4 Things You Need to Know About Instagram Video


Instagram Video has been around for about two months now, so this post might be long overdue or just in-time. Unfortunately, some of #TeamDroid still have the misfortune of being able to see IG vids and not being able to record them, like myself. Despite, my misfortune Instagram Video is still one of the best innovations […]

White People: Stop Telling Black People How to Feel About Trayvon Martin!

racism in america

  Race has been a hot topic this week in the wake of George Zimmerman’s privilege. We’ve seen White people telling Black people what’s racist and how we should feel on the topic of Trayvon Martin. Business as usual, it seems. Carly Oishi recently wrote an awesome letter to White people letting them know it’s […]

Disturbing Pictures Show White Folks #Trayvoning


I think I speak for all people, regardless of race, gender or class, when I say… Now I know, i’m not the only one who wonders if this is real or not. I’m just a bit skeptical that people are this ignorant. However, I realize that the current state of racism in our country has […]

Skin Deep: 5 Thoughts On The Dark Girls Documentary


After watching the Super Saiyan Vampire Jesus Bill Compton get all the way crazy on True Blood, I saw my Twitter timeline discussing a documentary being shown on Oprah’s OWN network called “Dark Girls”. I immediately hesitated from joining in on the fun, as I feel like the light skin vs. dark skin debate is […]

Why the Media Is More Tragic Than the Tragedies

Wrong. As usual.

Every day I lose more and more faith in what we call “the news.” By now we’ve all heard about the tragedy in Boston. Over the last few days, the focus has shifted from the victims to capturing the bastards behind this atrocity. And in the process of finding the suspects, we’ve once again seen […]

Why You Don’t Mind Interracial Dating Until You Have To See It


If you’ve been reading my writing on the internet for any amount of time you know that I try and stay away from topics around Interracial Dating. I have never really seen a productive conversation about the topic take place and it all depends on where you are how the conversation will play itself out. […]

The First Time I Worshipped at a White Church

mixed church congregation

I’m a spiritual person. Notice I didn’t describe myself as religious. I believe in God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost. I know scripture. I even have my favorite verse tattooed on my back (2 Timothy 2:3) in the shape of a cross. Since I moved away from Nashville in the summer of 2011, I’ve […]

Where Do The Young Professional and Hipster Meet?


If you were to walk into my closet, you could find just about everything you need to know about the complexity of the person that is me. On the left side of my closet are suits, sports coats, slacks, white/blue dress shirts, and atop the hangar rack are folded polos and v-neck sweaters in just […]

The Importance of Accepting Personal Responsibility


Where is your personal responsibility? What got me thinking about this was an article in The Washington Post about abortion.  This isn’t the place for a discourse about what side of the abortion debate we fall on.  As with everything else in life, it’s a multi-layered answer.  However, what struck me in the article was […]

The Absence of Black People is not the Evidence of Racism

We have bigger issues, folks.

Let me state this simply, black people do not have to be everywhere. Yet, some people truly believe that the absence of black people from mainstream TV shows (or movies) is always indicative of racism or racial insensitivity by the creators, producers, and in some cases, the very viewers of the shows. To be fair, […]

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