The Reason You Should Love Less Than More About Them


 Share on Tumblr I recently read an article that spoke to the amount of things you can love about a person. I can’t remember the exact wording but it came to mind when I readied myself to pen this post. In this article the exercise was to write down everything you love about the person […]

MELD Dating App Review: A Changing of the Guard For Urban Professional Dating


 Share on Tumblr For the last few years my area of dating and relationships that I have been most intrigued by is mobile dating applications. They just seem to fascinate me. Online dating is a fascination of mine too. One that I’ve spent extensive time researching but once there was the ability to do it […]

Does Iggy Azalea Really Have The Body That ALL Men Love?


 Share on Tumblr Check out this excerpt from an article I recently came across below: Thinking about how much attention my family member gained from the guys who’d enter her restaurant made me focus on what they found attractive about her body. She regaled me with stories about how the men would start out acting […]

What Happens To The Scorned?


 Share on Tumblr Everybody goes through things in their life and there’s no telling how they’ll come out of it. The pain that comes from heartbreak or disappointment cannot be captured in words. We have power though. We have the power to find peace and heal ourselves. And when we don’t find that we end […]

What Is Dating Like For a “Fat Girl”?


 Share on Tumblr Before everyone gets their panties in a bunch, let me explain. Comedian Louis C.K. has a new(ish) sitcom called, Louie. In this sitcom, which is funny to me because I like Louis C.K. a whole lot but I can understand why not everyone is watching it, there is a Fat Girl soliloquy. […]

How A Man Can Avoid The Friend-Zone

friends zone

 Share on Tumblr Men get friend zoned for one reason and one reason only: they’re too available. When you’re friend-zoned by someone, they know that no matter what, they can always depend on you as a plan B if all of their other less available options don’t work out. Whether we like it or not, […]

Why Being Prude Won’t Get You Anywhere In Your Dating Life


 Share on Tumblr I had an opportunity to sit down with a few friends the other day and we were talking about things that both sides do to protect and prevent in relationships. I totally understand why people “protect and prevent” but I don’t think it will ever work. It’s simply a strategy that is […]

Five Ways Hating Ass Friends Show Themselves


 Share on TumblrWhen you and your friends enter a social setting, the goal is to enjoy yourselves and have a great time. In the course of your social interactions, you may come across a group of the opposite sex with whom you want to converse. Sometimes it’s just for normal conversation, other times there’s some […]

Why Looks Matter.

The power of the p****.

 Share on TumblrThe other day I started watching this show called New Girl on Netflix. I usually hear people talking about the show on social media so I decided to give it a go. If you’ve never seen the show the premise of show is based in Los Angeles where a quirky, cute female teacher […]

The Sensitive Side: 5 Reasons Why Men and Women Cry

Tweet Through It

 Share on TumblrEditor’s Note: The fellas and I were talking about old posts and I remembered this one from years ago that I thought our new readers would enjoy. You old mofos will be able to reminisce as well. Throwback Wednesday! -StreetZ So I find that in our macho ways, a lot of men dismiss […]