How to Date Successfully: The 30 Day Return Policy


Break-ups suck. Everyone knows this. It’s a time when most people like to point fingers instead of looking within themselves and seeing what they could have done differently. You may ask yourself such questions as: Was I good enough? Were they good enough? Was I to moody/pushy? Should I have called more instead of texting? […]

I Was The Side Chick & Didn’t Even Know It


I met him at a community event where his company was one of the vendors. I was walking around, networking like I usually do when he and I started a conversation about the event. We somehow got on the subject of relationships (totally random, I know). I started talking about how good Black men were […]

Why We Need to Change the Conversation About Engagement Rings


In the wake of Dwayne Wade proposing to Gabrielle Union, I am sure you all have taken a look at the engagement ring at some point. The rock is huge.  I am happy for Gabrielle and Dwayne. They have great chemistry, but I hope that gentlemen and ladies are not measuring their own commitment by […]

SBM Sports: 83 Reasons Julius Randle is Overrated


Fabian McNally stops in this week to offer his insight on highly touted college basketball player Julius Randle. Follow him at @FabianMcNally for his insights into sports, or to roast him…whatever. Julius Randle came into the college basketball season ranked, by many, as the 3rd best collegiate prospect behind Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker. Three […]

Someone Is Going to Love This Blogger: What’s It Like To Date a Blogger?


I told him. I told my oldest male friend about my break up with The Besticle. I told him about how we broke up, how I blogged about it, and how that mother fu my ex called me up to complain about my blogging. Then I cringed. And waited. On some level I knew my […]

Tipping in the United States vs. the United Kingdom: Who Gets It Right?

Lets talk about tipping

A Cornell professor has written a lot of papers about tipping, with some interesting results for the urban male. Now I know living in the United Kingdom we don’t tip, anywhere as much as Americans. Not only that, the percentage we tip is far below the scale of the U.S. But I’ve spent a lot […]

Based on a True Story: Pay Attention to Her Red Flags

woman catfish

If you’re on Twitter, you might be familiar with a post that was well-circulated last week written by Nova Giovanni about his experience with a woman he met on-line. We’re all aware of the Catfishes that exist on-line, and while this woman wasn’t fake, the experience was definitely interesting. But, don’t take my word for […]

SH*T HAPPENS (A Story of Gratitude)


This a happy little story about gratitude. And poop. But mostly gratitude. I woke up the other day in wonderful spirits. Realizing my life resembles a Taylor Swift song, I played some of her greatest hits while singing (loudly) in the shower. I am grateful for Taylor Swift’s train-wreck of a love life. I had a meeting […]

Break Ups and The Fear of Not-Enough-Ness


One of my biggest fears in life is that people are better off without me. I worry that the room becomes more awesome when I leave it; the air becomes lighter when I’m not breathing it; Things magically become better because I’m not there. When I was little, I was always sent to bed before […]

The Great Gatsby Complex: When Your Perception Clouds Your Reality


“Nick you always see the worst in people!!! “Yeah, because people are the worst!!!” -          New Girl This shouldn’t be funny. It could be, but it’s not meant to be. This is an epiphany I had in high school and over the years I’ve grown to see how it underpins most of our interactions with […]