#MiguelMania: The Best Miguel Leg Drop Memes

This weekend Miguel was feeling himself a little bit too much and became overly ambitious as he tried to soar accross fans in an awe inspiring stage-to-stage jump. Instead he nearly sent a fan or two to the hospital. Instagram and Twitter dubbed it the “Miguel Leg Drop” and the net was adorned with Miguel Leg Drop […]

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Who Cheers For the Other Woman: Olivia Pope, Kitty O’Neil and Ornamental Women

I’ve been watching Scandal since it first went on air last year. This year, Shonda Rhimes has added new fans and followers of her show and its heroine, Olivia Pope. I wonder if that’s an appropriate title for Olivia. If you haven’t caught the show yet, Scandal airs on Thursdays at 10PM on ABC and […]

Around the Web: Robin Roberts Takes Immediate Medical Leave

It appears that Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts is taking an immediate medical leave of absence. This is sad to hear. She’s currently fatigued from her fight with Blood & Bone Marrow Disease. Robin is a true hero, having beat Breast cancer already she again in a fight for her life. One of the common […]

SBM and BadOnLineDates Want to Know: Is Your Date Made for TV?

As some of you know, I’ve worked with BadOnlineDates.com before in helping provide content for their A Man’s Point of View series. Now ABC Magazine and 20/20 have partnered with BadOnlineDates, because they want to answer the question: What makes a good date go bad? They don’t only want to hear  your stories, they want to see  […]

Quick Glance at ABC’s New Show, Scandal with Kerry Washington

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United Men for Kerry Washington, and to the republic for which we stand, one nation under a groove, impetuous, impregnable, with liberty and justice for all. Let the church say, Amen. Show Summary: The newest from Shonda Rhimes, Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) dedicates her life to protecting […]