Why the Perfect Guy Is Never Actually Perfect

the perfect guy

 Share on Tumblr Every guy has a female friend that comes to him for dating or relationship advice. One of the most common topics we hear about is her finding the perfect guy that she should be into…but isn’t. Writer, Jessica Eggert, recently penned a piece offering her perspective on the topic: Why are we […]

10 Things Every Woman Should Know About Her Man


 Share on Tumblr I often joke that the biggest hindrance to me finding women to date is how intimidating my female friends can be. I always imagine a game of taboo where I’m the keyword and my girlfriend probably wouldn’t be able to describe me to a room full of people, but if I let […]

Your Relationship Is Just Not That Complicated


 Share on Tumblr Have you ever come across that relationship status on Facebook, “It’s complicated” and thought to yourself, “What does that really mean?” I know I have, I know most of us have. Most times, we think it’s a joke and we ignore it. A few times, we’ve actually known the situation that our […]

Could You Wait Until Marriage for Sex with a Non-Virgin?


 Share on Tumblr According to Nick Cannon, he waited until the marriage night to finally have sex with Mariah Carey. Now that’s not to say some things didn’t go down beforehand, but still… I’m not sure that many of us have that power in us to wait until marriage to get in those jeans. Nick […]

My Twenties Will Be The Best Years of My Life, or Will They?


 Share on Tumblr I sometimes wonder, what the hell am I doing with my twenties. Have I wasted them away or will I look back and remember that these were the best years of my life? I’m happy to report that my answer is and always will be, best years of my life. I came […]

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