Life in Your 20s vs. 30s


Tweet I came across this video today. Funny story, this weekend I was discussing what my plans were and whereas about 5-6 years ago I would think the sky is the limit it’s not anymore. My list of options involved more of the things I would not do rather than the things I would do. […]

An Open Letter to Newly Natural Women

black stylists mad at black women growing their own natural hair

Tweet An Open Letter to Newly Natural Women, I regret to inform you that I don’t have any hair-care tips. I’m not a natural hair blogger, and I rarely wash my curls. I’m actually a shitty naturalista. I don’t espouse the virtues of big chops and twist outs. I don’t look down on relaxers, sulfates, […]

Interview: Just Been Tested talks STD awareness


Tweet HIV and AIDS have become ever prevalent over the last 20 years, especially in minority communities. While science and awareness has matured, we still have a lot of ignorance on the subject. Whether it’s an aversion to doctors or lack of education on the subject, sexually transmitted diseases and their cases continue to rise. […]

Sports Is Life: Playing To The Level Of Your Competition


Tweet I love sports, and I’m as unapologetic a fan as there ever was in life. I love to play, watch, and comment on sports, and I can do so for hours to my heart’s content. My analytical side loves breaking down match-ups, devising strategy, and finding those X-Factors that will be a key to […]

Where Do You Draw The Line Between God’s Blessings and Personal Achievements?


Tweet  One afternoon while perusing Facebook statuses of friends, I came across a status message of a friend who was excited about a new job. I knew that she had been looking for a job for some time. She had completed her advanced education in the field of education and while one would assume that […]

Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Lolo Jones: An Analysis Of The Thirst To Know What Celebrities Do With Their Own Money

P Diddy Cant Nobody Hold Me Down

TweetI always thought it was crazy that celebrities annual income are made public. Actually, all of that stuff is public record, however no one will care about Ricky from Compton and his 2 years of back taxes. We do seem to care about how much dough the stars hold. Do we care because we are […]

8 Things We Blow Money Fast On


TweetAs an adult I have earned the right to spend my discretionary funds on whatever I please. For some reason, we just don’t like anyone telling us what to do with our money. That’s not to say I don’t spend money on some frivolous items. There are some nights, days, and items that I’ve purchased […]

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Will Hip Hop Die If We Don’t Purchase “Good” Music?


Tweet Nas released a gem last week. If you like rap music and you haven’t heard it by now, I would recommend you do so at your earliest convenience. It’s been a while since we’ve heard this type of rap music and it has been missed. A few of my frat brothers and me started […]

Aggressive Networking and Self-Promotion: Good Hustle or Bad Practice?


TweetEvery now and then a negative thought passes through my mind and I find myself reflecting on it moments later. The negativity isn’t always directed inward. Sometimes it’s a reaction to somebody else. Perhaps something they said or an observation I made.  Whatever the case, I like to keep my thoughts and reactions positive. But […]

10 Signs You’re Too Old for The Club

(202): Mom seriously?! I'm about to watch Scandal. You should do the same.

Tweet A few weeks back a friend of mine who recently moved to the DMV area asked me, “What’s up with all the old guys at happy hour?” I reminded her that I told her this would be a problem. The fact is, at 21 you want to party, at 25 you want to go […]

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