Why “Hack A…” Is Fine As Is In The NBA

This week I am absolutely taking a page out of @iamjoesargent’s book. This week I am talking sports. For those who don’t know, I am an avid fan of basketball. Particularly, my favorite player of all time is Shaquille O’Neal. This is important because of  the opinions that I would like to express today. If […]

3 Reasons Being the Only Black Guy on Your Corporate Basketball Team is AMAZING

The past few weeks in sports have been depressing. I spent the last couple days deciding what to write about, and it all just made me sad. Adrian Peterson and corporal punishment? Check. Ray Rice and domestic violence? Yuck. Roger Goodell and incompetence? Nah. Just a bunch of divisive topics that will give me an […]

SBM Sports: Is This Cinderella’s Year in March Madness?

We are officially less than two weeks away from my favorite Sports Holiday of the year. Selection Sunday is March 16th, and we’ll know who’s in the NCAA Tournament, who was snubbed, and who to advance in our office brackets. I can assure you my picks for the Final Four will be changing. We can […]

4 Ways Being 30 Has Ruined My Sports Fandom

30. I’m behind on all the goals I had for myself at this age when I was a kid. I was supposed to be a billionaire, astronaut, NBA player (point guard for the Pistons, #1 draft pick of course), Sportscenter anchor, and music mogul. Not a rapper, more like Diddy. Just talk shit on other […]

Spoiler Alert! The 2014 Final Four Teams Revealed

Somewhere in the midst of this Sports Nirvana, with the NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB Playoffs going on, the College Basketball season kicked off. There was too much to cover in this weekly space, so it slipped through the cracks. That gets fixed now. Every team has played at least one game. So I took […]

Time to Face Facts: The New York Knicks are For Real

It’s finally time to admit it: the New York Knicks are contenders for the Eastern Conference — even if they did get blown out by the Rockets…twice. I thoroughly enjoy ribbing Knick fans because there is so much material (Isiah Thomas, 40 years without a title, Eddy Curry, Jerome James, etc.) and they always react. […]

4 Reasons the Lakers Firing Mike Brown was a Dumb Decision

The NBA season is off to an eventful start with the firing of Los Angeles Lakers coach Mike Brown after five (5!!) games. The Lakers, fresh off the acquisition of two hall-of-famers, had lots of excitement headed into this season. Some idiot even picked them to win the championship. All of that is over after […]

The Definitive Guide to the 2013 NCAA Basketball Season

Now that the NBA Season is up and running, it’s time to set the table for NCAA Basketball. Most teams are playing exhibitions to tune up for the upcoming season. The regular season starts this Friday with about a billion games throughout the country. Who’s going to take the title? Let’s break it down: The […]

4 People Who Should Never Play Pickup Ball Again

In case it wasn’t clear by my last few posts: I love basketball. I love it so much that I’m possessive about it. I get upset when someone plays it without respecting its beauty. Since we are still too far away from the NFL season to delve into it, I want to talk about four […]

SBM Sports: The (Slightly Late) Western Conference Finals Preview

Time for a little honesty. I spent the holiday enjoying Orlando and turning down a timeshare salesman. I did not write my Tuesday post before Game 1 of the San Antonio Spurs and Oklahoma City Thunder series. Now that we all know the Spurs took Game 1, I’ll preview the rest of the series and […]