Did Chris Rock Tell the Wrong Jokes to the White Audience?

By now, you’ve probably seen or heard Chris Rock’s “Message for White Voters” video that aired on the Jimmy Kimmel show last week. I know. The election’s over and you’re physically and mentally exhausted from hearing about polls, pundits, predictions and public service announcements. You don’t wanna hear another approved message until 2016. I’m right […]

Free or Foolish Speech: Chris Rock and the July 4th Tweet Controversy

America has  survived an astonishing 236 years now. In my opinion, that’s a blessing. Let’s consider all of the strife we have endured: a war in 1812, the solemn fratricidal war of a north that rejected a peculiar institution and a south that so desperately depended on it (we all know that there were many […]

Feed Me, F* Me, Shut the F* Up

If your a woman … calm down … go be mad at Chris Rock. Men … you know exactly what the eff I’m talking about. There is a lot of talk about why women are single, and the problem with black women … and blah blah blah.  Rather than beat a dead horse and focus […]

“Feed Me, F*ck Me, Shut the F*ck up”

I recently wrote about the two things that women (well … one woman) want, so I only felt it fitting to talk about the 3 things that a guy needs to truly keep him happy. This is according to the great comedian Chris Rock, but I just so happen to agree. So lets examine. Feed […]