TONIGHT: True Love, Cheating & #Scandal: The Panel Discussion & Social Mixer


 Share on Tumblr We’re at it again! Tonight, at Cause – PhilantroPub, Alorie Clark is having yet another panel discussion and mixer on dating & relationships. Tonight’s topic is Love & Cheating and don’t we just love that topic?! Whether it is from a personal experience or observation from that popular show that all y’all […]

Stay Away From White People on Halloween


 Share on Tumblr I’m not sure many of you are aware of All Def Digital, it’s Russ Simmon’s new venture to provide comedy sketches online. If you saw the Harriet Tubman sex tape… that’s All Def Digital (ADD). Anyway, these guys raise a good point about staying away from white people on Halloween. You know […]

Girl Talk: I Refuse To Call Myself “Light-Skinned”


 Share on Tumblr (VIA) When you grow up in a relatively small town in suburban New Jersey, being the only person of color in your class, you’d understand why I had no idea that other members of my race consider me “light-skinned.” Where I grew up, there was no such thing. You were either black, […]

Dating in the Digital Age: A Panel Discussion and Social Mixer in DC w/ Dr. J as panelist

Screen Shot 2013-02-07 at 3.34.01 AM

 Share on Tumblr In the past few months, i’ve been frequently asked to speak on how technology is affecting dating and relationships. I am no expert but I have thoughts. I’m actually a huge fan of online dating and believe that while new technology poses threats to traditional views, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. […]

New NYC Teen Pregnancy Prevention Ads Got People Mad


 Share on Tumblr I always have mixed feelings about teen pregnancies. I’m not going to throw my foot all the way to the back of my mouth but I will speak on a few things as carefully as I can with respect to how I feel about the topic. I believe that children should be […]

Domestic Violence – An Indiscriminate Social Affair


 Share on Tumblr Today’s post is a guest post from Katherine, a member of Omega Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. SBM has decided to become an official sponsor/partner of the Ray of Hope Walk coming up on October 28th, 2012. SBM feels that in addition to providing content on the urban male perspective to our readers […]

Happy Labor Day! Crack some crabs or crash a BBQ!


 Share on Tumblr SBM will be back tomorrow with a big share of content for you… in the meantime between time, do something crazy. – Dr. J  Share on Tumblr

Please Support: DC Lady Bloggers Presents…The Artist Hour

FINAL the Artist Hour

 Share on Tumblr Every now and then you need a change of pace from the blogger meetups dominated by discussions around dating and relationships. This is something different and definitely worth checking out. Come out, meet new people, and take in some good art while you’re doing it. Please support. ~ Dr. J The Artist […]

Why Are So Many Black Men Single: A Different Take on an Old Topic


 Share on Tumblr  Today at 7:15 PM  I’ll be on “The Daily Drum” which broadcasts locally in Washington DC on WHUR 96.3 & nationally on H.U.R. Voices Sirius XM Channel 141 to have a conversation on “ Why Are So Many Black Men Single.” If you have time, please check me out. Before going on […]

Editor’s Note: For New Bloggers, When Copying Snippets Isn’t Enuf

Stop hiding our url in his beard.

 Share on TumblrAs you’ve seen by now, there’s a lot going on at SBM. We’re adding new writers, trying out new things with content, and striving to provide a myriad of perspective on topics we think you’d find interesting and useful. We’ve learned and grown a lot over the last year, which has brought us […]

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