40 Questions Women In New Relationships Have – Answered


Tweet I love answering questions from readers and women. I can’t say that I’m an expert at anything or even qualified to offer an opinion. All I can say is that I don’t mind answering questions. I was roaming the internet the other day looking for inspiration for a post when I found myself reading […]

10 Silly But Relevant Deal Breakers for Relationships


Tweet I’ve been compiling this list of reasons to breakup with a person that while they may seem absolutely silly is actually telling of deeper and relevant information for a relationship. You may be thinking well if it’s silly how could it be any deeper than you found a reason early on to flee the […]

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Stay Away From White People on Halloween


Tweet I’m not sure many of you are aware of All Def Digital, it’s Russ Simmon’s new venture to provide comedy sketches online. If you saw the Harriet Tubman sex tape… that’s All Def Digital (ADD). Anyway, these guys raise a good point about staying away from white people on Halloween. You know what? I […]

Confessions of A Simp: It Happens, Learn From It, Move On

I Think I Love My Wife movie image Chris Rock and Kerry Washington

Tweet I was talking to the young based god theSUNK the other day and I decided to confess to doing a bit of tricking. Actually, not a bit, a lot. It’s important to note that men often trick, simp and allow malfeasance and they always defend their actions with one line that all men are […]

Nine Lethal Words Women Use That Men Should Look Out For


Tweet Here’s a list of nine words men should look out for that women use. These words might be an indicator that you’re in the hot seat. Read the list and be a step ahead of the game: (1) Fine: This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need […]

14 Things White People Won’t Ever Understand About Black People


Tweet Been a while since we’ve had a good list. I had originally planned on writing a response to a court case that happened last weekend, but then I realized it was time that we had a smile on our face. If only for one day, Black folks need something to smile and laugh about. […]

I Haven’t Been Fully Honest with You

nathan fielder

TweetI woke up this morning to find out that Nathan Fielder had come up with a hilarious new relationship-related prank last night as described in his Tweet below. Here are some of the funnier (or disturbing) responses: @nathanfielder well fuck. twitter.com/NotSoAir_Jorda… — Jordan Sauceda (@NotSoAir_Jordan) May 29, 2013 @nathanfielder Rapid fire replies will not stop. […]

10 Quick, Yet Hilarious Observations from Last Night’s Grammys


Tweet Let’s take a quick look at what transpired at the 2013 Grammy Awards last night — here’s a quick list of 10 observations that stood out to me: 1. Whatever in holy hell Frank Ocean was talking about during his acceptance speech had most of America like, “Is Frank Ocean getting ready to put […]

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Do Men Fake Orgasms?


Tweet I was laying in bed one time with my girl, well she wasn’t my girl, she was a girl and I asked her, “How was it?” She looked back at me and said, “It was good, I came.” Being a shorty at the time, I asked a stupid question. I asked her, “Hey, do […]

Video: What Men Think During Relationships


Tweet When men sit around talking about relationships it’s always a couple young cats who want to know exactly what it’s like to be in a relationship. Any man that’s been in a relationship will look you right in the eye and tell you, “Young boy, being in a relationship is a constant feeling of […]