Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop – Ep. 3 – Songsterfy

Mike Brown Is At It Again! Sean is having a poor time trying to make beautiful music with Tameeka. Props: CantStopShow

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop – Ep. 2 – Tear It Up

Sean’s romantic walk with Tameeka gets torn apart in the latest episode of Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop!! Props: @CantStopShow

Black Names, Living Away from Home, and More

Check the updated Announcements below! On this week’s Side Episode of Two Guys One Show, WIM prepares for the move and discusses some (painful) lessons learned that you should consider before, or after, traveling across the country for work and play. On the topic of work-life-balance, Rich and WIM discuss the pros and cons of […]

DMC New York Comic-Con Interview

At his panel, DARRYL DMC MCDANIELS PRESENTS: BOOM! BAP! POW! HIP-HOP & COMICS! DMC spoke about what motivated him to get into comics and about the relationship between hip-hop and comics. A great interview for Comic and Hip-Hop heads alike! Props: Dusty Cartridges

Casual Racism, Life After 30, and More

In case you’re unfamiliar, Two Guys One Show is a funformative podcast covering work, money, and life from the 30-something perspective. Rich and WIM leverage their individual stories to provide entertaining insights and helpful tips on money management, professional growth, and whatever else they find interesting and relevant. They release two shows a week: The […]

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop – Ep. 1: “The List”

Comedian Mike Brown has been playing a masterful game of “Stay Low & Build” while working on his craft. The result is a new web series “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop”. In this series fans can expect a fast-paced comedy vignettes featuring vibrant characters all set in Harlem, NY. The first season of CAN’T STOP, WON’T […]

The Funniest #DrakeAlwaysOnBeat Memes You Need To See!

Last night, Drake released the visual to his hit song “Hotline Bling“, and the internet went insane. Some were in a frenzy over Dram’s declaration that Drake’s single is a rip off of “Cha Cha”. Others were in tears over the variety of dance moves that Drake put on display. Drake has been both a […]

Net Worth in the NFL

With the football season underway let’s take a step back and look at some statistics and see if it reveals some overlooked insights. Let’s take a look at the NFL teams with the highest net worth and then juxtapose that against their records. Then we’ll take a look at the highest paid players and coaches. […]

We Went There…Is Atlanta Really a Sports Cesspool? An SBM Investigation

“Atlanta is a sport cesspool.” – @JeffJSays I mean, that’s easy to say. Atlanta sports fans get a bad rap, and without really knowing that’s an easy statement to accept on its face. But is it true? That’s what I set to find out last weekend. I had the good fortune of going to Atlanta […]

The House Party Commandments

As we coast through our 30’s the weekends continue to become more of a weekly celebration of our emancipation from the work place. With this weekly celebration, there comes an important decision; we have to decide what else the weekend will ensue beyond Happy Hour. Unfortunately, at this age, the club isn’t the ideal choice due […]