Identifying Your Legacy Of Love


 Share on Tumblr  I have lived long enough to know Black men are not the only ethnic group of men dealing with family issues. For years, I let it be known every culture has a right to address issues unique within its realm and should not be accused of racism. However, I could not help […]

The Time Was Illmatic: An Interview With The Director And Producer Of “Time Is Illmatic”


 Share on Tumblr The following Interview was posted previously in Ammo Magazine by Shannon Thomas. In April 1994, Apartheid was the plague that cloaked South Africa. Former president Richard Nixon had just suffered a stroke. Rudolph Guiliani still presided as mayor of New York City’s cold, concrete streets. In the midst of all that was […]

Your Boyfriend Won’t Replace Your Father


 Share on Tumblr A woman’s father was designed to be the first man that she’d ever love, though for a multitude of reasons – including divorce, absenteeism, bad parenting, abuse of the relationship, and other factors beyond her control- that may not have been the case. Due to a father’s inability to play his role […]

How To Get Off The Dating Rollercoaster 101


 Share on Tumblr You’ve reached a point where you’re tired of exerting energy into the wrong guys so you take time to re-evaluate yourself and your approach to dating. Then, finally, one day you wake up and say “Okay, I’m ready to get back out there and try again” only to find yourself in the […]

Are You Really Ready for a Relationship?


 Share on Tumblr How do you know you’re ready for a new relationship?  Is it a feeling?  Is it perfect timing?  Do you just know? Honestly, feelings, time and the inexplicable are not reliable indicators that you’re ready for a new relationship. Sure, you may have made decisions in the past based on one or […]

You Want a Ring? Play Your Position.


 Share on Tumblr At one time or another dating was easy. It was about going out with someone and having fun. There was no pressure when it came to dating. But nowadays, it seems as if women are really putting the pressure on these men and expecting some type of committed relationship after a couple […]

How to Date Successfully: The 30 Day Return Policy


 Share on Tumblr Break-ups suck. Everyone knows this. It’s a time when most people like to point fingers instead of looking within themselves and seeing what they could have done differently. You may ask yourself such questions as: Was I good enough? Were they good enough? Was I to moody/pushy? Should I have called more […]

I Was The Side Chick & Didn’t Even Know It


 Share on Tumblr I met him at a community event where his company was one of the vendors. I was walking around, networking like I usually do when he and I started a conversation about the event. We somehow got on the subject of relationships (totally random, I know). I started talking about how good […]

Why We Need to Change the Conversation About Engagement Rings


 Share on Tumblr In the wake of Dwayne Wade proposing to Gabrielle Union, I am sure you all have taken a look at the engagement ring at some point. The rock is huge.  I am happy for Gabrielle and Dwayne. They have great chemistry, but I hope that gentlemen and ladies are not measuring their […]

SBM Sports: 83 Reasons Julius Randle is Overrated


 Share on Tumblr Fabian McNally stops in this week to offer his insight on highly touted college basketball player Julius Randle. Follow him at @FabianMcNally for his insights into sports, or to roast him…whatever. Julius Randle came into the college basketball season ranked, by many, as the 3rd best collegiate prospect behind Andrew Wiggins and […]