4 Sports Podcasts to Get You to Football Season


We are officially in the dog days of the sports summer. This is when all your favorite ESPN personalities take vacation. When the only game in town is baseball, and we’re somewhere between NBA Free Agency and the start of NFL/College football season. (For the record, Week 1 of training camp does not count as […]

Why Nobody Talks About the Side Dudes, and More

wedding dance

In a light/recovery episode, Rich and WIM discuss the similarities between job hunting and dating, illogical decisions while consuming beverages, Rich’s excessive fitness plan, Eric Garner, the myth of wealthy men only wanting pretty women, feedback from last week’s episode (you need to listen to that episode if you haven’t already!), why nobody talks about […]

The NFL is (about to be) Back! The 3 Top Training Camp Headlines


By the end of the week, all NFL players will report to training camp (Get your official Training Camp gear!). For a lot of you, that means you made it through another football-less summer. Congratulations! I won’t bother with my sure-to-be-wrong Super Bowl predictions…that comes later. For now, we’ll stick with the most interesting stories […]

The Male Perspective on Losing a Child, and More


Rich and WIM discuss utilization of mental health services, being the only black guy (or being mistaken for another black guy or running into “the other” black guy), LeBron returning to Cleveland, two new listener relationship questions, The Hustle, and more. WIM also delivers a powerful #WIMRant on the loss of a child from the […]

Our 5 Favorite Drake Moments From The ESPY’s


Last night, Drake hosted the ESPY’s in Los Angeles, CA and did not disappoint. He managed to keep the crowd engaged and laughing throughout. He was one of the bright spots of the evening weaving in jokes that were both humorous and poignant. Not too much can be said about his fashion decisions… or the […]

Is Rape a Joke to Our Youth?


On the 4th of July my aunt and uncle allowed their son, my sixteen-year-old cousin, to have a few friends over. The small gathering consisted of a few boys and two girls. At the end of the night the boys stayed over and the girls needed to make their way home. Unbeknownst to my uncle, […]

What is the Real Reason Pam Oliver was Demoted?


In a somewhat shocking announcement on Monday, Fox announced the demotion of longtime NFL sideline reporter Pam Oliver in favor of Erin Andrews. Oliver has been a broadcaster for 19 years, but will spend her 20th and final season on the network’s number two team. It’s a somewhat dignified exit for one of football’s most […]

Breaking Down Relationships & More


After a longer than expected hiatus, Rich and WIM return for the 30th episode, where they catch up on what’s been happening and answer listener questions on dating, relationships, LinkedIn, and more. WIM also provides a significant personal update. They started to call this the longest episode ever…but that’s already a previous episode title. If […]

On NBA Free Agency and a Plea to Your Common Sense


To be honest, I’m as guilty as anyone. But it’s time to cut this out. All of us. Endless refreshing of Adrian Wojnarowski’s Twitter account, believing in Chris Broussard again, and buying into endless speculation has. to. stop. I mean, this stuff isn’t even news! Chris Broussard literally said he had no hard info or […]

Gemini Dream Weekend 2014 Recap


  What’s Good I had the extreme pleasure of representing the SBM team in the beautiful country of Bermuda for Gemini Dream Weekend last month. I’ve heard about this event last year and wanted to make sure I was in attendance this time around. I heard the stories and saw the pictures, but NOTHING is […]