Single Parents: Do You Need the Approval of Your Child’s Mother or Father?

This week on MadameNoire, I was asked to speak on the ever complicated topic of when it’s right to meet the baby daddy/mama and how much influence they should have on the relationships of their exes. Early MN commenters then promptly ignored the content of the post and lashed into me for referring to men as […]

Single Black Mail – Baby mama stalker drama

This week, we have a classic case of baby mama drama, but not the type you may be used to… Check it out! The Email The relationship I have with my boyfriend is nothing short of amazing. We’re best friends, lovers, all that good sh__. We’ve been dating for two years now. He just comes […]

My Boy Got Married to his Baby Mama

My dad dropped me off at college and handed me a pack of Lifestyles, “I know I tell you to take your hat off when you go inside, but keep your hat on when you go inside from now on.” Don’t judge me, but I think I’m getting married in the next five years.  I […]