Possession With Intent: How To Submit for the Sake of Love


 Share on Tumblr That devastating moment when you get caught for Possession with Intent. You thought you were gonna enjoy recreational use of a woman’s romantic and sexual energies, and keep your freedom at the same damn time.  Or maybe, as a woman, you enjoyed the financial attention a man paid you, in denial of […]

Love at First Sight: The Beautiful Black Woman


 Share on Tumblr While entertained by the usual shenanigans of Twitter yesterday, an interesting post title caught my eye. Originally published on August 16, 2011, TheBlackManCan.org Twitter’s account @TheBlackManCan shared one of their throwback post, His Story: Falling BLACK In Love about a man’s instantaneous and unapologetic love for a beautiful black woman he but briefly encounters. I felt […]

So many people use your name in vain …


 Share on TumblrSo … I was thinking Yeah … just sitting in my bed … with my TV off … thinking And I don’t know why … but I thought about Love … Black Love to be exact Now … if Black Love was a car … it would have a strong motor and perfect […]

***Commenter Peace Day***

 Share on TumblrAs suggested by the lovely Ms. Devereaux, I am officially declaring this (drum roll please) … Commenter Peace Day For those of you that read and follow the comments (I love you all, as long as with my readers), there has been a lot of fighting, fussing, feuding, and pent up sexual tension […]