Carly Oishi recently wrote an awesome letter to White people letting them […]