It Finally Happened: The Worst Play in NBA History


 Share on Tumblr There’s quite a bit going on in sports. The NFL offseason’s free agency has begun with a flurry of franchise taggings. The NBA’s MVP and postseason race has begun. And the MLB’s spring training has kicked off where it’s warm (jealous). But we have plenty of time to tackle that stuff. History […]

You Want Me to Pay for Who?! [Podcast]


 Share on Tumblr Play in New Window | Download | Visit Show Website Two Guys One Show #58 opens (first 30mins) with some bad movie talk followed by a discussion on why you should begin saving for retirement as soon as possible. WIM talks about how diversifying his retirement and investment accounts lowered his 2014 taxable income, netting a […]

The Official Scorecard: Manny Pacquiao is the People’s Choice on May 2nd


 Share on Tumblr It finally happened. Our national nightmare is over. Floyd Mayweather is fighting Manny Pacquiao on May 2nd. I talked sh*t for years about not caring if this fight happened at all. But when I saw the alert on my phone, I definitely got excited. So I’m a hypocrite, but who cares? The […]

The Final 100, Monogamish, and More [Podcast]

three feets

 Share on Tumblr Play in New Window | Download | Visit Show Website On Two Guys One Show’s episode 57, WIM discusses the ‘power of social media’ after he uses the @TGOSPodcast Twitter account to negotiate the successful surrender of a warranty deal from a company that was refusing to honor their behind the scene agreements. Funny how that […]

3 Reasons NBA All-Star Weekend was Amazing…and Why it Sucked


 Share on Tumblr This weekend was my first time experiencing NBA All-Star Weekend live. The weekend always falls on Valentine’s Day Weekend, and I spent eight straight years in college/Master’s/MBA programs nowhere near NBA cities. Add those together and I was either too broke or too whipped to attend the festivities live. That all changed […]

Readjusting the NBA Championship Contenders at the All-Star Break

Always looked like Pac Man to me as a kid :-/

 Share on Tumblr (More than) Halfway through the NBA season, and things are upside down. The Hawks are good. The Warriors look like contenders. And every team that’s usually dominant has some flaw that gives you juuuuuuuust enough doubt to write them off. But someone has to win. And that’s what I’m here for. Time […]

Is Tom Brady Now the Greatest Athlete of Our Generation?

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, the game's MVP, faces a throng of reporters and photographers on the field after his team's Super Bowl XLIX victory.

 Share on Tumblr I was standing for six minutes after the Super Bowl ended. That was exhausting. The emotional swing from Jermaine Kearse’s amazing catch: to Malcolm Butler’s amazinger interception: was too much to handle. I could only imagine what that was like for a Seahawks fan. Thankfully I’m a Detroit Lions fan, so my […]

Why Science Says You SHOULD Root For the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl


 Share on Tumblr If you follow sports at all, you know the Super Bowl is this weekend and sports reporters really enjoy discussing deflated balls. Balls. That is the millionth time that word has been written this week. What do I win? Anyway, between ball discussions, there has been a lot of talk about who […]

Valentine’s Day Gift for Him: New Game Console


 Share on TumblrNo matter what you may think, your man is working hard to get you something great for Valentine’s day, and you need to make sure you get something good for him too. Since finding the perfect gift in things you don’t know (sports, video games, etc), we are here to help. You have […]

Why Men Like Blue Valentine, and More


 Share on Tumblr Two Guys One Show is a helpful and humorous lifestyle podcast hosted by two guys with day jobs and women. While avoiding in-home responsibilities, we talk personal and professional development, relationships, life in our 30’s, listener questions, and more. Be sure to visit our website at for the full experience! In […]