Why Being A “Messy” Man Is A Bad Look

“You need to keep your hoe on a leash!“ Those were the words of Steve Carell in The 40 Year Old Virgin. The actual scene is in the above photo. Harsh words from a pretty mild-mannered dude right? Well, on one end he was simply covering up for his cheating friend. On the other end, […]

7 Things Men Need To Stop Doing To Women

  Every now and then I remember that we haven’t done a post outlining advice for men in a while. It’s not that we don’t have opinions about men and the things they can do better; it’s that we get bombarded with questions from women all the time. We address those issues first because that’s […]

This Is It: Has Jay-Z Become Fat Elvis?

  In Part 1 of a three-part podcast involving myself and seveneighteen contributors McFly and Cousin D (along McFly’s brother Mack Mittens and Young Elvis), we started talking about Drake’s success, then somehow got to if Wu-Tang Clan was ever that good, if Jay-Z is now Fat Elvis, and comparing Reasonable Doubt to Illmatic. Unfortunately the Drake […]

How Should Women Handle Anger And Arguments With Her Man In Public?

How Should Women Handle Anger And Arguments With Her Man In Public? When writing about relationships, it’s important to keep in mind a great deal of advice depends on the situation of the people involved. Given the unique nature of individual relationships, it’s often difficult to find a “one size fits all” answer. With that […]

9 Things Men Should Never Say To Women

If you know anything about women, you know that there are just some things that you should never say to them. Don’t worry, they brought this on themselves. They say they want men to open up to them, but we’ve got a history book full of stories about men who tried and failed miserably. They […]

Why Do Women Get Angry At Men For No Reason?

As part of my #30in30 series at Streetztalk, I tackled the topic of men getting angry at women for “no reason”. I wanted to share it with the SBM fam. Check it out. I was cruising down the boulevards of Instagram last night when the picture above danced across my timeline. These SomeEcards are super […]

Do This or Else: 5 Reasons Men Hate Ultimatums in Relationships

Check out the latest post from Streetz via Madame Noire: When a man gets into a relationship with a woman, he knows there’s certain concessions that he will have to make. He knows that compromise is essential, but there is going to be times where his woman will just talk about subjects that anger him. […]

Nicki Minaj vs. FunkMaster Flex: The Different Methods Men And Women Use To Win Arguments

Every year Hot97’s Summer Jam concert has great moments and equal parts controversy. This year was no different. Hip-Hop artist Nicki Minaj, who was the headliner of the event, pulled out after Hot97 morning show host Peter Rosenberg made some derogatory comments about her music AT Summer Jam! This caused a firestorm of debate on […]

Are Women Using Their Men Wrong?

The other day I was reading about What Women Really Want in a Relationship, as theorized by TIME magazine. As is usually the case when I read about things pertaining to “understanding” women I left more confused than when I showed up. Despite my fabled history in writing about the opposite sex if there’s anything […]

A Man’s Dream: Can You Get to the Damn Point?

Last Thursday, WIM presented us with his list of the 10 most critical #ManLaw Commandments. All of ’em had me doing the Hallelujah dance in the Church of Latter Day SBM. But there was 1 in particular that caught my attention and led me to the post for today: 5. Come to us with a […]