[Audio] Women Paying for Dates, Selfie Gate, Wealth Stats, and More

selfie gate

 Share on Tumblr We’re back for the third episode of Two Guys One Show (show website). Topics include younger millennials’ growing dislike for Obama, Selfie Gate, the ultimate man stand against a woman’s excessive shopping, WIM’s rant on (independent) women paying for dates, surprising wealth stats, and more. We also introduce a new show segment […]

Five Things You Need to Know (4/29/2013)- Michael Jackson Wrongful Death


 Share on Tumblr   Here are the top news headlines that may interest you for Monday, April 29th, 2013. Read, be informed, discuss, and prosper.  Share on Tumblr

While You Were Sleeping: CISPA and the Forfeiture of On-Line Privacy


 Share on Tumblr First and foremost, SBM’s thoughts and prayers are with those directly and indirectly affected by the recent Boston Marathon Bombing. Like many others, SBM is happy to know that at least one of the alleged fugitive brothers was taken into custody. However, while the pursuit and eventual apprehension of one of the suspects dominated […]

Beyonce and the Lip Sync Controversy: Is it REALLY that serious?!

photo (5)

 Share on Tumblr On Monday, the United States of America celebrated 2 momentous events: the holiday of my frat brother, and civil rights pillar Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and the Presidential Inauguration. It was coincidental how the inauguration of the first black U.S. President and MLK Day fell on the same date, but […]

History in the Making: Barack Obama’s Second Inauguration and MLK Day

Hope and Change

 Share on Tumblr I admit, I thought this post would be easier to write. “A freebie,” I thought to myself after the staff reminded me behind the scenes that Monday, January 21st fell on both Obama’s (ceremonial) Second Inauguration – he was officially sworn in on Sunday – and Martin Luther King, Jr Day. Just […]

A Month After the Election: The Obama Conundrum


 Share on Tumblr There’s a chance after reading this some will call me a sellout, idiot, or worse. Maybe nobody will care. Either way I’m cool with it, but this has to be said. I’m not really expecting much from President Obama in his second term. When I say I’m not expecting much, I mean […]

And The Winner Is, America?

Four More Years

 Share on TumblrI have no idea how I feel about this election. Honestly, if I didn’t live in a swing state and there weren’t some other ballot measures that I was personally interested in at the local level, I might not have voted. I’ve never been one of those guys who believes, “you should vote […]

The Top Five Obama Quotes from the Last Presidential Debate

Barack: I just whooped your @$$. Mitt: I know.

 Share on TumblrLike many people across the country, I was anticipating Monday night’s debate. President Obama slept-walked through the first one. The second debate saw an invigorated incumbent who, off the heels of his vice president’s strong showing, demonstrated that he in fact could debate and debate well. With the presidential debates essentially tied, I […]

President Obama’s New Campaign Ad … Featuring Jay-Z

"All Us Blacks Got Is Sports And Entertainment?"

 Share on TumblrOn Monday, the campaign to reelect President Barack Obama released a new campaign ad featuring everybody’s favorite rapper, Shawn Jay-Z Carter. The clip, nearly two minutes long, features a suited Jay discussing how the divisive nature of our American political system has fueled generations of voter apathy amongst certain populations and how a […]

Michelle Obama and Ann Romney: The Women Beside the Men


 Share on TumblrA couple of weeks ago as the Republican and Democratic National Conventions were taking place I got a chance to see Ann Romney and Michelle Obama give speeches in support of their husbands’ bid to win the 2012 presidential nomination. I jokingly tweeted during Ann Romney’s speech that I would love to see […]