Why Is Halle Berry Crazy, But Steve Harvey Is A Relationship Guru

A few months ago, famous actress, Halle Berry announced that she was ending her third marriage to Oliver Martinez. It didn’t take long for the bitter, misogynistic men brigade to chime in with how crazy Halle is, which is why she can’t keep a man. It didn’t take long for the women to offer some […]

Could You Wait Until Marriage for Sex with a Non-Virgin?

According to Nick Cannon, he waited until the marriage night to finally have sex with Mariah Carey. Now that’s not to say some things didn’t go down beforehand, but still… I’m not sure that many of us have that power in us to wait until marriage to get in those jeans. Nick Cannon recently opened […]

Are Black Women Right to Blame Black Men for Their Personal Insecurities?

  Last week, I dropped a post about qualities that I go out and look for in someone that I would consider a companion. I don’t think I did anything wrong, but where things got hectic was when I tried to make a corollary with Amber Rose and implied that she is the “wifey standard.” […]

Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Lolo Jones: An Analysis Of The Thirst To Know What Celebrities Do With Their Own Money

I always thought it was crazy that celebrities annual income are made public. Actually, all of that stuff is public record, however no one will care about Ricky from Compton and his 2 years of back taxes. We do seem to care about how much dough the stars hold. Do we care because we are […]

Amber Rose, Kim Kardashian and The Truth About Men And Groupies

Anytime we hear about Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose, or any other “I don’t know why they’re famous but they’re famous” women, one word generally pops into many people’s minds: groupie. People often claim these ladies have no real talent, that these reality stars and blue movie stars only date the rich and famous, latching onto […]

Club Tiger: The Domestic Abuse Double Standard #swindle

By now, you’ve all heard the story: Tiger Woods was injured in a car accident on Friday outside of his home. Now when a billion dollar boy like Tiger is involved in a car accident, you’ll get normal hoopla. The craziest thing about this situation was that he was leaving his house at 2:30am. Where […]

Aw Hun. You Dated a Celebrity? It’s Over.

I was chattin’ wit my boy Seattle about fictitious and hypothetical situations the other day. Our discussion was partially inspired by SBM’s post from Friday on dating someone that’s an active and regular blogger. Personally, I haven’t dated someone that writes for a popular website. Despite what I do on a weekly basis, it’s hard […]