Why Doesn’t Everybody Hate Marshawn Lynch?


 Share on Tumblr I spent Sunday watching the NFL Conference Championship games with friends like most of you. As Green Bay was completing its epic collapse Seattle was completing its incredible comeback, Marshawn Lynch became Beast Mode, finishing off a touchdown run with his now-famous HOLD MY D*CK celebration: I didn’t really have a dog […]

A Hater’s Guide to the NCAA Football Championship Game

Ohio State football trample

 Share on Tumblr If you’re new to my Tuesday posts, you don’t know that I’m a Detroit sports + Michigan fan. It’s not my fault. I grew up a Navy brat in Virginia Beach, VA around no pro or big-time college teams. My dad seized the opportunity to indoctrinate me before I could resist, and […]

Man, I Didn’t Expect to Miss Stuart Scott This Much

Stu Scott Knee

 Share on Tumblr I woke up Sunday morning, like most of you, to some bad news. Stuart Scott had passed away overnight at 49 after a seven-year fight with cancer. The immediate feeling I had was sadness. I took a few minutes to read the dedications on Twitter and Instagram and even started the 15-minute […]

A Completely Rational Breakdown of Jim Harbaugh’s Return to Michigan


 Share on Tumblr I’m going to try and contain my excitement here for your benefit. You probably aren’t a diehard Michigan Wolverines fan, so you may not realize this is the greatest thing ever to happen in college footb- Right…I’m containing my excitement. My bad! Okay. Here is a rational breakdown of the Jim Harbaugh […]

An Open Letter to Josh Smith: The Least Favorite Player on My Favorite Team


 Share on Tumblr Dear Josh Smith, First of all…it’s not your fault I hated you. You were just doing what you do. A few people share the blame: First, I blame myself for letting hope get the best of me. Hope is the fuel that drives sports. We hope our teams will defy expectations, win […]

Why Andrew Hawkins and Derrick Rose are Winning the Month in Sports


 Share on Tumblr It has been three weeks since the Ferguson grand jury decided not to indict Darren Wilson for killing Michael Brown. In that short time, many similar incidents have occurred (both killings of unarmed Black males and the failure to indict their killers), and the nation, generally, has erupted. I write about sports […]

So What Do Jay Z and Iggy Azalea Owe the #ICantBreathe Movement?


 Share on Tumblr If you’re a frequent Tweeter/Facebooker, you’ve probably seen the photo above. If not, it’s from last night’s Brooklyn Nets game. Jay Z posed with members of the team beforehand, setting off a social media tidal wave in the process. In my unscientific opinion, the reaction was about 80/20, with the majority questioning […]

About Time: The Johnny Manziel Era Has Begun in Cleveland


 Share on Tumblr It’s FINALLY (probably) Johnny “Money” Manziel time in Cleveland! After a dismal performance against the Buffalo Bills this weekend, starting quarterback Brian Hoyer was benched in favor of Manziel in the fourth quarter. Manziel was up and down in his short time as the quarterback. He scored his first touchdown, but almost […]

Bandwagon Fans Anonymous: Do You Root For an Out of Town Team?


 Share on Tumblr This post started with some funny tweets from @Al_Patron. The best shit is the stories fans of teams outside their city tell you. Oh boy those are just beautiful. — Little Bastard Boy (@Al_Patron) November 24, 2014 "See when I was a baby the first world I spelled was Lake, so I […]

Scoring and DEA Investigations are Up in the NFL…Where Do We Go From Here?


 Share on Tumblr A couple things happened this weekend in the NFL that got my attention. First, Aaron Rodgers took another step to Yeezus status. He followed up his six touchdown, 50+ point annihilation of the Chicago Bears with a three touchdown, 50+ annihilation of the Philadelphia Eagles. Second, the DEA conducted surprise investigations of […]