Buzzfeed Says This Is “What Men Are Really Saying When Catcalling Women”


The other day, I heard about this video but I didn’t watch it. Not that i’m not interested in the discussion around street harassment because I am. But because there’s a ton of videos from various sources coming out every other day and it’s a lot to keep up with. Without further adieu, here’s the […]

8 Things Black Women Hate Being Called


We have learned our lessons with what to call Black women, but we have never discussed it. Let’s have a conversation about what we can and cannot call women; I think we are remissed in what we call them. I also hope we can find middle ground, and stop calling women names. These are a list […]

Husbands…and The Friendzone

black man whispers to laughing woman

*Let’s get this out the way now.  There is a subset of married men who thinks it’s possible for them to be friendzoned.  Where this thinking comes from?  I have no idea.  By it’s very essence, the concept is almost impossible.  And yet, some men hold this particular pseudo-truth to be self-evident.* No doubt you’re […]

Disturbing Pictures Show White Folks #Trayvoning


I think I speak for all people, regardless of race, gender or class, when I say… Now I know, i’m not the only one who wonders if this is real or not. I’m just a bit skeptical that people are this ignorant. However, I realize that the current state of racism in our country has […]

Should The N-Word Go Away, Or Is It Here To Stay? Byron Thomas, Donald Glover And Dr. J Share Thoughts


I have mixed feelings on the n-word. Let’s be clear, there’s a big difference in the application of the word whether it ends with an “a” or “er.” However, the word has been in use for the purposes of hate longer than it has been in use for love. Now more than ever I think […]

Revenge Of The Scorned Lovers: 5 Reasons Why Destroying A Cheater’s Possessions Is Wrong


During the course of our lives we will meet individuals who will bring us joy and pain. You will meet your fair share of Judases in your time, and this is completely evident on the dating scene. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and Instagram proved it the other day. A young lady […]

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20 Signs That “You Not Bout That Life”


One of the things I love the most about my job is that it’s a pretty diverse crowd. When we’re in the office we’re always sharing with each other a little bit of our cultures. As Black people, we keep some things private and we share others. We’ll never tell you where the church dinner […]

The Twenty Step Guide to Drunk Texting


Every so often we get to partying and we end up having a couple more drinks than we planned. As adults, we get to the point where we know how to drink responsibly, but like they say, “I didn’t go looking for trouble, trouble found me.” When that trouble is in the form of an […]

The Black Folks Enrollment Form: For Non-Black Folks

Access granted or denied?

For a long time, I’ve always played the character that Black men play very well. It’s a good way to end up left, dead in the first 45 minutes of a serious situation, or in jail without bail money. That’s right, I’ve played the token Black guy in a lot of movies (yep, my life is […]

Why Black People Need ‘The Talk’ and John Derbyshire and His Non-Black Children Don’t

When's the last time you saw two Black officers and a white boy in handcuffs?  Don't worry, i'll wait.

When’s the last time you saw two Black officers and a white boy in handcuffs? Don’t worry, i’ll wait. Today, I came across two articles worth sharing. The first one, was written by a racist white man. (The Talk: Nonblack Version by John Derbyshire). The second one, was written by a non-racist white man. (The […]