Sex Robots and More


Rich and WIM of Two Guys One Show discuss WIM’s realization of being light-skinned, his run in with bank fraud, the rent (and everything else) being too damn high, their aversions to two things everyone else seems to love, Rich’s new whiteboard in the apartment and the positive impact it’s had, a dating app that […]

Man, It’s Hard to Give a Crap About College Football This Year


In case you missed it, the college football season started this weekend. I watched the game. Because football. But honestly, you didn’t miss anything. For one, I couldn’t name any of the players. And second, the game was on a blood red field in eastern Washington. Hard to take that seriously. So real football starts […]

That Anaconda, Making it Rain, St. Louis, and More

nicki minaj

Rich and WIM discuss temptation struggles, WIM’s findings, technology changing the way women tell men what to do, Nicki Minaj’s buttcheeks, Ferguson updates, interesting stats on police gun usage, two workplace related listener questions, and more. Get your listen on today! **Don’t forget to leave us a five-star review on iTunes and/or Stitcher, and […]

Why Mo’ne Davis and the Taney Dragons Mean Everything Right Now


Look, this week has sucked. The events in Ferguson, MO have been alternatingly frustrating, infuriating, inspiring and shameful. And while we were focused on that, something just as bad happened in Los Angeles. And Illinois. It’s all been distracting at best, depressing at worst. Then there was Mo’ne Davis, the 13 year old phenom who has […]

Mike Brown, Ferguson, Mental Health & More


Rich and WIM discuss a popular personal finance tool, starting the day with positive thoughts, a DV incident involving an MMA fighter and his ex, Robin Williams’ daughter facing the wrath of the evil internet, irresponsible reporting by the AP, what’s going down/has went down in Ferguson (RIP Mike Brown), and more. **Drop by our […]

What Isn’t Being Said About Tony Stewart’s Fatal Car Crash

tony stewart

I was dozing off on the couch Saturday night (got too turnt up at a BBQ, smh), but was jolted out of sleep by the news of Tony Stewart killing a competing driver at a small dirt track in Upstate New York. What?!? After furious Googling and Twittering, I learned the reports were true. Stewart and […]

The Fallacy Of Performance Reviews


The Corporate world can break you if you aren’t vigilant. The “performance review” culture is all pomp, no circumstance. You get an initial review, and supervisors give you subsequent “feedback” which involves your strengths, your improvement points and your rating. If you perform to standard, you will more than likely be “baselined”, or receive an average rating (i.e., 3 out […]

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Maybe Men Should Stop Approaching Women…

frustrated computer man

  In the 34th episode of Two Guys One Show, Rich and WIM discuss Instagram addiction, memory issues, preventative fatigue, being humbled by life, first pay check blues, their hatred for credit card interest, an unintentionally depressing story about staving off the post baby sex blues, the universal hot-crazy woman video, a strange incident involving […]

3 Reasons to be Excited About the Return of NFL Hard Knocks


In case you didn’t know, the return of the fifth best show of all time is tonight. For what it’s worth…the top four, in no order: The Wire Breaking Bad Scrubs Curb Your Enthusiasm THIS IS NOT DEBATABLE. Anyway, NFL Hard Knocks comes back tonight featuring the Atlanta Falcons. Not even the Falcons could make […]

Stephen A. Smith, Beta Testing Marriage, and More

stephen a. smith

Struggling through extreme amounts of fatigue, Rich and WIM discuss a new tv show (not their tv show), WifeSwap, old man mortality, Rich’s shocking revelations from exercise (more like painful) and a new perspective on life brought to him by a family member, the questionable poor door building in NYC, Stephen A. Smith’s comments and […]