What Do You Do When Your Ex Won’t Stop Talking about You?


For one reason or another, exes tend to be a touchy subject in relationships. Whether it’s the potential for exes to show up again, an inkling a person can be swayed by their sex, or someone who seemingly hasn’t gotten over the hurt caused by an ex, people in relationships generally don’t want to hear […]

Why I Chose My Own Path to Finding Happiness


One day I was thinking to myself about all the relationships that went wrong in my past and I decided to give up trying to do it the “right” way. You see, the right way is the reason why I had found myself struggling my whole life. I found the need to do things the […]

Seven Ways To Prove You Chose An Excellent Mate


When you commit to someone, whether as a monogamous relationship or eventual marriage, there can be a sense of apprehension. You feel you are a good judge of character, but you’ve made mistakes before. There is no manual that can dictate a fool proof way to know if a mate is right for you, so you […]

8 Things Black Women Hate Being Called


We have learned our lessons with what to call Black women, but we have never discussed it. Let’s have a conversation about what we can and cannot call women; I think we are remissed in what we call them. I also hope we can find middle ground, and stop calling women names. These are a list […]

Messing With The Guy You Don’t “Like” Might Lower Your Stock


It’s no secret that men and women are wired differently. These differences show themselves in a myriad of ways. We spend more time than we’d like to admit just scratching our heads at one another. It’s why I and other SBM writers write. We seek to bridge a gap with understanding.  We’re a melting pot […]

What Are The Dangers of Office Romance?


From time to time our readers do us the pleasure of sending in articles worth sharing. Not all of them make it to the site but this one was a goodie. Some people can find love and romance anywhere: in college, at social gatherings, standing in line at the store, and even at their work […]

What Constant Texting Says About the Quality of Your Relationship


Don’t you always enjoy attending events where your friends are celebrating something? Whether it’s a birthday, job promotion, job creation, newborn baby, engagement, etc. you will create a new connection with someone. Recently, I caught up with a good buddy of mine, and the conversation inspired me to share. He recalled supporting a group of […]

Old Love vs New Chemistry: Which Do You Choose?

Happy African American Man & Woman Couple

Wanting that old thing back can be a bitch can’t it? Well it sure can be when you’re aware of the dangers of it. We could end up paranoid sometimes about a situation like that. There’s only two ways things can go: right or wrong. We’re only human. With that, there’s been times that we’ve […]

10 Types of Relationship Partners That Suck


By Christopher Hudspeth You may experience several of these lovers or you may never encounter a single one (if that’s the case, consider yourself hash tag blessed). Hey, you might even meet someone who’s a combination of multiple, sucky characteristics. Whatever your romantic life may be like, these toxic types certainly exist, disappointing and terrorizing folks, one […]

Can You Actually Breakup With Someone When You’re Not In A Relationship?


I always found this funny… when you date a girl, never actually get in a titled relationship, stop talking to one another and then she says how hard your break up has been on her. As a guy, insensitive or not, we’re just like… “WE WERE NOT IN A RELATIONSHIP. YOU CANNOT BREAK UP WITH […]