Why Men Hate Dates: The Dishonest Woman

Woman sitting at cocktail party with boyfriend

Tweet We’re finally past the lovey dovey hoopla that Valentine’s Day offers up. It’s well documented that I enjoy the vibe of the holiday. You all got a little look into some dates I’ve went on in past holidays. What we all witnessed last week were great acts of love. Instagram was overloaded with happy […]

How A Man Can Avoid The Friend-Zone

friends zone

Tweet Men get friend zoned for one reason and one reason only: they’re too available. When you’re friend-zoned by someone, they know that no matter what, they can always depend on you as a plan B if all of their other less available options don’t work out. Whether we like it or not, that’s just […]

The Ex Factor: How to Pick Your Next Mate


Tweet Most of us have at least one cringe-worthy skeleton in our closet. But have you ever had an ex who makes you congratulate yourself for your excellent standards? You know, the “she was hella fine, had money, and I used to BEAT THE BREAKS OFF that ting” type of ex? I have, because I […]

Is It True Men Won't Read Relationship Advice?

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Tweet Last week, MadameNoire asked the following: Do you ever wonder why there aren’t relationship books for men? http://t.co/pq7uHONmOP — MadameNoire (@MadameNoire) September 25, 2013 As a commenter said on MadameNoire.com, “men don’t seek relationship advice, they seek relations advice.” I have to agree. I think (most) men do seek advice on how to get/meet more women, but […]

The Main Reason Why We Don’t Meet Who We Want Faster


Tweet “I hope that you’re the one, if not you are the prototype.” – Andre 3000 A few days ago, I was talking to a guy who was explaining to me this dilemma he’s having. He said that there’s a woman he sees from time to time who isn’t his girlfriend. He hasn’t been in […]

4 Reasons Why Being A Nice Guy Sucks


Tweet It’s no secret that men who tend to be labeled as “nice guys” go through their fair share of sh*t. Many people actually believe that most dogs were once nice guys. Due to many women treating nice guys like a snotty nosed stepchild, I wouldn’t be surprised if many men rebelled. Today I’d just […]

What Single People And Free Agency Have In Common


Tweet It’s that time of year in the basketball world where free agency is upon us. A recent conversation with one of my cousins led to me explaining that free agents and single people have a lot in common. Today I’d like to share with you my long ass analogy. If you’re a sports fan […]

A New Twist on an Old Problem: The Friend Zone Should Inspire You to Improve Yourself

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Tweet The Friend Zone is the harshest prison on earth. You get imprisoned not for doing anything wrong, but for being who you are. It makes sense then that people take their time there to heart. What people don’t realise is that it shouldn’t be a punishment, but rather an opportunity. It is beyond annoying […]

How Much Does “Experience” Matter To You?


Tweet Today, I’m really interested in getting to know you all. I’d like to know in the realm of relationships, where does experience matter to you? Experience in general has it’s purpose and is very important. Today’s piece is all about the pros and cons of experience, or lack thereof. How does this play into […]

Do Men Really Mind Spending Money On Women And What Are Their Expectations?


Tweet Q: When it comes to first dates, some men think they are entitled to physical action. On the other hand, some men don’t mind spending money on women just for their company (and sometimes those women think the fact that the man is spending money on them means he’s into them when it may […]