Single Black Mail Episode 6 – “I Need A Girl”

The dating pool is drying up for one man, and he needs help finding the right women to date. Jeff tries to guide him on the latest Single Black Mail! If you want your questions answered, be sure to hit us on the following: Ask.FM | Twitter  | Email  Let us know if we can post your […]

Single Black Mail Episode 4: Minute-Man

When a girlfriend is fed up in the bedroom, and needs advice on how to break this news to her boo, Jeff J. is here to help on this episode of Single Black Mail!

What I’d Want The Mother Of My Child To Be Like

Recently I reposted a video on my Instagram page which was a scene from the movie Malcolm X. It was a scene where Malcolm was talking to Betty about the rebuilding of a nation. He stated that the foundation of a nation lies within a woman. “The mother is the first teacher of the child, […]

Single Black Mail Episode 3: Cheaters Remorse

Cheaters need to heal too, right? Jeff assists a young man get over his regrets in the latest Single Black Mail Episode 3: Cheaters Remorse: #SBMail

Single Black Mail Episode 2: Friends With Benefits

Jeff J. tackles friends with benefits in Single Black Male Episode 2: Friends With Benefits #SBMail

Play Your Role: Should Men Wake Up With Crying Babies?

Last week I had a conversation with a friend of mine. He was venting to me about his marriage and shared an argument that he was having with his wife. I’m friends with both of them, so I knew he trusted me to have a non biased opinion. When he began his story, I listened. […]

You’re Alone Because You’re Alone

A lot of people shutter at the thought of going on vacation alone or having to live without companionship. There’s a host of things that people want to do but they don’t do simply because they feel they can’t do them without the presence of another individual. After having this conversation with a friend of […]

That Time Your Relationship Got Away From You

The relationship ends and you’ve got more questions and fewer answers. You’re not really sure what happened. You were happy, they seemed happy but somehow the relationship ended. As you sit and start to wonder what transpired you realize that this really is a case when a relationship simply got away from you. It can […]

Why Does It Seem Like Men Have Relationship A.D.D.?

Women are constantly struggling to understand the disappearing man, the reappearing man, the catch him if you can man, or the man who just doesn’t seem to get it. I understand. It’s frustrating. Why can’t he just sit still? Why won’t he just follow through? Why did suddenly stop calling or texting? It’s simple. Some […]

Is God Responsible For Sexual Chemistry?

I think one of the greatest beauties in life is the fact that there is so much to debate. There is so much to discuss and so much room to gain more understanding. Once in a while I am lucky to be inspired to write about something that I think would make a great debate […]