6 Reasons Why Women Love Beards

In 2013 we saw the re-emergence and adoration of one of man’s greatest accessories- facial hair, more specifically the beard. A few squiggly hairs on your chin wasn’t enough to suffice as sexy, unless you were Pharrell. Women were fawning over scruffy faces all over the U.S., you saw pages dedicated to beards on Twitter, Tumblr, […]

Does Miss America Nina Davuluri's Victory Impact Black Americans Too?

In case you somehow missed (or ignored) the news last week, Nina Davuluri won the Miss America Pageant for 2013. I know what you’re probably thinking, “Miss America Pageant that thing still exist so what?” Well, in this instance, Miss America became the first winner of Indian-American (South Asian) heritage to win the crown. Ok, so […]

The Great Male Survey: Men Would Rather Lie Than Argue, Plus More...

Despite the vast worldly knowledge of the many men who contribute to SBM, maybe you’re still convinced we just pull facts and opinions from our nether regions. Maybe you think we’re bold-faced liars. Or maybe you just think we’re idiots. Whatever your opinion of us, perhaps you’d like to hear opinions on women, sex, and […]

Are They All Playing for Second? The NBA Playoff Rundown

The NBA Playoffs kicked off this weekend, and we got a chance to see every team’s “Second Season” debut. The home teams looked good, going 8-0 and winning by an average of 16 points. The road teams will get their chance to rebound, but the bigger question is: Who can challenge Miami in a seven-game […]

20 Tips for a Positive 2013

Face it, you’re not going to keep your New Year’s Resolutions, so let’s try developing some principles you can actually follow throughout the year instead of failing miserably after the first two weeks of the year. This morning, a friend emailed me a list of tips for a positive New Year that has nothing to […]