Play Your Role: Should Men Wake Up With Crying Babies?


Last week I had a conversation with a friend of mine. He was venting to me about his marriage and shared an argument that he was having with his wife. I’m friends with both of them, so I knew he trusted me to have a non biased opinion. When he began his story, I listened. […]

Children Are a Choice

father with daughter

I remember when I was younger, my cousin and I would go to a NYC project to visit an older cousin who had the latest video game system. We would always play a basketball game, of course. Being much younger it was always cool to be accepted as one of the guys, especially when we […]

Confession Session: I Don’t Like Babies and Neither Should You

sad baby

The other day, someone told me, “I don’t think you like kids.” I’m not gonna lie, this kind of hurt my feelings. Normally, I could care less what people think about me but being labeled a “baby hater” kind of stung. I thought long and hard about this statement, and I decided it’s not completely true. […]

5 Things We Can Look Forward To With KimYe’s Love Child


I received several text messages and tweets about a week ago when it was announced that Kanye West got Kim Kardashian pregnant. Everybody thought I was distraught, in tears, or somewhere reenacting the way I felt when the Niners lost last year’s NFC Championship game. I was actually celebrating. I was happy for them and […]

Momma Said I Can Do Better Than You

My daughter can do better than you! Grr!

Antwan: Hey baby. Let me talk to you. I just found out some news… Beth: Yeah boo. What’s up? Antwan: I just got a call from my mom. **sigh** Beth: Everything okay? Antwan: Yeah. Sorta. No one is sick or passed away. Beth: Okay great. So what is it? Antwan: This girl I used to […]