Meet Melder – Chyreé from California


 Share on TumblrThis is a post by MELD Interactive. MELD is a Dating app for Black professionals. Download it on iPhone or Android. First Name: Chyreé Age: 32 City, State: Dublin, CA Occupation: Credit Risk Auditor What you’re looking for in a mate:  I’d love to meet someone who is outgoing and loves to have a good time but at the same […]

Trouble With The Swirl: My Boyfriend Was Ashamed Of Me Because I’m Black


 Share on Tumblr I learned that love isn’t blind the hard way. “I didn’t think you’d want to know.” This was how my boyfriend of three years told me that he was leaving me for a different girl. A white girl. As I watched him struggle with what to say, I remembered that I had seen them […]

Terry Crews Upsets Women with His View on Fatherhood

CR: Beth Dubber/FOX

 Share on Tumblr When I first saw the headline and video of Terry Crews’ views on fatherhood floating around the internet, I braced myself to expect that he was going to say something ludicrous or unbearable. To my surprise what he said really wasn’t that bad. Here are the three main things Terry Crews said […]

Can Cheating Make Your Relationship Stronger?


 Share on Tumblr I’ve always thought that people should find ways to make their relationships work even if it might strike others as odd or unnatural. In the end there are only two people in your relationship, you and your significant other. I’ve sat on panels and had private conversations with so many people who […]

What Are The Dangers of Office Romance?


 Share on Tumblr From time to time our readers do us the pleasure of sending in articles worth sharing. Not all of them make it to the site but this one was a goodie. Some people can find love and romance anywhere: in college, at social gatherings, standing in line at the store, and even […]

Saturday Night Live The Beygency Short


 Share on Tumblr While Saturday Night Live’s Lupita slave skit might have rubbed people the wrong way, their Beygency short had everyone dying for a full film.  Share on Tumblr

Is Affirmative Action On The Way Out?


 Share on Tumblr Yesterday, the US Supreme Court decided that Michigan could do away with considering race in college admissions. There are arguments to be had on either side and I think that as African Americans we need to be careful not to react without knowing all the facts. That said, what alarmed me the […]

[Video] Young Black Men Choose Suits & Ties at Illinois High School To Defy Stereotypes


 Share on Tumblr  I was very impressed by this video and the following quote: “The negative stories told daily in the media and in our culture about our young African-American men tend to ignore their successes and don’t tell the full story about how young Black men are becoming leaders within our community schools,” said Centennial […]

Hear What You Want: Richard Sherman Beats Commercial


 Share on Tumblr Beats by Dre ad capitalizes on the NFL’s most polarizing figure- Richard Sherman. The commercial consists of Richard Sherman being attacked in the locker room by a swarm of reporters and a slew of questions. Interrogating Sherman about trash-talking, violence in Compton, and being a “thug”. The beauty of the commercial is […]

5 Odd Things the Internet Does When Famous People Die


 Share on Tumblr 1. #Hashtagging. When writing out phrases like #RIPSoAndSo #GoneButNotForgotten and #YouWillBeMissed, doesn’t it feel a little icky? Are you trying to pay tribute or create/be part of a trending topic? I don’t mean to be a stickler guys, but it’s scary that we’re only a few steps from featuring hashtags in eulogies. […]