The Only Four Things That Matter in the NBA Finals So Far

Portland Trail Blazers v San Antonio Spurs - Game Five

With two games in the books, the NBA Finals have lived up to the hype so far. There have been enough great plays, drama, and memes for an entire series. Here’s what has stuck out to me so far: What the hell is wrong with San Antonio’s arena? – First, Manu Ginobili had to kill […]

Five Reasons the Miami Heat Will Definitely Win the Title


A million predictions gone wrong, and we’re right where everyone kinda knew we’d end up. The Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs are playing in the NBA Finals for the second year in a row. The Spurs had the NBA’s best record all season, featuring the league’s most consistent trio over the last decade and […]

Are the Miami Heat a Failure Without a Title This Season?

miami 3

Unless hell freezes over between now and next week, the Miami Heat will be in the NBA Finals next Thursday, June 5th. We’ll save the Finals preview for next week. For now, we can say there’s a real possibility the Heat could lose the championship. Neither Oklahoma City nor San Antonio could be considered walk […]

Why You Should Definitely Still Be Doubting the Indiana Pacers


The Indiana Pacers have been a hot topic in the NBA Playoffs. They played possum for the better part of the last three months. Doing everything possible to make us doubt them, yet somehow still clinching the number-one seed in the East and reaching the Eastern Conference Finals. It’s been exhausting trying to keep up […]

3 Reasons Cleveland is a Sports Graveyard


A few weeks ago, I rode a bus to Cleveland. It was definitely a low point in my life so far (which means my life has been pretty good, but still). I mean, sitting on a bus for seven hours is bad enough. You have the shaky WIFI (first world problems!), the questionable bathroom, and […]

5 NBA Playoff Storylines That Could Make Round 2 as Good as Round 1


That was the perfect first round. We got all the drama, overtimes, and four-point plays you could handle…except there was only one upset. I mean, an owner was banished from the league during the first round. Tough to top that. The danger with five series going seven games is the 38-win Atlanta Hawks might get […]

Donald Sterling Has Destroyed The Integrity Of The Game


By now we’ve heard the disparaging racist remarks by Donald Sterling. If you haven’t, then I’m sure you at least have a gist of the story. Just to bring you up to speed, check this out: Now the title of this post might come off as me painting with a broad brush. As a matter […]

Wait, Why Does Teddy Bridgewater Suck All of a Sudden?


Even in all the excitement of the NBA Playoffs, something worrisome caught my attention thanks to TV personality, Bomani Jones: What the hell happened to Teddy Bridgewater: possible top overall pick? It was all good just a year ago. Bridgewater was considered the best college quarterback at the start of last season. Unlike Matt Leinart […]

Thunder Up! How the OKC Thunder Will Win the NBA Championship


Since I write on Tuesdays here, I got to cheat and see Game 1 of every NBA playoff series early. So instead of putting my foot in my mouth like I did last week, I can say smart things like, “those Pacers still have a lot of work to do, smh.” This is going better […]

SBM Sports: The Indiana Pacers Have the #1 Seed…Can They Beat Miami?

pg13 dunk over heat

In one of the most anticlimactic playoff races in a while, it appears the Indiana Pacers will outlast the Miami Heat for the number one seed in the Eastern Conference playoffs. The Pacers loudly proclaimed this to be their goal to start the season. They pushed Miami to Game 7 in last year’s playoffs, and […]