5 Things He’s Just Not Big Enough For [Snippet]

This is probably one of those posts that my less endowed brethren should stay away from. It could possibly hurt your pride and turn you off from sex altogether. It’s alot of women out there making due with what you have and loving you anyway. However, you shouldn’t make it harder on her by believing/pretending […]

How Do Men Avoid The “What Are We?” Question?

The last time I wrote here I gave my thoughts on a video that was produced by Buzzfeed. The video chronicled a woman hurt by a man who simply wasn’t honest with her. He hurt her by his lies and she felt the need to let people know that we all should be aware of […]

Single Black Mail Episode 7: “First Date Etiquette”

Jeff gives some general dos and don’ts to make that first date go smoothly! If you want your questions answered, be sure to hit us on the following: Ask.FM | Twitter  | Email  Let us know if we can post your email with “OK to Print” in your questions. Be sure to use the hashtag #SBMail when […]

Have You Ever Brought Food Into the Bedroom?

Dear theSUNK, I’ll start off by saying I never thought I would use food in the bedroom! With that being said I’ll share with you how that filet mignon wrapped in bacon with a lobster tail got me into a sticky situation. What’s funny about this story is I had no intention on sleeping with […]

Single Black Mail Episode 6 – “I Need A Girl”

The dating pool is drying up for one man, and he needs help finding the right women to date. Jeff tries to guide him on the latest Single Black Mail! If you want your questions answered, be sure to hit us on the following: Ask.FM | Twitter  | Email  Let us know if we can post your […]

10 Ways to Celebrate No Shave November aka Movember!

  It’s that time of the year again, when men tap into their more masculine side by obtaining as much hair on their face as possible — for a good cause of course. In October there is a celebration of boob health, but in November (also known as No Shave November or Movember) there is […]

Single Black Mail Episode 5: “Hotline Bling”

How do you handle an ex who calls and texts you nonstop, even though they’re have a new boo? Jeff drops some knowledge in Single Black Mail Episode 5: “Hotline Bling”

3 Tips for Men on How to Show Support to the Woman in Your Life

So she says you don’t motivate her? You think you do, but she says it’s not the way that she wants you to motivate her. You both may be right. This is what I thought when I saw Love and Hip Hop, while Brandi and Max Boyd were in the studio. He was trying to […]

Do Men Care About Dogging Women?

Today I Nancy Kerrigan on thin ice with the stance I’ll take. You can always depend on Buzzfeed to bring you nuanced entertainment and information. I happen to enjoy most of their content. I particularly love their clips where they create these crazy recipes. Anyone who knows me  knows how sacred I find a knife […]

Single Black Mail Episode 4: Minute-Man

When a girlfriend is fed up in the bedroom, and needs advice on how to break this news to her boo, Jeff J. is here to help on this episode of Single Black Mail!