Love at First Sight: The Beautiful Black Woman


While entertained by the usual shenanigans of Twitter yesterday, an interesting post title caught my eye. Originally published on August 16, 2011, Twitter’s account @TheBlackManCan shared one of their throwback post, His Story: Falling BLACK In Love about a man’s instantaneous and unapologetic love for a beautiful black woman he but briefly encounters. I felt this story definitely […]

Prototypes of Beauty


“Man … she’s sexy as hell” “What are you talking about … she’s OK” “She got a$$, perfect breasts, and some sexy legs” “Her face is jacked, and she just got on some low cut stuff showing her titties off” “You telling me you wouldn’t smash?” “Yeah … but I wouldn’t let her set foot […]

Love Goggles

***** Admin Note ***** For those that miss the Twitter Feed on th site … its coming back … it was causing some issues.  You can follow my twitter site or add me on myspace with the links on the page now.  Enjoy *********************  She is beautiful, goergeous, and just sooooooo sexy.  You look at […]