Can Cheating Make Your Relationship Stronger?

I’ve always thought that people should find ways to make their relationships work even if it might strike others as odd or unnatural. In the end there are only two people in your relationship, you and your significant other. I’ve sat on panels and had private conversations with so many people who tell me what […]

Why the Media Is More Tragic Than the Tragedies

Every day I lose more and more faith in what we call “the news.” By now we’ve all heard about the tragedy in Boston. Over the last few days, the focus has shifted from the victims to capturing the bastards behind this atrocity. And in the process of finding the suspects, we’ve once again seen […]

Byron Thomas Wants African Athletes to Represent Africa and Black American Athletes to Represent America

Here we go again, Byron Thomas (@ByronThomas7) posted a video which appeared on CNN that features him saying that Africa and America are two separate “countries” #blankstare and that Black Americans should only represent America and not Africa. Well, my initial reaction is that you can tell something is wrong with this kid because look […]

Around the Web: Bored Moms Turn to Drugs & Affairs

Typically, the face of cheating is male. Also, the face of being too old for the club is male. A new article suggests that in addition to men, an increasing number of women are doing the same. I’ve always wondered how women who are robbed of their twenties because of children and the duties of […]

Women Are Right: Men are the New Ball and Chain

I realized something that would have helped me exponentially when I was forcibly lumped into joined  the “relationship” blogging genre. Women are right. This is why, despite my best efforts at careful wording, precise grammar, and MLA approved on-line citation formatting for references, my opinion would never matter if it ever ran contrary to the majority […]