4 Ways Being 30 Has Ruined My Sports Fandom

keep calm 30

Tweet 30. I’m behind on all the goals I had for myself at this age when I was a kid. I was supposed to be a billionaire, astronaut, NBA player (point guard for the Pistons, #1 draft pick of course), Sportscenter anchor, and music mogul. Not a rapper, more like Diddy. Just talk shit on […]

Remembering James Avery Through the NFL Wild Card Weekend

RIP Uncle Phil

Tweet Thank God for football. In the past week, there was the tragic passing of James Avery (aka Uncle Phil from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Shredder from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cartoons), and temperatures no human should endure here in Chicago. Needless to say, there has been little to get excited […]

Three (More) Reasons the Green Bay Packers Will Win the Super Bowl


Tweet I suck at predictions. Like, I’m really terrible at them (all separate links by the way). It’s ridiculous to try and predict anything in sports before the season starts, but it’s also what makes being a sports fan so fun. Not an excuse, I still suck at predicting things. So as we look ahead […]

SBM Sports: A Tale of Two Quarterbacks From Last Sunday’s NFL Games


Tweet Week 16 in the NFL is an important day for most (real and fake) teams. It’s Super Bowl week in most (well-run) fantasy leagues. And it’s do or die time for actual, real-life teams. Division championships, seedings, and playoff berths are all on the line. A few teams control their own destiny, and what […]

Here We Go Again, Tony Romo…And Crew


Tweet Here we go again. Every time I try to defend Tony Romo, he goes all Romo again, further solidifying his reputation as a choker. This past Sunday, Romo threw two interceptions in the final three minutes against the Green Bay Packers. One led to the go-ahead touchdown, the other sealed the game as Matt […]

Why Kobe’s Return Makes the Lakers…Exactly the Same


Tweet Nine points, eight rebounds, eight turnovers. Of course, Kobe Bryant’s return to the Los Angeles Lakers had little to do with Sunday’s game. Bryant’s role in the surprisingly positive (even at 10-10) start is much more important. The Lakers have resembled an actual NBA team thus far, a complete surprise to me. My predictions […]

SBM Sports: 3 Reasons Jameis Winston Should STILL Be the Heisman Favorite


Tweet Make no mistake; there is only one choice for the Heisman Trophy this season: Jameis Winston. Winston’s numbers have been incredible, and he’s done it without playing in the fourth quarter of many games. He has the Florida State Seminoles in position to play for their first BCS National Championship since 2000. So what’s […]

SBM Sports: 83 Reasons Julius Randle is Overrated


Tweet Fabian McNally stops in this week to offer his insight on highly touted college basketball player Julius Randle. Follow him at @FabianMcNally for his insights into sports, or to roast him…whatever. Julius Randle came into the college basketball season ranked, by many, as the 3rd best collegiate prospect behind Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker. […]

Spoiler Alert! The 2014 Final Four Teams Revealed


Tweet Somewhere in the midst of this Sports Nirvana, with the NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB Playoffs going on, the College Basketball season kicked off. There was too much to cover in this weekly space, so it slipped through the cracks. That gets fixed now. Every team has played at least one game. So I […]

Are You An Online Bully? Probably. Here's Why...

Richie Incognito

Tweet By now, even casual sports fans have read about the bullying incident with the Miami Dolphins. It’s a terrible situation that, as more details emerge, only seems to get worse. In a nutshell, Richie Incognito, a lineman on the Dolphins, harassed his teammate, Jonathan Martin, with racial slurs and violent taunts over text, voicemail (NSFW […]