Old Love vs New Chemistry: Which Do You Choose?

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Wanting that old thing back can be a bitch can’t it? Well it sure can be when you’re aware of the dangers of it. We could end up paranoid sometimes about a situation like that. There’s only two ways things can go: right or wrong. We’re only human. With that, there’s been times that we’ve […]

6 Reasons Why Women Love Beards


In 2013 we saw the re-emergence and adoration of one of man’s greatest accessories- facial hair, more specifically the beard. A few squiggly hairs on your chin wasn’t enough to suffice as sexy, unless you were Pharrell. Women were fawning over scruffy faces all over the U.S., you saw pages dedicated to beards on Twitter, Tumblr, […]

10 Types of Relationship Partners That Suck


By Christopher Hudspeth You may experience several of these lovers or you may never encounter a single one (if that’s the case, consider yourself hash tag blessed). Hey, you might even meet someone who’s a combination of multiple, sucky characteristics. Whatever your romantic life may be like, these toxic types certainly exist, disappointing and terrorizing folks, one […]

How Do You Approach Women? A Satirical Analysis of Today’s Conundrum


  I was walking to the train a few days ago to begin my morning commute when I walked past a young lady who I would say was dressed nicely. I didn’t say anything to her, I didn’t give her any forward looks, but for some reason she did everything in her power to never […]

Love or Lust: A Few Dating Sites You Should Check Out

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YourTango recently listed six dating apps/sites that’ll show off your confidence. The article is geared toward the ladies (in tone), but this could be applicable to the fellas too…since no dating happens if men aren’t there to turn the digital into digits into dates into pokey. There are some familiar and unfamiliar (for me at […]

Are Men Responsible For Round 2 in the Bedroom?


Most times when I begin to write, I listen to a song or two just to get my mind right. Today the ipod was on shuffle and “Tap Out” comes on. How fitting, right? Maybe it’s more ironic considering today’s discussion. Last week I wrote a post entitled “Ladies, This Can be Why Round 2 […]

Can You Actually Breakup With Someone When You’re Not In A Relationship?


I always found this funny… when you date a girl, never actually get in a titled relationship, stop talking to one another and then she says how hard your break up has been on her. As a guy, insensitive or not, we’re just like… “WE WERE NOT IN A RELATIONSHIP. YOU CANNOT BREAK UP WITH […]

Possession With Intent: How To Submit for the Sake of Love


That devastating moment when you get caught for Possession with Intent. You thought you were gonna enjoy recreational use of a woman’s romantic and sexual energies, and keep your freedom at the same damn time.  Or maybe, as a woman, you enjoyed the financial attention a man paid you, in denial of the fact that […]

10 Reasons He Can’t Stop Being a Bachelor


These days a lot of us are choosing to be single. We’re throwing away the mentality that by a certain age we should “settle down.” I mean, the concept never really sounded that great to begin with. However, I think that society has afforded us a new opportunity to live fulfilling lives without letting go […]

18 Annoying & Ugly Truths About Modern Dating

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By Christopher Hudspeth 1. The person who cares less has all the power. Nobody wants to be the one who’s more interested. 2. Because we want to show how cavalier and blasé we can be to the other person, little psychological games like ‘Intentionally Take Hours Or Days To Text Back’ will happen. They aren’t fun. 3. A person being […]